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  1. winchesterton

    Big Club!

    Not sure how much being in a big city matters anymore, what with tv audience making up the majority of the modern fan base. Obviously could have an impact on drawing in star players, but beyond that I don't think it's as significant as it once was.
  2. winchesterton

    Jamie Vardy

  3. winchesterton

    Russia v Croatia - QF - 7pm

    ay caramba
  4. winchesterton

    Stadium Expansion - More Info

    i stand while listening to the match at home on radio. not sure if that counts. nobody asked me.
  5. winchesterton

    Let's be honest....

    Too many Spurs in this squad. it's an absolute liability. We'll make it to the Final, only to finish third.
  6. winchesterton

    Jamie Vardy

    Yeah, i thought the peno order was unusual. but understand why they don't want to change it last minute. The thing is, if we had brought vardy on at say the 70th minute we probably never would have gone to penalties.
  7. winchesterton

    Support Your Local Club

    typical glory hunter.
  8. winchesterton


    nah, people had the same issue with the girl from the ting-tings.
  9. winchesterton

    Samuel Gigot / Tom Bayliss

  10. winchesterton

    What are you listening to?

    seen them a few weeks back. not fussed about the rest of their tunes, but this one's quite good.
  11. winchesterton

    Filbert street in disrepair...very sad

    regardless of what anyone thinks of arsenal, gotta give them credit for a pretty classy 'legacy project' with highbury.
  12. winchesterton

    The second transfer IN. Who and When?

    i think mahrez will go in the summer. august 10th
  13. winchesterton

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    this audience is dreadful when it comes to cheering.
  14. winchesterton

    Adidas partnership

    Running with that theory, if he is retired you'd think he'd have spare time mid-week. What self respecting retiree is short of spare time Mon-Fri?? Rudkin out.
  15. winchesterton

    Name YOUR 23 man squad.

    Aaron Ramsdale Keeper Dan Jones Left-Back Johnny Mullins Centre-Back Michael Raynes Centre-Back Michael Harriman Right-Back Harrison Dunk Left Midfield Harry Pell Centre Midfield Jimmy Smith Centre Midfield Jordan Clark Right Wing Harry Kane Striker Jamie Vardy Striker I've chosen a goal oriented 4-4-2 (sans subs, coz old school) so Vardy and Kane upfront supported by League Two's most prolific own-goal scorers. Will have to confirm if Michael Harriman is free for England selection or if he's already played for RoI.