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  1. Monkey Tennis? Arm Wrestling with Chaz ‘n Dave?
  2. A series of Vardy & his missus watching TV. And this is what we watch nowadays. Well whoopie shit.
  3. Not a bad fixture list that. Fairly balanced. There’s not one month I can point to that seems overwhelming or maybe that is because we have just gotten better. Should be a nicely consistent season. Emphasis on ‘should’
  4. It has certainly been a monumental anticlimax this signing, I for one was a big fan of him at City and felt we had scored somewhat of a coup. Possibly so did Man city hence the 50mill buy back clause. Personally, I am still reserving total judgement until about 4 months into the season along with Gray. Both these 2 have ability and have showed flashes but they can give and develop so much more. I believe they have both been victims of managerial chop and change and positional and tactical switches. One full pre season under Rodgers where they know what is expected of th
  5. Thank you. Once you scratch the surface there is so much free support that for one reason or another doesn’t get publicity. It’s possibly all part and parcel of the stigma of mental health and possibly down to funding but Able Futures is a great initiative and a very impressive action by an otherwise fairly inept government. Enjoy the pods.
  6. Morning. It's been a while since I posted on here and I have learnt a lot of things in the past several weeks that I would like to share. Mainly the importance of connections and facing up to the levels of isolation I now see I was spiralling into. Suffering from low self esteem is a struggle I have endured for as long as I can remember and it's only recently with the pressures of marriage, kids, jobs, early 40s (you get the picture) that things combusted and I realised I had to get help. Fortunately my GP was great and has put me onto a counselling service near me called inclus
  7. This proves it. ‘You’re’ and ‘your’ used correctly in the SAME sentence on Foxestalk plus a well appointed comma to boot. Defo a journalist. Defo Stringer.
  8. I love this article and have been banging out this sentiment for a while. My take on it is that we place so much emphasis on breaking into the top 6.... I think this relies too much on other top teams and detracts from our focus week in week. I don’t see why we can’t join them to create a top 7, we could easily finish 12-15 points above Everton etc with this squad and add to the breakaway group as oppose to replace someone.
  9. Thank you, coincidentally I was looking into what I have heard described as a ‘Gratitude Journal’ which isn’t far off what you are referring to. I had an absolute meltdown last night and my poor wife bore the brunt of it. I am taking the day off work to try and get my thoughts in order as right now work is stressing and tiring me out, making me irritable and too anxious to think straight at the end of the day. I am doing a Tough Mudder in Bradgate Park tomorrow so am hoping if I can go into it with a more balanced mind then it can be the catalyst to pull me out of this current slump and take a
  10. Seriously MODs - the apostrophe! My OCD is going into overdrive
  11. I have only recently started recognising my symptoms and confronting them. Sometimes I just think “****ing man up and crack on” sometimes I just want to drink myself to oblivion, sometimes I feel ok (usually when I have had some sort of positive recognition at home or work) but all of the time I can’t think of anything worse than talking about it. Therefore, this mental health awareness week is driving me insane and making me feel more isolated, is anyone else feeling this? I just told an image of Nadia Hussain on TV to “**** off” when talking about her anxiety... ?
  12. Cruelly overlooked for any England recognition in my opinion. Even a training camp/squad member. Vastly underrated by those who didn’t watch him week in, week out. He’s right, he changed so much and it was great to see that.
  13. Speaking to my Derby supporting mate on how Phil Gee and Ormondroyd was a poor swap for Paul Kitson
  14. I work in Liverpool and the whole of the office (bar 2 bitter Evertonians and the token Utd supporters) are behind us. I have managed to get not only all my beers paid for me next season but get one of the guys to buy Liverpool shirts for his whole family with ‘Vardy’ printed on the back should Jamie slot the winner.
  15. For me it will be to hang on to all of the players we want to hang on to and to close the gap between us and the top 6 to effectively create a top 7. Oh and start being associated with the top 6 and not bloody West Ham & Everton anymore when it comes to transfer rumours!
  16. This made me chuckle more than it should have ??
  17. I think it was her way of talking about an imbalance of chemicals as the context she brought it up in was when she discussed medication. I understood it at the time so didn’t think much about the terminology used.
  18. First of all thank you to all the positive voices. It’s been hard to listen to others try to help and be positive I think it is because emotions are involved with other people and it makes opening up hard. I had had a good session with my GP who gently picked through the rubble of my mind and got me to open up about some underlying issues that have been sneaking about in the dark of my mind. Long story short is she thinks I have done the right think by addressing it before any physiological damage is done, she believes it can be overcome by talking so has given me the
  19. I have been reading this thread with interest over the last week. I have been suffering with bouts of feeling down for the last 12-18 months since a few family issues affected me deeper than I thought at the time and am currently sitting in a Doctor’s surgery to try and get some sort of therapy started. I don’t know why I feel like I do but it just seems to me that no one cares or would give a shit if I died tomorrow. Logically I know that isn’t the case, I have a loving wife and kids, sorted financially, am healthy and have some good friends and people around me. I have always been the person
  20. I’m not picking on you but I really cannot let this go. There is = there’s. Sorry, no offence.
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