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  1. well that was random
  2. There is no mod.
  3. more like if John Terry did transfer announcements
  4. You'll never get planning permission for that. You'll never get through customs with that.
  5. is that a patch of dirt I see? My how times have changed...
  6. Can we give them to the thai government as part of paying down the fine?
  7. we may not buy many players, but we always manage to have an interesting transfer window.
  8. Provides a good range of sight, but leaves you vulnerable to both sniping and spray-and-pray.
  9. if you can get pass the clunky opening lines about yoga and an inevitable lennon reference, this is a surprisingly quality song. Quite profound in some respects and better than anything noel has done - imho.
  10. could you have a rummage through his closet. I'm looking for a pair of levi's 501s. Possibly some new mittens too, but it's only summer so no rush.
  11. I voted dead last in everything. That way if the season goes truly tits up at least i'll have the comfort of being right.
  12. geez, what do we do with all these goalkeepers? Are we planning on fielding 11 keepers? Coz that's some cutting-edge tactics there.
  13. We spend 10m on a mardy, relegated midfielder. Knock some sense into him, give him a few easy cameos and let him finish a season with dignity and at a mid-table club. Then sell him on for the going rate of 20m for a 27 yr old, adequate midfielder. It's not a bad bit of side income.