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  1. Out of habit I think, I have to admit a percentage of our crowd have become very self-entitled and have very short memories. Don't get me wrong, some of the football recently hasn't been great but no matter how bad it got in the past (and boy was it bad!) we always got behind the lads and manager. Since the title win, a new generation of fans has emerged from the woodwork, expecting tiki taka free flowing football, bemoaning every misplaced place, every skied effort and getting on the players back at the first opportunity. The KP for the first 2 years back in the Prem genuinely had one of the best, if not thee best, atmosphere in the league. It is genuinely shocking at the moment from some sections
  2. Blimey, I know Man United had some injuries first half but the way Neville and Tyler were talking it was as if they’d had to put their 3rd string out!! They had £400k a week Sanchez, £75m Lukaku, Rashford and £90m Pogba!! Bless their little cotton socks
  3. Two more games I can’t make. Great
  4. I always wonder how they do these things. For example where would you class bands like Pink Floyd (Cambridge and London) and Led Zepplin (West Midlands and London)? They aren’t on the above map but are 2 of the biggest selling artists ever
  5. Looking at Liverpool over the past week just makes me think how remarkable we really were in 2016. After the Arsenal game when their players were already instagramming their title winning photos, our lads just got our heads down and ground out results week in week out despite the pressure of knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity
  6. Not one person listed Dennis Wise yet??!
  7. Without wanting to put a dampener on it but Fabinho is actually a RB by trade and has played for Brazil in that position. Don't think it'll be a problem for him, Van Dijk on the other hand would be a massive miss for them
  8. How the hell we’ve still got Simpson and Morgan in our defence is laughable. Mendy and Ndidi playing instead of Chowdury, This could be it for Claude
  9. I am not saying Puel out after this result but he has to take a lot of the blame for that. The team he picked included players who have hardly featured or haven’t featured at all this season. Okazaki, James, Simpson, Ghezzal, Fuchs, King are all either past it or never been good enough. Fielding them together, in an FA Cup tie away, under the lights, when they’re obviously going to be pumped up for it was naive in the extreme! We have played a lot of football recently but we now have a 6 day gap until Southampton at home. Surely, Maguire, Mendy, Gray, Maddison, Ndidi, Chilwell could have started?? We are comfortably mid table and haven’t won this completion in our history. I know what I’d prioritise. He showed no respect playing that line up and not even having Vardy on the bench Some of our finishing was poor but apart from Okazaki’s header I’d call them half chances. Simple fact is we did not play well. Well done Newport, best of luck in the next round
  10. Granted this is mainly to Liverpool but you look at the below team of players they've sold in the past 4 years and its no wonder they're in trouble; this would be a top 6 team Gazzaniga Clyne Van Dijk Lovren Shaw Wanyama Schneiderlin Mane Lallana Tadic Pelle Their recruitment to replace these players has been poor also Carrillo £19m (now on loan), Gunn for £12m when they already have McCarthy and Forster, Bouffal £16m (also on loan) etc
  11. I can only assume he is referring to the 7.45 and 8pm KO's because the last train back to Harborough is 9.56,
  12. Just shows the disparity between Premier League football and the rest of Europe when Watford, Palace, Newcastle, Wolves, Burnley are above PSG, Barca, Real, Bayern and Dortmund etc 18 of the 20 its shameful really considering we also get the most TV money by far as well. I went to see Bayern vs Berlin last season, a top 6 clash in the Bundesliga for 18 Euro's!! That wasn't even the cheapest seat
  13. I've refrained from writing anything until this point, mainly due to the state of shock and disbelief I've felt since hearing the news on Saturday. However I also wanted to cling onto the hope that the fate of the great man was not as widely speculated. He is responsible for the greatest period of this clubs history and for me personally the greatest moments I've ever witnessed and second only to my wedding day as the happiest days of my life. Without this man, none of it would have been possible. I would constantly tell my friends and family (and anyone that would listen) that my club have the greatest owners in the world. We all had a slight smile when the free beers, doughnuts and mince pies were announced but it wasn't with rolled eyes but it was because it was a familiar reminder of our owners generosity. No other clubs had these gestures which he didn't have to do, he wanted to do them. His way of saying thank you. However all along we are the ones who always were and always will be thankful. The legacy he has left behind at our club cannot be overstated. He will never be forgotten and we cannot let it be forgotten. A humble, generous man who not only positively impacted this club and its fans but the wider community. He fully embraced the City as much as the club. Rest in Peace
  14. Ahead of this weekends game, Skysports are doing a 'select your own Mourinho Premier League XI'. It shows the quality of the current United team that only one of them made it into mine and even then i could easily have even selected 2004-07 Cech over De Gea De Gea Ivanovic Carvalho Terry Cole Makelele Essien Lampard Robben Drogba Hazard
  15. Yes there is no pleasing everyone and this is a price to pay for TV injecting so much money into our game but decisions like the Spurs game, makes such little sense, The last train to London is 9.53! Meaning practically all the Spurs fans and a fair few Leicester fans who live in Harborough or Kettering will either have to drive (everyone loves doing that on a Saturday night) or miss the last 10 minutes of the game. Add that to the fact that it's likely to be a lot of people Xmas night out. Saturday lunch time or Sunday would just make so much more sense. I didn't think that stupidity could be topped until I saw Everton at Lunch time on NYD! Leicester fans will need to leave around 8am to make it! Happy New Year guys
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