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  1. 1 minute ago, Fox in the North said:

    Now that would be exciting. Think there’s an issue with the foundations on the west stand but equally if they are prepared to demolish a stand and rebuild it then I don’t see why it can’t be done. It’s hardly in a worst spot than Fulham’s new main stand.

    Exactly and then it becomes a stadium that looks amazing from all angles!! Move all hospitality and reception/dressing rooms etc to the new stand which they are! So that would leave an entire stand empty ready for work! 

  2. 1 minute ago, sacreblueits442 said:

    ...the team do not require a mental boost at this present time!!!

      We would like a forward but it would be unwise to seek to purchase in the January window in respect of price and obviously availability. 

      We have not as yet got started or established a rhythm which marks out this team and there is so much more to come from this squad or potential  appears at this moment, to be endless.

    We’ve only signed one attacking player in the summer and changed formation. When formations get worked out and the drag of winter hits the team as per usual it needs that freshness. Prime example was last season! As soon as Maddison is out injured or one winger and we’re back to using Perez on the wing or vardy gets injured, we’re screwed!! Another suggestion would be Christian Eriksen on loan. He’d take anything after a nightmare spell in Milan. 

  3. We need something in January to lift the group and push them on to the finish. Teams are more open start of the season and start to defend deep and change managers come December/new year. We need that freshness to push the team onto greatness. Signing crap like Ryan Bennett if anything had the opposite effect on the group. 

  4. Jovic on loan in January with a fee agreed for the summer if all goes well and Thauvin on a free in the summer. Promote Tavares and that’s it!! We don’t need mass amounts of players and we’re heading towards breaking transfer records and buying one a year after that!! 

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  5. The new stadium will look incredible. I have to say the current kingpower stadium isn’t great. The concourses and toilets are poor and aesthetically the stadium from the outside looks like something on an industrial estate. They will completely regenerate this area when the time come and show Peter Soulsby what true regeneration is. I look forward to the plans being unveiled 

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  6. Just getting champions league would be huge for the club £££££ and help us push on with the wage structure! To keep progressing we need to push the wages towards £200k a week and keep a quality side together. Ultimately with the training ground and pushing for honours and getting towards what the big clubs pay! Players wouldn’t be so desperate to leave when big clubs came calling. 

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  7. 23 hours ago, Steve Earle said:

    Schmeichel. Third minute. Appalling & very lucky.


    Am I the only one that both appreciates what he’s done for us and yet craves a goalkeeper that can catch a cross and has industry standard distribution skills?

    The gk in question is obvious !! Uğurcan Çakır!! Top quality young keeper the club have scouted and want as long term successor. I do find it strange kasper distribution is still rubbish after all these years though. 

  8. Who’s out of contract this summer? Could finally be the time we have quality and depth and when we get rid of the next batch of dead wood. It could be the biggest release of deadwood next summer ie Slimani,Morgan,Fuchs,James ??, and ideally ward, Gray, albrighton,iheanacho! Then go for players like Cantwell,Buendia,Brooks,Edouard! 

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