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  1. On 23/01/2021 at 13:01, BroughtonFox said:

    Really want to get into pc gaming, bust just don’t know anything about what the best parts are, how to set it up or where’s best to buy from lol  


    can you have a good set up with about 1k ish?

    Going to push forward with this now as my Laptop has stopped working after a spillage on it :facepalm:


    is there any good ones you can buy already made up?

  2. I’m wanting to try and start lifting more weights again as I’m starting to put on the pounds again...


    Does anyone know any good Barbells and dumbbells that you can buy online that are not way too expensive? Turning my garage into a mini gym but have no idea what the best makes are or value for money. Was wondering if any experts know what’s best? 

  3. 21 hours ago, The People's Hero said:

    Hard to get the very latest GPUs at a reasonable price; but plenty of really superb details on slightly lower spec.


    If you have 1000 pounds to spend on entire set up you could do worse that look at some of the AWD IT stuff. Price is great. No idea on company service of build quality.


    Storage and RAM is upgradeable, but I'd recommend you get something with DDR4 Ram at a reasonable speed; since you can supplement at a later date.


    Get a MOBO and processor you are happy with and a case you like; most things around that you can update.


    If you can guide us all on what style of games you like etc, that will help us guide you.


    Some people would spend probably 25% of their budget on a monitor for example; and maybe worth it if you're working on it 8 hours a day too - or if you're going for top graphics. If you're playing solitaire or fortnite or whatever (no judgement - good games!) then you don't need to spend that money... although actually someone is now going to say you need 144Hz refresh rate to play fortnite

    I play all sorts of games to be honest, I’d like a monitor that links up well to my PS5 as well as I hate playing on a massive tv at the minute. 

  4. 4 hours ago, The People's Hero said:

    Yeah; for current stuff and probably future stuff too on sub-optimal settings. Depends if you want to run stuff at best graphical fidelity with all the options etc; and also what sort of games you're likely to pay.


    Seems to be a bit of an odd time to be buying as well as components (GPUs mainly) seem to be bonkers money.


    Let us know what sort of games you like and we can probably link you to a decent £1k option ; but tell me this ... do you already have a decent monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers, or are you looking to buy the whole package?

    The whole package to be honest mate, am I likely to be ripped off and better off waiting then?

  5. Really want to get into pc gaming, bust just don’t know anything about what the best parts are, how to set it up or where’s best to buy from lol  


    can you have a good set up with about 1k ish?

  6. 8 hours ago, tom27111 said:

    Depends on what type of driving you do then really. They're both great cars.


    Is it the A Class you're looking at?


    If so, I'd definitely recommend looking at the newer shape, the fourth generation, from 2018 onwards.


    The older ones don't really have much about them. Youd need to get an A200 or above really. The A180d has a 1.5 Renault engine in and it isn't great.


    The newer models look great and the performance has vastly improved.


    Mercs have always looked nice inside, but the newer ones with full digital display are a different class.

    Yes this is the sort of one I was looking at. Really like the look of it too. Just looking around different sites to see if any are cheaper.



  7. 15 hours ago, tom27111 said:

    What model are you looking for?


    They're a really good car. The GTI/GTD and the R are obviously more exciting drives, but the whole range has decent engines on them.


    Very dependable and well built. That's reflected in the price and they always seem to hold their value.


    Seat Leon and Audi A3 are worth looking at too. They're basically the same car and might offer more value for money.


    Feel free to drop me a PM if you need any more advice.

    I’ve got a Audi A3 currently, just looking to move on due to having some trouble with it over Christmas. The GTD or GTI is most likely what I’d go for if I did go for a golf. Also looking at Mercedes too.

    it’s more just looking around on the internet trying to find the best deal now. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Bellend Sebastian said:

    Never had one myself but I know a lot of people that swear by theirs. The only big problem I know of on used examples is there's an automatic gearbox on some models that is prone to catastrophic failure. Cannot remember the years of cars affected, but it's the sort of thing that effectively writes the car off, it's so expensive, and common enough to take seriously. If you're getting a new one you won't have to worry about this, obviously.


    If buying used check out honestjohn.co.uk, you'll soon get a feel for the things to look out for. There are a surprising number of models of cars out there (of all makes) that are prone to failures that will probably not be economic to fix

    Very interesting thanks for that I’ll look into that. If I was going to buy one it’d be a used one but a 2017+ plate.

  9. Weirdly enough just came on this thread to ask if anyone’s had experience driving VW Golfs and if they’d recommend getting one? Someone I know has got one and said it’s the best car he’s had. I’m tempted but need to look around.

  10. I recently moved away from sports donkey due to a recommendation on Twitter. I must say it’s been brilliant so far and they have a group chat on Discord once you’ve paid for all questions and support.

    GBR streams on Twitter if anyone’s interested in having a go. £35 for the year it cost me. Highly recommended :) 

  11. Seems like a tricky situation then I’ll try ringing round a few more places tomorrow. Only trouble I have is driving is the only form of transport I can use to get to work and no coworkers live anywhere near me so I’m needing it fixed by the 4th of Jan. 

    Thanks all.

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