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  1. Still waiting.. ordered one for my nephew as a surprise as well and it hasn't come.. maybe in this morning's post.. what a bloody shambles
  2. True Spectacle. Tribal + Familial. Generational folklore. Sheer poetry. One of my favourite things about the phenomenon of soccer is this odd dichotomy: the way it crosses borders to unite people of all nations and backgrounds into one tribe. It's borderless and welcoming but simultaneously tribal to the death!
  3. That's what I call him! Whenever he does something incredible he transforms into Harvinho
  4. I am not searching for negatives, they were presented to me when I tuned in to hear what he had to say and from that my opinion was formed. As I already said he is obviously brilliant from a technical perspective. Am I supposed to like his personality because you are +66 years old? You seem to imply that I am somehow less of a man because I don't like the way he comes across in interviews. If you want to talk about gender-based weaknesses then smearing a person in a passive-aggressive manner is typically female behaviour so maybe you want to have a word with yourself. Anyway, thanks for reachi
  5. A worthless one, because I already copped to that when I stated that it was my opinion. It's axiomatic that's it's a perception thing as you call it. I didn't think I would need to state that twice but 2020 is full of surprises it would seem.
  6. Sure, all very good points. My initial criticism is basically how he projects his personality in public which I find unlikable. As I said, I hope he proves me wrong because I liked him initially.
  7. That's not an argument.
  8. Hi Madders, that's just my my impression from social media and interviews etc. What else can we build our opinions from? If you think my analogy is bizarre then I think you are being dishonest. Good luck in the next game and for the rest of the season #respect
  9. I find Maddison's general attitude a touch annoying. He's like a cocksure estate agent who's constantly sniffing and brushing powder away from his lapels while he tells you about his 'boss man' sales record from last month and jangles the keys of his new car in your face. His cockiness is inversely proportional to his love for LCFC. I think he would jump ship for a slightly better deal in a heartbeat. Technically brilliant but a bit of an embarrassing wally. Grealish also seems to be cut from the willy puller estate agent template but in fairness is a much more accompli
  10. Handballs are illegal in football unless you look like a Spitting Image puppet of Prince Harry that has been possessed by the spirit of Pob. In which case it's fine.
  11. WTF have we got to do to get a peno?? Also - only given 2 mins injury time in the first half after Nacho is laid out for 4 minutes and then 3 mins in the second half when it should have been more. Cheating officials. Hate Jon Moss' face. Hated seeing Pep with his arm round his shoulder. Urgh. Spirited display by the lads. Vardy had a couple of poor moments. Chilly & Tielemans were a little sloppy. Kasper was world class today.
  12. One of the greatest things online. It's what the internet was invented for. Never get tired of listen to this. Real life Alan Partridge.
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