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  1. Doesn't windows night mode take care of this?
  2. Allow me to introduce you to Champagne Supernova.
  3. No, but they've put a statute of Michael Jackson out front.
  4. hmm, strange. but also strange that the chat is on the left side, not the right. you sure you're on youtube? sounds like fullscreen might be your best bet...
  5. geez, is there anything sean st ledger didn't sign?
  6. that birmingham city away kit is a bit too retro for my liking. cant imagine doing a full 90 in august heat dressed like that.
  7. All these chaps are free agents now. Gerrimin!
  8. Nearly 10 years on, still no statue. Disgraceful.
  9. How come even mcdonalds can manager better fitting uniforms than we can? The collar seems off in just about every one of these pictures. Like they were just guessing at the size when cutting it, and stitched it on regardless.
  10. I'm usually quite sceptical about mistakes like these, especially if done by corporations or marketing people whose very job is to know better. But from what I know of Danny Baker he doesn't strike me as a racist (unless I'm missing something....I don't follow him that closely) and I could see if he is firmly anti-royalist and always views them as 'a posh circus', then other views wouldn't even come into consideration. Which maybe suggests that he's a bit naive, maybe close minded, but that's certainly not the same as being a racist. Anyways, lesson is: don't ever refer to monkeys in jokes, nicknames, metaphors, memes, or anecdotes coz you're playing with fire if you do.
  11. A la John Terry style, we can ask chelsea to kick the ball out of play at the 2, 20 and 28 minute mark so we can sub each of them off with a guard of honour
  12. According to google: was mentioned on the internet in 2008, then again by someone in 2014. Looks like somebody in 2010 was keen on them but probably pregnant. Daily Mail had an article on a teenager who ate sponges.
  13. I've got a vauxhall vectra. I'm doing alright for myself.
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