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  1. Part of me doubts that.
  2. Surely any packages he needs to deliver he can just send by post.
  3. Traffic has significantly increased since the middle of last week. Feels close to pre-lockdown levels. No idea where everyone is coming from or going to. Everyone going for a daily drive to keep their battery going flat? Neighbours seem to be having lots of guests over for barbecues.
  4. Some Preki bloke rang me. Said he's been stood outside the KP all day but nobody's answering the doorbell.
  5. Probably Chris Sutton at some point.
  6. Question is: how many world class players truly qualify as LCFC class?
  7. Doesn't windows night mode take care of this?
  8. Allow me to introduce you to Champagne Supernova.
  9. No, but they've put a statute of Michael Jackson out front.
  10. hmm, strange. but also strange that the chat is on the left side, not the right. you sure you're on youtube? sounds like fullscreen might be your best bet...
  11. geez, is there anything sean st ledger didn't sign?
  12. that birmingham city away kit is a bit too retro for my liking. cant imagine doing a full 90 in august heat dressed like that.
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