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  1. Exactly we’re trying to play the Man City way with much worse players! Imagine with a few more Ricardo/tieliemans signings across the team. Keep positive and and let’s aim to turn a negative into a positive by going for the Europa league
  2. To the dumb fans calling for him! Look at the squad/and the options beyond the starting 11! Come on people! Be positive. If in a years time we’re winning the Europa league! Would people take that ?
  3. Are we getting money from the Thai smile with you or is it just to boost the country Tourism during covid ?
  4. Not bad at all really! Look better with Benrahma/Diallo/Bailey and Demirel wearing it
  5. On average we spend £80m during a summer window. I think that plus £20m by getting rid of dead wood hopefully! Then the fun begins. We a quality centre back and two quality wingers!!
  6. Tbf to Bennett he’s the closest player you could compare to Harry Maguire! Tall/slow and can’t defend
  7. He belongs at Sheffield Wednesday/Notts county/middlesborough! He’s a builder of teams! We played great football and added flair with knockeart and mahrez over time! Also still the last team to achieve over 100 points in the championship. He’s a great manager that takes time. And I think to annoy watford the PFA should announce him as manager of the year after the job he’s done there.
  8. Can have all the tactics in the world! But if your in a building process and have no bench/no wingers then it takes time. If we sack Rodgers we’ll still have no wingers and no quality on the bench. It takes time! 5th is progress and we attracted the quality of Ricardo and Tieliemans when we were mid table! So id hope we could attract another 3 of that quality over the summer. Then as fans judge Rodgers when he has options. Atm we’re a young team trying to play like a Man City when on top with lesser players. And don’t have depth.
  9. The gold stripes will be the following seasons kit and a different collar! Exactly like they did with the last two shirts. So we know already what the next two seasons will look like
  10. Gray has more assists off the bench than any other player in the league with 8
  11. Of subject from the game itself! I always thought Jeff Schlupp looked really good at left back for Leicester and impressed a couple of times coming back playing for Crystal Palace
  12. Start Iheanacho Wednesday and bring him on second half
  13. Few mentioned on here they’d received now tv passes for tonight’s game via email from the club! I’m a season ticket holder and haven’t received anything. Is this for members only or something?
  14. Have to say despite his injuries Mandy has been pretty much decent everytime he’s played for us! I think especially he’s looked a better player under Rodgers in the few games he has player. I think you do usually have a couple of older ones that know they weren’t play and a couple of injury prone players to fill the squad and they don’t moan and have a good attitude! We have that with Morgan and Fuchs and I would give Mendy a contract. I don’t usually like players that have injury problems but he seems to come in a do a job and look like an accomplished player
  15. If the eon building is up for sale soon then just wait till then! Too good an opportunity to just do a scew wiff design and let that sight go to someone else
  16. Not only because he trolled spurs yesterday but what about Cesc Fabregas ? He’d be class for Leicester
  17. Break the club transfer record for Bailey
  18. 50m from Chilwell! £70m champions league and we’ve not really touch our own money for 2 years due to mahrez and Maguire
  19. Cakir, Telles, Demirel, Diallo, Bailey and Edouard Please! Have them all together at the new training ground holding shirts and in for start of pre season! But we’ll sign Ryan Bennett randomly instead on a permanent after treating him like rubbish since joining knowing us
  20. I want Telles, Demirel, Bailey,Cantwell and Marega
  21. Lol £100m for both! It will take £200m to do the ground if there building a swish hotel/concert arena! Pulling out concourses, new tear with hospitality/changing rooms etc How much is forests?
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