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  1. There's so many distractions and easy access to every sort of media and entertainment, that it's nearly impossible to enjoy music they we used to. Back in the day you gave serious thought to music you were listening to. I like the convenience of modern music and the affordability of it. But saving up your money, and heading to the shops each week and not actually hearing the damn thing til you got back home - was a much richer experience than it is sitting in your pajamas, clicking through 2000 songs whilst intagramming and watching youtube etc etc...
  2. Real Madrid. Gotta happen someday...
  3. I think defoe offers a lot on the pitch and off it. Not a bad move for club in Bournemouth's position. Might be over-paying, but you could easily speculate on two players at half his price and end up with nothing. For bournemouth it's probably better to occasionally take 'safe' options like this when they're available.
  4. tbf, in the old days testimonials were done as 'one last pay day' for retiring footballers, since they weren't paid much and had nowt for pensions.
  5. sounds like a counterfeit brand of neckties you'd find in a market stall.
  6. like germany, where absolutely everything is shut the whole day on sundays?
  7. i live in madrid, just saw him in the local morrison's the other day.
  8. We already have amartey. job done.
  9. everybody is playing crap to put off other clubs bidding over the summer and disrupting our squad. team-spirit!
  10. loan him out to some club in belgium.
  11. well that's my point exactly. You can't win really.
  12. Can't help but notice his accent is progressively more West Country in every interview. I'd be gutted if he leaves us for Bristol City.
  13. through his whole interview (and all his interviews) he seems like a really straight up, honest guy. So i think when he says he just focusing on finishing out this season, and then maybe in the summer consider things, i don't think he's being coy or playing politics. As it stands, the temptations he had last summer will still be there, but then again whatever it was that convinced him to stay might also win out again. ...unless he reads some of the vitriol on FT
  14. This year has been a bit more tricky in forecasting what demand will be. When they first talked to the suppliers we looked doomed to relegation so they probably ordered "seven dozen of something kinda blue-ish." Then we looked certain to win the CL so they bumped it back up to a million and started filming promos for the launch etc etc. Now that we're back down to mid-table reality, I'm sure it's changed again.