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  1. 2 hours ago, volpeazzurro said:

    I think you're missing the point, I can remember being top of the Premiership with Peter Taylor but most people could see that we were there more by fortune rather than astute management. Would you rush to resign Taylor because he once afforded us a lofty position?


    Many noted that when Rodgers started weaving his magic before Christmas with his 'philosophy', team selections, tactics and substitutions, it all started to go horribly wrong. Would he change? There's an undeniable history to him.


    We won today despite the manager and not because of him or even partly because of him. His substitutions were abysmal. His previous tactics against Man City were spot on because simply put, they were the only ones he could use really compared to last seasons 'no tactics' approach, it took no tactical genius and Man City played to our strengths. Leeds played straight into our hands also didn't they. Our losses have mostly been down to his poor management and quite a few of our wins have been more than a little fortunate to be polite about it. Quality of play wise, we are in a false position, let's not kid ourselves. Rogers for me, in the words of Freddie Mercury is, The Great Pretender. He's a media darling and in their eyes he can't do anything wrong. He's absolutely blessed, notwithstanding injuries, with the squad of players he has at his disposal compared with previous managers. How many of today's Sheffield United players would get into our team or visa versa? You can lose any game, football's like that, but you can also give yourself the best chance of winning with the right players in their best positions, with logical tactics and reasonable substitutions if required.

    Great Pretender? Long may it continue then. Talk about short memories? Or maybe you are a youngster?

  2. 12 hours ago, Dorkingfox said:

    Dartford Town an away friendly


    Selhurst Park, when we played Wimbledon and there were more away supporters than home ones, naked geezer ran on the pitch, with Wimbledon my ars on his butt


    Wasn't that Maidstone, playing at Dartford's ground?  Kitson scored the only goal?

  3. 15 hours ago, Paninistickers said:

    Swindon away, 0-0. Brian Little's first game. Directly jumpstarted an upward trajectory after years of downward spiral. 


    Charlton away, 0-1. The start of the aggressive, siege mentality of O'Neill

    First time in a long time that we saw a team play for the shirt.  Felt like a win on the day.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Mark 'expert' Lawrenson said:

    Blew my socks off 


    We were so poor when I was young, that my parents gave me an empty box at Christmas and told me it was an Action Man deserter! :ph34r: 

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  5. We were supposed to be going to Athens last week but had to cancel the week before due to potential lockdowns here and in Greece (both of which happened).  Accommodation cancelled (no deposit involved), but pleasantly surprised that the Ryanair refund went into my account TODAY!  Gobsmacked after hearing some if the issues with them. 

  6. 8 hours ago, Babylon said:

    1) He’s in charge of singing players, if the player registration goes wrong, then it’s on him. 

    2) That idea is just peddled by people on here with zero evidence of that actually being the case. They are very very rare in this country and we nearly lost two players because of them. Kante wasn’t some household name, we got him for £5m and probably grave him 5x the wages he was on. If you can’t get a player like that without a release clause you are in the wrong job.


    3) We let his release clause lapse a month before we signed him for £10m+ more than he would have cost.

    A choir - or more like a boy band? :ph34r:

  7. 5 minutes ago, RonnieTodger said:

    In Kos mate. the hotel is wonderful, but beach isn’t great. I see they’ve added a load of islands back on, so there’s more choice now too. (Assuming UK & Greece don’t go on each others blacklists).


    The place we were meant to be going to in Turkey looked a little nicer but we’re just happy to be away and in the sun.

    26 degrees today too!

    Where abouts? Kardamena?  Been to Kos a few times.  Lovely island, but it got disadvantaged with the migrant crisis a few years ago. Had some good times there.  Enjoy!

  8. 21 hours ago, RonnieTodger said:

    After New York, Malaysia/Thailand and Turkey have all been cancelled this year, finally managed to touch down in another country.


    In Greece for 7 nights and despite the initial worry that we’d be tested for covid and potentially whisked off to a quarantine hotel to isolate, it has all worked out. 

    Can finally chill out.

    Where abouts are you Ronnie?  Worth a visit? 

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