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  1. Absolutely deserved to lose today. Southampton absolutely played us off the park. With two many players off it today (Chilwell, Barnes, Perez, Maddison the main culprits), it was never going to be a win.


    Always felt that if we got anything out of the match, it was going to be an absolute steal. We've not had too many performances like that under Rodgers which I think is why we're all disappointed.


    On the ball, we were absolutely horrendous. Every single player was guilty of giving the ball away and making the wrong decisions so no qualms about the result.


    Having said that, boos? For a team sitting second in the league. Grow up.

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  2. Here's a question ahead of the weekend's games, which way do we want Man City vs Man Utd going at the weekend? Man City win to extend out gap to United or United win to potentially extend the gap to second... Thinking about it, a draw sounds just about perfect 😂

  3. I do sympathise slightly with the Mercury. The days of the local paper getting access to the club are long gone but the appetite of supporters hasn't. They've got to get their stories from somewhere to even compete just a tiny bit with the constant noise that is generated around PL clubs, especially in the time of digital journalism.


    The click-bait stuff really does wind me up the wall though. All of this "so-and-so said this and Leicester fans will love/hate it" nonsense and it ends up being someone like Allardyce saying Vardy is playing well. Nobody really cares.

  4. Absolutely loved that. Outclassed Newcastle all over the field, they barely got a sniff throughout the 90 minutes. Don't think I've seen that degree of control from a Leicester side in a very long time.


    Whilst we were brilliant, the scary thing is I don't think we were playing at our maximum. Had we clicked more often in attack, I genuinely think it could have been 7/8. Exciting times 🦊

  5. I would be tempted to rest a few but not too much as to completely stifle our momentum. Don't think there is much point playing three defensive midfielders against these. Also, if Vardy is out I'dbe tempted to go with Gray up top again.














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  6. This makes a lot of sense to me. He’s a very solid option and at 27 should be coming into his peak years. He would also give Ricardo a lot more of a licence to go forwards. That right side would be very good with Clyne and Ricardo.


    The only thing I’m concerned with his the potential price tag that Liverpool could charge. Even with a year left on his contract, he’s an English international at 27 at a Premier League club, they don’t come cheap anymore.

  7. Frustrating one that for me. Didn’t have any complaints at the time with the sending off and watching MOTD, I still don’t. Having said that, I firmly believe that with 11 on the pitch, we’d have won that game.


    We dominated most of the game and limited Everton to a few chances and they settled it with what could potentially be the best goal we see at the KP this season.


    A few players had off days but I saw enough to encourage me. We will play worse than that and win at some point in the season. Onwards and upwards.

  8. This game reminded me very much of our 4-2 win over Manchester City a couple o seasons back and not just because of the score line.


    It was the sheer tactical naivety from Puel and Guardiola of playing a high line against a pacey counter-attacking outfit. Vardy had a field day that night, as did Fraser. The amount of errors strewn throughout the game from various players e.g. Maguire, Ricardo etc. was also a hugely contributing factor.


    It will also give Puel some insight into his team that (somehow) he hasn’t seen yet. Morgan is not good enough andGray does not provide enough of an attacking outlet, and the system does no work. It’s no coincidence that after we beat Manchester City, Guardiola binned off the likes of Sagna, Zabaleta, Jesus Navas and Iheanacho. Let’s hope Puel can learn those lessons and go on to be as successful as Guardiola ?

  9. Can’t believe how quickly comments turned in this topic ? 


    Iheanacho is frustrating yes but he is still only young. He is the penalty box poacher we’ve needed for a long time but for some reason doesn’t get there often enough. A lot of his goals for us/ Man City have been inside the penalty area. If we provide him with the right amount of service, he will come good.



  10. Thank you to the op. This has been a topic that has been bugging me for a long time. The abuse that Morgan gets is horrific. I think people forget that he has led us to titles, Champions League quarter-finals and picked up personal awards in the process.


    Having said that, he should be phased out but there is no reason that he can’t be a squad player.

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  11. Very unfortunate with that one. Lots of positives and hardly any negatives. Maddison looked very bright. He looks exactly what we’ve been crying out for. Pereira was also impressive. Against lesser sides, we should create a lot more chances. Brilliant to see Vardy back in the goals as well.


    The only gripes I have is that Amartey does not look a right-back at all. Silva seemed a little slow on the ball. Also, at times the decision making and passing was not great. Although, that should improve as the season goes on.


    Encouraging start but it’s important we beat Wolves now.

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