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  1. 1 hour ago, moore_94 said:

    I wouldn't even say he was a flop at Newcastle, he only got to play a total of 568 minutes in his time at Newcastle before going back to Marseille, he never got a chance and started just 4 league games for them


    His last 5 seasons

    15/16 - 1 goal and 2 assists in 568 minutes of game time in all competitions at Newcastle

    16/17 - 15 goals and 13 assists in 43 games in all competitions

    17/18 - 26 goals and 17 assists in 54 games in all competitions

    18/19 - 18 goals and 9 assists in 37 games in all competitions

    19/20 - Managed just 30 minutes this season due to an ankle injury, however he did make a cameo appearance in the only game Marseille played in after the break so hopefully he is past the injury

    Thanks for this. Looks more than promising 

  2. Just catching up on this. Not seen anything of him since his first stint in the prem. This fella seems to be a popular prospect on this thread but why was he such a flop at Newcastle and what gas he done since to convince everyone that he will turn it around with us?

  3. I like Zaha, wanted us to go for him when we lost Mahrez, he’s the kind of player that would get you bum off your seat when he gets the ball and I think would do well in our team. Still a big fan of Deeney, this season has proven we need a few more leaders and I believe he’d link up well with Vardy

  4. During lockdown I have been playing a bit of golf with Liverpool fans. (I live on the Wirral) they loved Rodgers until they started to lose and then showed he absolutely no plan B. He got away with it at Celtic as everyone is total shit but as soon as teams work us out we are stuffed.

    Today he seemed to try and buck his trend but to no avail. He has showed his tactical naivety and whereas I don’t want him out I think that perhaps his plan A reaped such success that we are not prepared for the free fall we find ourselves in.


    Don’t get me wrong I am ****ing fuming and it feels quite cathartic as I write this but top 6, lots of areas to improve on is not a bad place to be.


    Hopefully he can learn and we can all grow as a club next season.

  5. 8 hours ago, Nicolo Barella said:

    If we had to sell Chilwell, the dream fantasy window would be something like


    Out: £100 million

    Chilwell £80 million

    Gray £8 million

    Slimani £7 million

    Silva £5 million



    In: £130 million

    White £35 million

    Edouard £30 million

    Telles £25 million

    Sarr £25 million

    Eze £15 million


    Vardy Iheanacho Edouard 

    Sarr Barnes Perez Eze Albrighton

    Maddison Tielemans Praet

    Ndidi Hamza

    Telles Fuchs Ricardo Justin

    Soyuncu Evans White Benkovic Morgan

    Schmeichel Ward


    Ideally we would loan out Benkovic and Hamza, although we would probably need them. White has played as a DM before for Leeds so he could potentially fill in there, or we could just move to 3 at the back to make up for Ndidi's absence. Eze, Perez, Maddison, Fuchs, White and Justin are all very versatile players which would help our squad a lot.


    Of course it's incredibly unrealistic though and not worth the time I spent typing it out lol. Hopefully I'll be able to flush my mind of transfer brain with tonight's game.

    We would get much more for Gray. It seems that we are the only set of fans who totally write him off. My Liverpool mates up here like him as do a few of the Man U ones. Maybe they believe they have the set up to get more out of him??


    I reckon if he left a top 10 team fighting for Europe would look to drop 15-20 mill on him.

  6. Heard very good things about him a year or so ago, one of them being that Scotland shunted Robertson to the right just to accommodate him which is high praise indeed. We seem to manage injuries fairly well so in a perfect world he’d come back strong and we’d have a good replacement for another outgoing, make a tidy profit and really kick on.  Of course it’s a risk but with JJ & Fuchs as back up, if Chilly really wants to go, it’s one worth taking if we can get the price right.

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  7. 16 hours ago, Pliskin said:

    It’s one of those underrated, undersold transfers that will turn out to be a golden bit of business. 

    Don’t think this is underrated at all. It’ll be just like Evans. A complete coup at the time which turned out to be exactly that

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  8. With his experience and ability we would be a better squad for Europe with him than without him to help nurture the likes of Maddison & Tielemans and be a good voice in the dressing room. If we can get the deal done on sensible financial terms I think it’s a no brainer.

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  9. 12 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

    Often injured and is the highest paid full back in the world, it's a recipe for disaster. Completely goes against our recruitment and scouting policies that have been successful in recent years, pure Congerton this.

    I would question if his injury record is a result of club instability from such a young age which will result in several factors:

    1) Different managers, styles / training regimes (remember how injured Liverpool players hit when Klopp turned up? Hamstrings popping all over the place) Will have hindered developing a style and role that he can grow into and thrive.


    2) He’s never looked ‘fit’ like Chilwell. We have a fairly good record with fitness and it was no surprise that as soon as Chilly started to gradually up his intensity he got fitter and better in a safe environment.


    3) I would also question Shaw’s nutrition.... I can’t imagine it’s especially well tailored for recovery or a strict regime, playing a certain way. 

    Playing with us would change all of these things which I believe would have a big impact on the lad.

  10. Obviously want loads but realistically my top 10 would be:

    Top 4 / champ league football 

    Golden Boot
    Cup win
    Get Adam Lallana

    Get Jarrod Bowen 

    Barnes / Gray / Iheanacho kick on

    Retain Chilly / Madders / Youri / N’didi

    Further promotion from the youth teams

    England recognition for Hamza

    Benkovic fulfils his potential 


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  11. 4 hours ago, Cujek said:

    Just wish he would smile a bit. 


    He looked miserable the whole game. 


    When he was sat down after being taken off, he was muttering something to himself, looked like someone had pissed on him or something. 


    Great performance today, I've said it before, there is a real player in there somewhere, but I think he holds him self back with poor desicion making 

    Some players just can’t win can they??

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