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  1. Smelly supporters

    Can you not buy him a gift bag of leicester soaps and toiletries?
  2. Leicester's NOT A Shiphole - I Want to Make it My Home

    the best place in the leicester area is departures gate at East Midlands. there i've said it
  3. On one side I could see this being the sort of thing Blatter would do. On the other hand, I'm not sure how much i trust what Hope Solo says.
  4. Is Iborra the best looking Fox of all time?

    Which part of the River Soar is this ?
  5. Open invite to Claude puel to join foxestalk

    Also, we'll let you keep your anonymity on here if you reveal which one of us is robbie savage.
  6. Open invite to Claude puel to join foxestalk

    Not sure if Soupe à l'Oignon Gratinée will help you get more out of the team, but pizza seemed to work a charm for claudio.
  7. Oasis

    I just about never 'dislike' a video on youtube, but that one is just so deserving of it. Sounds like an underwhelming jam session from when they were recording Dig Out Your Soul.
  8. Quite like boss's who favour the rotation route, they seem to have a better insight on each individual player's talents.
  9. FFP Punishment On The Way?

    Half the players we bought never played (or were ineligible to play) so they shouldn't count in the figures.
  10. Videos

    i always think snooker and darts and lawn bowls is like a parallel universe populated by pedestrian weirdos.
  11. Manuel Pellegrini

    cripes if that's plan A, i'll settle for not having a plan B!
  12. Relax.

  13. Thomas Tuchel

    obviously new goal music if we do.
  14. Next City Manager?

    wait is .0001% more or less of a chance than 5000-1?
  15. Harvey Weinstein

    I'm curious as to the dynamics of his other relationships. His wife and ex-wife for example, did he treat them any differently when he first met them? If so, why? How can you have such a massive open-secret in what is probably the most papparazzi and gossip saturated industry?