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  1. 7 hours ago, KFS said:

    This signing is pure Celtic. Underwhelming.

    2 big statements.  I am not trolling but really want to you to breakdown why you say these things.  I know nothing about this guy so would really appreciate the input.


    Can you qualify what do you mean by 'Purely Celtic'?

    What is 'Purely Celtic'?

    Can you qualify 'Underwhelming'?
    What do you mean by 'underwhelming' in a Leicester context?



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  2. 3 minutes ago, Wortho said:

    I don't think it's £27m it is £16m plus add-ons. 

    Heard this too a few times. Question though, does a deal like this class as our highest transfer fee as we have committed in theory to paying 30 or will it only be our highest once we have actually paid the add ons?

  3. Me too.


    But I don’t understand why people a) Call them Spuds and b) Describe them as verminous.


    They haven’t been particularly successful to want to bring them down such as Man U or Chelsea and other than a League cup final defeat, I am unable to recall anything that they have done to annoy us.


    Am I missing something?  

  4. I suspect YT and Dunk are the priorities. Seeing interesting stuff about Kaputska who Brendan will want to run the rule over likewise Amartey so that will possibly tie up that area around defence and attacking midfield/winger at least until Christmas. I reckon Slim’s reputation has buggered his chances of a Kaputska esque redemption so a striker to develop as 2nd fiddle to Vardy over the next season or 2 would be my 3rd guess.

  5. 1 hour ago, Babylon said:

    Well it is. 

    We can’t keep judging his value in the context of ‘the most expensive defender in history’ the clubs are so awash with money nowadays that all comparisons are off. Prices are now driven purely buy how much a club needs to sell (in our case not at all) and how much another club needs to buy that is the only criteria you can judge it on. With that in mind 80mill is about right. We want to keep him, Man City need to replace Kompany.

  6. 30 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

    This could well be true ..... not sure we will get to find out though 


    looks like tierney is headed to arsenal ...... would they sell their two best home grown players in one window ??.

    This bodes well for Chilwell staying put.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, hackneyfox said:

    So if we bought a player for £30m with 10% sell on clause and sold him for £33m three years later we'd actually lose money?

    Can you post a link supporting your claim?


    Depends how long the original contract is and also what the player’s worth is at the 3 year mark and the other contributions to the club he has made. But in theory yes if we invested 30 mill into a 5 year contract. 


    Hard to provide a straight answer though as naturally these hypothetical situations have a lot of moving parts .  With regards a link, I don’t really understand the need for one. It’s just economics in the context of a football contract. Listen to Simon Jordan on TalkSPORT, he is often illustrating points like this far better than I ever could.

  8. It’s important to look at how Brendan Todgers builds up young players such as Ibe & Sterling. Yes one has suffered since moving but one has flourished. I think this also illustrates the difference between Pep and the overrated Eddi ‘the project’ Howe but that is another post. 


    Both scenarios are testament to his man management and development.


    Give Iheanacho a proper run under a decent coach beginning with a proper preseason with outlined personal goals and KPIs within a pre determined team playing style and he is a better bet than an ageing Slimani. Same goes for Grey actually. If they both fail to hit the heights we hoped after 12-18 months then move them on.


    (As a side note I realise the ‘Todgers’ typo but it made me chuckle so I left it in)

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  9. 9 hours ago, yorkie1999 said:

    We paid 17 million for him, if we sell him for 65 million minus 15% , that’s 65 - 9.75 which is 55.25 million, minus the 17 equals 38.25 million profit, which just about covers YT, as long as we can keep Wes going for a few more years, we’re rockin.

    Not quite right. The 17mill we paid for him has been paid back to us by way of him playing. So that transaction is ruled out. We paid 17mill for him to play for us for ‘x’ years. Once those ‘x’ years are done then the debt is settled, hence why sell on value is such a bonus in signing a player. So in effect we get 3 years of his ability plus whatever club earnings and squad influence plus 55mill. Pretty good for a 17mill outlay.

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