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  1. Not a chance in hell. It won’t be Puel’s call, his place in the squad is in line with club policy. He has been nurtured carefully over 3/4 seasons and has finally broken into the first team to plaudits across all fans. As things stand he is the next Chilwell and will be here for a long time.
  2. I imagine a lot of it was simply down to culture, language and lack of knowledge of the league. It’s not rocket science, some managers operate better at certain clubs than others and NP is no different. He succeeded at LCFC for a variety of reasons and those market conditions worked perfectly in tandem to what he brought. Obviously that tessalation is not the same at every club so in OH’s situation it didn’t work. I think you guys need a manager, not unlike Puel bizarrely, who can operate well with youth, hasn’t got the pressure one gets in the prem, and can slowly deve
  3. Just for fun, and because everyone loves a formation, next season I would use our midfield thusly in a 5-3-2 and just let N’didi do what he does best: Kasper Soyunco Maguire Evans Pereira Chilwell N’didi Maddison Tielemans Barnes Vardy
  4. To be fair all you have done with this point is illustrate the 'experience' he is lacking in the Prem which is the key point as to why he didn't play and demonstrates that even much maturer players can't hack it.
  5. Fair shout and to be fair I can’t disprove that but I think the general consensus is he is a legend. What he has achieved for us has been universally approved over the years. Anyone trying to say otherwise (which I haven’t seen) is, in all honesty, a monumental tw@t and I reckon 99% of posters in here would agree
  6. Yeah, why not try to qualify for Europe... Why is it pointless? I can’t answer the other questions. But if we can create a genuine reason to improve our squad with a Euro incentive and give us fans something more to recognise as a milestone towards becoming a bigger and better club then what is wrong with that?
  7. Dead?? We have Europe to push for and one of the most exciting young squads we have ever had to develop. I think the remainder of this season is full of hope and expectation
  8. Er.. I don’t think anyone says anything to dispute this...
  9. Kasper Chilwell Evans Maguire Perreira Hamza N’didi Gray Maddison Albrighton Vardy To come on: Barnes Tielemans Morgan
  10. That’s the spirit. Make something up to beat Puel with when we should be celebrating a potential great bit of business.
  11. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but the power and accuracy behind Chilwell’s header for the goal has been massively underrated. A great opportunity taken.
  12. How could they omit it on MOTD highlights????
  13. Played well. I work on Liverpool and many of my colleagues texted me saying is was a great player.... I asked if they were taking the piss but the genuine consensus was he gave thier defence the runaround... maybe we are a bit harsh on him? He is young, only just started to get a series of runs in the team. Tonight was a mature performance by his standards. 8-10 starts and he could be back in England contention on deserved grounds
  14. I do like Klopp. Doesn’t panda to crap interview questions, very eloquent considering his second language is English, puts his opinions forward with a smile. A good bloke.
  15. Mentally that tackle will have put his value to 20 mill minimum!
  16. Evans for Morgan Hamza for Mendy .... must start for me. Nice to hear lots of my Liverpool mates rating Gray. Think sometimes we get a bit overcritical with him. A mature performance by his standards. Run with this 11 for 5-8 games and we may well start to fulfill our potential
  17. Moment of the match for me. An utterly outstanding display of pace, timing and commitment
  18. Hamza should definitely start ahead of Mendy
  19. Sorry but I disagree, he was hurtling past at a hell of a rate and the slightest knock derailed him.
  20. Nice read. I like the guy and think he needs game time and consistency in his role, I just hope the real level bit doesn’t mean the Championship.
  21. I am a bit reluctant to post this as I always believe continuity is key in any team, business, sport, whatever but I think it is time for s change sadly. I belive in Puel, I believe in what he has done in sweeping out 2/3 regimes of deadwood, promoting the youth, trying to add extra dimensions to the way we play whilst rejuvenating some under performers and steering us with dignity through a very difficult period regarding Vichai’s death. We are constantly in the top 10, safe from relegation, at times are playing some good stuff but for some reason it doesn’t wash with us.
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