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  1. JJ has improved at a stunning rate. Don’t want to jinx things but the only player that comes to my mind for a comparison is Vardy’s rise. JJ is becoming a remarkably complete player as his confidence level grows. His attacking ability is beginning to show now and he’s on his way to being a top class player. I just love the way he never hides in a game, he’s always looking for the ball and to see him surging forward and totally scaring the life out of the left side of Brighton today was a joy to behold. 
    The sky’s the limit for this kid!! Our scouting team!! Take another bow guys.

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  2. I’m surprised by the lack of interest in getting this kid in. Watching the video what I notice is that he closed on attackers very quickly and also has the pace to get away from a player after making a tackle. That kind of explosive pace combined with quick feet makes him a top prospect to me. If we could get him on the cheap I think he would be a player suited to our setup and Brendan could coach him into a sensational player. Very little downside to me. 

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  3. I don’t rate Guendouzi at all. Every time I’ve watched him play he flatters to deceive. He rarely comes up with a quality pass and for all his running around he contributes little and clearly he has a suspect attitude. I’ve also noticed he gets caught out of position a lot of the time in transition when Arsenal lose the ball and he himself is prone to give up the ball in his own half. He’s just not someone I would want in our squad. I think Choudhery is a better prospect going forward. 
    so for me it’s a resounding NO on Guendouzi.

  4. We are utterly relentless these days. Every player just never stopped closing them down and winning back the ball. When we have the ball we look total class. What a side we have and Brendan take a bow!!!!! Never thought I would see the day when we  have so much quality in the side. This team is making our title winning side look average. Cannot believe this!!!! We’re going to do it again!!!

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  5. Potter is by far the most vulnerable manager this season. A bad start and he will be gone by October. Hodgson is second for me as Palace look awful. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Hansenhutl on a short leash if Southampton have a bad start too. Think all the newly promoted sides will sit with their managers until at least Xmas. OGS will probably survive to the end of the season and then be gone as there are rarely top quality managers available during a season. Our getting Brendan during the season was a total master stroke!!

  6. 22 minutes ago, Foxxed said:

    I wonder where this release clause comes from then. If he does have that, then newcastle were happy to sell him anyway?

    He's got 0.36 goals a match. And 0.06 assists a match. He seemed to be scoring more and assisting less than normal last season. Not amazing but better than ours last season.

    Wouldn’t worry too much about the 0.06 assists per match last season. Let’s face it his options to pass when in attack for Newcastle were pretty awful or non existent!!

  7. For me this a very shrewd signing. He’s going to get significantly quicker service in our side than he got with Newcastle. Maddison and Tielemans will benefit from having him moving around across the front and Vardy will get more space. Getting a twelve goal second striker who is familiar with the pace of the Prem , thus takes the risk out of signing a player from a foreign league or the championship is good business especially when it’s important that we get Europe qualification this coming season to keep this young and talented side together. 

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  8. 41 minutes ago, mikey54 said:

    I remember a night match down at Filbo - possibly 1967/1968. Rodney Fern was through one on one with the keeper, took the ball to one side and slid the ball towards the empty net, turned to celebrate but the ball got stuck short

    Sadly I remember that moment all too well! At the time I was about eleven and on the front rail at the Filbo end right behind the goal. Still an agonizing memory?

  9. 2 hours ago, AjcW said:

    Issue with Birmingham is the entirety of that transfer fee will go to paying off their debts and restrictions by the football league.


    That means they can't replace him and given the fact they're genuinely in a chance for the play offs... won't sell. A PL payday would be much better long term business sense than a quick fix sale that would see them plummet down the league. 


    At a push I could see us signing now and loaning back, just to guarantee no one nabs him if he carries on this form. Only other option would be if we had someone to offer them, but we don't so I think we're a bit stuck on this one.


    Majority of the above has come straight from Monk via Alan Nixon on twitter. 

    We do have someone to offer...... Nacho. Send him to them on loan for the rest of the season. Then it’s a win win for both parties. They get a $25m ( cue laughter) striker who desperately needs games to get his mojo back and we get a 22 year old understudy for Vards who can also play alongside him. Would be very interesting to see both Vards and Adams running Prem defenses ragged.

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  10. Looks very good to me. I like how physical he is, seems to be able to push around championship defenders. Really like his ability to get a step on defenders with a quick burst of pace. That quality is something that Nacho has zero ability at. He also   Has pretty good close control and ability to change direction in contested spaces and a very short backswing on his shots. At 22 and clearly improving year on year and possibly available for 12m and a local lad, very little downside here. Think he would be perfect for us.

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  11. Think Danny would be worth another year, solid defender and clearly he loves the club. We may find him useful late in games  from now to the end of the season ( and next year) to help close out games when we have a lead. Next season I think we are going to be very good and possibly in the Europa league as well and Danny would get some game time for sure. It’s all going to come down to him taking a pay cut and Claude’s opinion in the end. This probably will go down to the end of the season unless Fulham really make a move for him.

  12. This is just the type of player we should be signing. Clearly has a ton of talent and currently priced at a number where there is little downside. Looks capable of being ready for our first team with a year out on loan to get adjusted to the speed and physicality of the Prem.  We could have gotten Ziyech for this kind of money two years ago.

  13. Wolf has not gotten worse since last year, what has changed is the inclusion of Mendy next to him. We now win the ball a lot because these two work excellently together defensively. The problem is we are getting a lot of opportunities for quick transition and now a lot of the time Will is getting the chance to make that transition pass and this is where he is woeful. He just cannot weigh a pass or shot at all. If anything we should try playing Madison a little deeper so he can collect a short pass from Wilfred or Mendy as he has the ability to pick a pass. When you look at us defensively in games over the last eight games we are pretty good at dictating the play in I our half . It’s when we try to break forward when we shoot ourselves in the foot.  Spuds did a good job breaking ON US by waiting for our inevitable wayward pass in the middle of the park. Problem is if we move Madison a bit deeper we expose our lack of forward options. I don’t think Puel is stupid, we just have an unbalanced squad. The only weird thing is that with Evans Maguire and Wes and Soyunco we have the personnel to try 3 at the back and give ourselves more opportunities to get another player forward against weaker sides but Puel seems not willing to do this. I think we squandered a few points not doing this in our recent run of draws. All in all 9th is not bad in a transition year, it could be a lot worse.

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