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  1. 6 hours ago, Always Next Year said:



    52 minutes ago, Swiss_tony said:

    apologies for jumping the gun. i  read it on the CBS sports website, and assumed it was done deal. feel  free to  delete the thread.

    See @Always Next Year that is how you move threads along without annoying people

  2. 7 minutes ago, Ashley said:

    I meant in terms of fans. 


    Following England home and Away you'll be surprised at the amount of stick that the "bigger teams" players get. 


    G Nev said something similar in an article. I can see it happening. 


    United > England and all that too. 

    Makes sense. Hopefully he can remain the grounded chap he seems to be and be the one that avoids this trend.

  3. 1 minute ago, Ashley said:

    Breaking News: We already knew this but doesnt want to force a move so he doesnt lose his loyalty bonus... 


    I dont want him to go but if we get the money... cheers big H.. all the best. You probably wont be an England favourite anymore too...  the grass isnt always greener. 

    Why is this?

  4. 23 minutes ago, brucey said:

    Obviously Benko's SPL stats are not directly comparable, but Dunk and Maguire can be compared and Dunk is statistically a massive downgrade.


    Stats mean little without context. Maguire has been playing in a far superior team to Dunk.

  5. I think a starting back 4 with Benko or Soyuncu is very dangerous. Not sure why everyone is alarmed by Dunk’s price we have humped Man U over Harry’s price so we can’t have it both ways. England capped captain of his club, 3 seasons experience in the prem for half of Harry’s fee? This is a no brainer

  6. 2 minutes ago, orangecity23 said:

    It's understandable from Maguire's perspective.


    Who could turn down a club like United?

    He'd have the chance to become a first choice England centre back, just like Chris Smalling and Phil Jones ... oh wait.

    Well, he'd have more chance to win the Premier League, which United have done as recently as ... oh wait.

    He'd have the chance to work for a top class proven manager, few can match Ole's Premier League credentials .. of getting Cardiff relegated. errrr


    He'll get 300k a week and the chance to appear in some Jesse Lingard bantz videos, and sign some sponsorship deals with their official peanut butter partner or some other gubbins. His agent and bank manager will be happy, I guess.

    Poolside on holiday and this made me chuckle in the Spanish sun. ?

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  7. 9 hours ago, SO1 said:

    For me its not a game plan but more of a vision quest. The raw energy and talent is here supplemented by a bit more creativity and cunning to score more goals.

    Where this ride takes us I don't know exactly. And that's ok, Watching the unfolding and building is my enjoyment. Week by week.

    Love this phrase.... a great name for an 80s band

  8. 3 hours ago, henrik_62 said:

    I'd say that's an exagerration, most of the teams we face are probably lower championship level, quite a few players from our league who don't necessarily stand out go down and have very good careers in the championship for example, guys like Bryson, Russell, Adam and countless others.  It's nowhere near the level of the EPL but it's not league 1 either.


    Guys like Rogic, Ntcham, McGregor and Christie will be soon are being linked with £10-15m moves away, you guys can't seem to give King away.  I've seen quite a bit of him and he'd be lucky to make our bench tbh and there is absolutely no way he'd be anywhere near our strongest 11 when everyone is fit, if you genuinely believe that then despite what you say you can't have watched Celtic much at all.

    This guy talks sense. C’mon chaps King is good but he isn’t Celtic starting 11. Lower champ starting or maybe top 10 bench but not Celtic first 11

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Fox seen in Norwich said:

    Has gray had so many chances?


    When he first arrived he was raw and then found himself behind albrighton and Mahrez in league winning year and so a bit part player.

    Puel (to his credit) did give him a chance for a bit but was playing Puel ball.


    in the euro 21’s he looked good. I just think a few months under Rodgers could get him ticking. We know there’s a decent player screaming to get out of him 


    personally I’d be disappointed to write him off already

    Agree with this. Young player 4 managers, 4 seasons. Undoubtedly talented, needs a pre-season and consistency to have a chance to flourish

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  10. 7 hours ago, henrik_62 said:

    Surely Perez is that guy?  Did he not also say something in his unveiling about alluding to being more a forward than a wide player.  I'd be pretty surprised if you signed another forward, surely a top wide player has to be the priority now.

    Spot on. The good thing about Perez is with get guaranteed game time keeping sharp and learning the plays as oppose to sitting on the bench and only playing when Vardy can’t.

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  11. That we have been able to build the squad we have and attract a player of this calibre in such managerial upheaval (4 in 3 years) says an awful lot for how well this club I love is currently run.  The future’s bright, the future’s Youri/Top/Maddison/Rodgers/Rudkin/N’didi/Hamza/Gray/Barnes/Chilly/Ricardo etc etc

  12. 5 hours ago, Bobby Hundreds said:

    Skybet is easily the most user friendly and quickest payout. Bet365 also good and do the odd free bet. Tbf if you don’t have any accounts yet the world is your oyster as all of them offer sign up offers. Check OLBG and Bethub for details. I’ve been restricted from most of them as i wasn’t losing money, they really hate that.

    Haha. Good to know.  Thank you for your help all. See you in the gamblers anonymous channel next year!

  13. 7 hours ago, KFS said:

    This signing is pure Celtic. Underwhelming.

    2 big statements.  I am not trolling but really want to you to breakdown why you say these things.  I know nothing about this guy so would really appreciate the input.


    Can you qualify what do you mean by 'Purely Celtic'?

    What is 'Purely Celtic'?

    Can you qualify 'Underwhelming'?
    What do you mean by 'underwhelming' in a Leicester context?



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  14. 3 minutes ago, Wortho said:

    I don't think it's £27m it is £16m plus add-ons. 

    Heard this too a few times. Question though, does a deal like this class as our highest transfer fee as we have committed in theory to paying 30 or will it only be our highest once we have actually paid the add ons?

  15. Me too.


    But I don’t understand why people a) Call them Spuds and b) Describe them as verminous.


    They haven’t been particularly successful to want to bring them down such as Man U or Chelsea and other than a League cup final defeat, I am unable to recall anything that they have done to annoy us.


    Am I missing something?  

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