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  1. Wouldn’t be too disappointed if he left. So slow passing the ball out from the back
  2. How much money can be won from winning the Europa league? Forgetting the champions league place given for winning it?
  3. Funny how he played deep last year and people said it didn’t suit him and needed a free role. Now he’s playing well in the same role it’s ‘ great we’re playing him in his preferred role’. He’s always been a classy footballer and I’ve always liked him good or bad. Because you know he’s a top footballer. I remember him misplacing every pass in the league semi final last season and thinking what the hells going on. Simply because you know he’s a top footballer. He’s got that consistency now. He’s playing more like Kevin De Bruyne even more than Kevin De Bruyne is this season. So many quality pass
  4. They’ve already started on opening up the access rd through the industrial estate to freeman’s Common to ease congestion and big talk about the Ivanhoe line opening back up. Obviously the stadium signed off and ready for mcclaren to move straight from the training ground on completion to start work on the stadium! Great times
  5. Let’s remember what a huge favour Kingpower are doing for the city! Let alone the club. This brownfield site with the council involved and the fact huge developments like this are politically only given to London,Birmingham,Manchester,Nottingham picked as hotspots for mega money developments. This would of become one of 3 things 1) giant hardcore car park 2)affordable ugly houses or 3)industrial units. Kingpower will create a destination that works 7 days a week for the city’s economy and create a landmark for the city. This is currently a brownfield site/and a stadium that looks like somethin
  6. I remember his performance away at watford in the 3-0 win! Top quality performance
  7. Credit to the owners! Currently the stadium and surrounding area looks like a dump! This will transform this area from Beirut to royal Kensington! I just don’t know why they don’t buy filbert st and build student accommodation. Make even more money
  8. Exactly and then it becomes a stadium that looks amazing from all angles!! Move all hospitality and reception/dressing rooms etc to the new stand which they are! So that would leave an entire stand empty ready for work!
  9. This would all suggest the next player to leave for a huge fee should be james Maddison
  10. Could it lead them to doing the same to the main stand at a later date ? And that’s how there getting 16k extra! That would be 8k on each then
  11. Or just sign thauvin on a free, Jovic on loan to buy and under for £25m! There will be plenty of great deals about with the pandemic financial situation about
  12. Ndidi needs to fight for is position and kind of needs more rest anyway with his knee etc. Didn’t look the same after that injury. Same with Ricardo! Injuries are too big to rush back anyway.
  13. We’ve only signed one attacking player in the summer and changed formation. When formations get worked out and the drag of winter hits the team as per usual it needs that freshness. Prime example was last season! As soon as Maddison is out injured or one winger and we’re back to using Perez on the wing or vardy gets injured, we’re screwed!! Another suggestion would be Christian Eriksen on loan. He’d take anything after a nightmare spell in Milan.
  14. We need something in January to lift the group and push them on to the finish. Teams are more open start of the season and start to defend deep and change managers come December/new year. We need that freshness to push the team onto greatness. Signing crap like Ryan Bennett if anything had the opposite effect on the group.
  15. Jovic on loan in January with a fee agreed for the summer if all goes well and Thauvin on a free in the summer. Promote Tavares and that’s it!! We don’t need mass amounts of players and we’re heading towards breaking transfer records and buying one a year after that!!
  16. The new stadium will look incredible. I have to say the current kingpower stadium isn’t great. The concourses and toilets are poor and aesthetically the stadium from the outside looks like something on an industrial estate. They will completely regenerate this area when the time come and show Peter Soulsby what true regeneration is. I look forward to the plans being unveiled
  17. Just getting champions league would be huge for the club £££££ and help us push on with the wage structure! To keep progressing we need to push the wages towards £200k a week and keep a quality side together. Ultimately with the training ground and pushing for honours and getting towards what the big clubs pay! Players wouldn’t be so desperate to leave when big clubs came calling.
  18. Yet last season he was playing deeper to accommodate Maddison. So I don’t really agree he’s changed his role at all. Just playing at a much higher level! Many thought he needed a free role to make him tick
  19. Sancho hasn’t done anything for England and rashford hasn’t done much apart from maybe against part time electricians for San Marino! Barnes has huge potential to go further than both. They all have pace, but don’t have the power Barnes has. Watch this space I suppose!!
  20. Can Leicester get rid in January and sign at least 1 of the 2 extra players Rodgers wanted. I think Thauvin and Edouard are the two last pieces of the puzzle
  21. Will they be doing this for kids? I’d love to get my nephew the training top
  22. Real Madrid are elite yet have the same home shirt template
  23. Congerton has been scouting him! Was mention led last season.
  24. The gk in question is obvious !! Uğurcan Çakır!! Top quality young keeper the club have scouted and want as long term successor. I do find it strange kasper distribution is still rubbish after all these years though.
  25. Maguire was already ryan Bennett regardless! Just a younger version
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