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  1. Real Madrid are elite yet have the same home shirt template
  2. Congerton has been scouting him! Was mention led last season.
  3. The gk in question is obvious !! Uğurcan Çakır!! Top quality young keeper the club have scouted and want as long term successor. I do find it strange kasper distribution is still rubbish after all these years though.
  4. Maguire was already ryan Bennett regardless! Just a younger version
  5. Who’s out of contract this summer? Could finally be the time we have quality and depth and when we get rid of the next batch of dead wood. It could be the biggest release of deadwood next summer ie Slimani,Morgan,Fuchs,James ??, and ideally ward, Gray, albrighton,iheanacho! Then go for players like Cantwell,Buendia,Brooks,Edouard!
  6. Should of got rid and signed Ibrahima Diallo
  7. Under needs to play at least 60 mins on Thursday! Game time required!
  8. Rodgers seems ready to have a target man as a plan B! Wasn’t worth bringing Albrighton on with no target man. Waste of time
  9. That’s because they put the funding in at the start and made the club self sufficient! Ie mega bucks under Sven, friendly with Real Madrid, stadium purchase, training ground refurbishment (Belvoir drive) and 10 years on they don’t need to anymore
  10. Oxford Utd could of achieved what they and Man City have with the same money! They were both mediocre mid table clubs before
  11. Big six ? Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal,Leicester and Blackburn? Whos the other one?
  12. One flaw to his game and it’s a huge one!! He can’t jump!!!!
  13. We’ll be even more limited if we don’t invest and finish bottom half. We need a winger nearly as urgent as cb! If under or Barnes get injured we’re back to Perez who isn’t a winger or albrighton who isn’t a professional footballer
  14. They will eventually quality for champions qualifying round! And imagine kingpower coffers if they qualified!
  15. Would be thick if the board expected a good start with this squad! Let’s not waste money sacking managers. Fofana, two wingers and edouard are required for a good season. If he’s backed and we’re still rubbish than fair enough. But don’t expect miracles when you have 1 top class striker and crap wingers!
  16. I’d be happy with 2 points from the first 3 games! Squads in poor form, injuries and crap wingers bar Barnes who isn’t consistent at all. We need 4 more quality signings desperately. Also Maddison isn’t a starter. His stats are poor and can’t play on the wing. Tieliemans looks a class above when he has that free role. Unfortunately Rodgers is like the majority of managers. Too scared to make that call and would only do it if Maddison is injured. Luckily he isn’t 100% but unfortunately if we had a good start he’d still drop Youri back alongside Ndidi to accommodate Maddison!
  17. My favourite winger since being a season ticket holder. Forget mahrez who acted like a spoilt child and ball greedy! Dyer was a down to earth/old fashion winger and got fans off there seats. Top top guy
  18. Pochettino could always come and get paid more than he did at spurs
  19. Atm it’s relegation scrap awaits because of the form and lack of quality. But 3/4 signings through the door and that’s forgotten. ie Fofana and Edouard would be a huge boost! But one more would still be needed.
  20. Tieliemans looked classy for Leicester last season. He just needs more quality around him at Leicester. That’s why a top winger is imperative. I hope we go for a striker and winger. Fingers crossed Fofana too at the back! Back to Youri if vardy can dive 30 times in the box and Youri can score all the pens! He’d be as good as Bruno Fernandes. No difference between them otherwise!
  21. Mark Davies expected nothing from him and turned out to be classy as hell
  22. If we wanted signings! We could of gone out and got the usual 4/5 average players already. We’re after quality and that takes time!
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