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  1. What are you listening to?

    loving the tunes, plus the fact that they dress like chav revivalist.
  2. wish sean dyche would stop faffing about and grow a proper beard already.
  3. It's like an alanis morrisette quote when all you need is a mildly amusing quip about irony.
  4. Subway

    It's because of people like you that the leeds rebranding happens
  5. Dolores O'Riordan

    rest in peace...
  6. Mahrez- tumble

    If a player get's retroactive discipline for clear and deliberate diving, they shouldn't be fined or suspended. Instead they should be required to wear a bright red/pink/orange (whatever contrasts with the kit colour) headband with 'diver' across the front for the remainder of the season. This will serve to alert officials to 'keep an eye on this one', and also be a complete wind up for any sponsors wanting to use their matchday images
  7. H&M sh*t storm

    Or another possibility being a friendly workplace bet. "A tenner says you can't get this photo through final edit and published" "Make it twenty and i'll get that rather suggestive adolescent slogan shirt through production too"
  8. H&M sh*t storm

    No, I don't think it's racist, and 90% of the population wouldn't think it's racist. (I would however, spot the unfortunate irony in it immediately.) And that is sort of the entire point. The vocal 10% kicks up a storm, then the other 90% become an audience to it. It's not bad enough to make you think they are knuckle dragging white supremacists. So this safely falls into the classic category of "no such thing as bad publicity". The risk is relatively minimal. H&M get's a bit of publicity, some sympathy from the majority of the public (everyone hates being called a racist), and it works as a healthy counterbalance to any direct promotion of their virtues (adverts based on equality, green credentials etc) - to avoid sounding too pretentious. A person/brand needs to at least hint at a bit of edginess or flaws of some sort. It's not a conspiracy theory, as these are methods used at least since the 1950s by musicians and actors to great effect. Can I say with absolute certainty that H&M did it this way? no. But it's no great stretch of the imagination either. They wouldn't be the first and they won't be the last.
  9. H&M sh*t storm

    A lot of companies will deliberately do things that are legally questionable (or blatantly illegal); quite a few would have no issue taking a gamble on something that is morally questionable, especially if it's hard to pin them down with real evidence, such as in this case. Take the example of VW, one of the world's largest and most stable companies; executive decisions were made for a scheme that was legally, morally and environmentally reprehensible. I don't know what sort of company H&M is - but they work in the industry of fast fashion. An industry built on what is essentially modern slave labour(plenty of interesting reports on how they work around this issue), and the ability to exploit the vanity of the youth generation for massive profits. Are they morally dubious enough to do a stunt like this? Possibly. Are they intelligent and cunning enough to? Definitely.
  10. H&M sh*t storm

    advertising and ethics? 'East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.' Not commenting on the morals of it, but hard to argue that such things aren't effective marketing methods. If it makes people talk and in turn makes people buy, then most advertising agencies would be happy with the results.
  11. H&M sh*t storm

    I do wonder if its deliberate. after all this would have been put together by people whose sole job is to say 'hey, how will our audience respond to this?' there's no way the creative team of 20 somethings, with liberal arts degrees, who are marketing to 20 somethings and younger, didn't spot the potential trigger. It is quite a clever approach. Most black ppl won't be offended by it, at least not to the point to stop shopping there. Most white ppl will think it's an over-reaction by the media and if anything, probably sympathise with H&M. I'm 90% convinced that this was done with full knowledge of how it might go down.
  12. "Rooney" Rule

    Some enterprising chap is going to make a pretty good living doing interviews for hire
  13. Arsene Wenger, what happens now

    was wondering who the other chap with binoculars was. glad I'm not the only one stalking wenger these days.
  14. Foxestalk Biscuit World Cup - The Final

    chocolate chip cookie in the final? this so rigged. russian meddling in the vote again, me thinks.
  15. Did someone just try to scam their way into my house?

    might be worth ringing the police about it, in case anybody has had similar. Or for their reference if they get reports of that in the next few days.