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  1. Kasper your a class act. Tried reading your message to my wife over the phone today as we were on opposite sides of the Island. Was a mess within the first paragraph, totally choked up. Thank you for your heartfelt words.
  2. For Annie and I Vichai’s greatest achievement was the example he set as a person. Kind, generous and humble, he has left an indelible mark in the hearts of everyone associated with our beloved football club. Our deepest condolences to his family and the families of the others who died. Vichai you will live on in all our hearts, you will never be forgotten.
  3. Here’s the pic. Still figuring how to add this to the profile.
  4. Just put our new profile photo up. Taken in Madrid. My wife’s favorite photo with Vichai. So sad, such a generous and humble man. We’ve shed many a tear in the past 24 hours.
  5. Just devastated by this, just awful news.
  6. At the rate Maddison is going we are not going to miss Mahrez as much as we thought. I like the balance Maddison, Vards and Nacho gives us in attack.
  7. Puel played a way too aggressive side today. Ricardo is not ready to be a fullback in this league. He’s a good wingback though. Harry looked a step off the pace after two international games. Morgan is just not going to work out this season. Get Soyuncu in the team and play Armartey at right back. Away from home leave out Grey and Ghezzal, start Albrighton and we will be more compact and will be OK. Maddison is going to have to be our creative threat along with Ricardo down the right. We have the players, it’s just Puel needs to understand that we are not able to play as wide open away from ho
  8. If Puel thinks Soyuncu is ready he has to start. Wes has been just about OK defensively but when he has the ball at his feet he slows us down horribly when we transition from defense to attack. We need another central defender who is comfortable in transition like Maguire. For Puels style to fully gel we need Soyuncu starting it as simple as that. It will also help Perriera at right back if Soyuncu’s mobility and comfort in possession is next to him. If it’s not Bournemouth it has to be Huddersfield at home where the new defensive era starts.
  9. I commented on his tendency to release the ball late when we signed him. He got away with this in the championship but got a lot of heavy challenges as a result. In the Prem he is going to have to learn on the job to be just a little quicker in moving the ball on. The fact he looks very much at home at this level at his age and after just four starts is pretty amazing and he will no doubt in my mind get better very quickly. With regards to Puel pulling him off early in games I think he is doing a good job of protecting him at this early stage in his Prem career. He’s a bit lightweight at this
  10. Either way this game is going to cause me pain. Cannot really get myself up for wishing for a Spuds victory , but the thought of seeing Moaninho get thoroughly stuffed at Old Trafford leaves me with no easy choice here. Cmon yee spuds !!!! I feel ill already.
  11. The golden rule for survival in the Prem is a solid defense and a forward who will give you 12 to15 goals. Cardiff, Huddersfield, Southampton, Newcastle, West Ham, and Burnley are all leaking goals ( Cardiff not yet, but you can see it’s coming) and only West Ham (with Arnautovic) have a forward who is capable of getting close to that number of goals and they perhaps have the weakest defense because Pelegríni has never been in a relegation dogfight and from the way he is setting up that team he is way too wide open. What are the odds of fat Sam being back there by Xmas? I think Arnautovic migh
  12. Thanks Leo your crucial goals and performances in the great escape and the title winning season will never be forgotten. I will now keep an eye out for Pachuca’s results and maybe catch you playing on a televised game Liga MX game out here on Maui. Wishing you all the best for you and your family.
  13. Maddison looks like he is going to settle in the Prem quite comfortably. Perriera is a tidy player and does not give the ball away cheaply. Gray actually worked very hard on both sides of the ball. Inheacho lacks the pace to go by defenders at this level. Chilwell show promise but until he can pick a pass in the final third or deliver a decent cross, it all just window dressing. Vardy should have started that game and been pulled off on the hour rather than coming on with 30 mins to go. Armartey is turning into a bomb scare. Let’s get Soyuncu in the side pronto. Kasper looks sharp and motivate
  14. His contribution in the title winning season was vital! Like many of us I will never forget the relief I felt when he swept home the late goal against Norwich , scored that nerve jangling equalizer from the spot against West Ham and then the sound of the roar in the stadium when you headed in the second against Swansea. Unforgettable Leo, you will always be a legend in the story of LCFC. On top of that you are a great guy from all I have heard and seen. I remember late after the Athletico game in Madrid watching you taking the time for chats with people before you left the stadium. Wishin
  15. Remember walking into a building supply store on Maui and spotting an English guy who is a mad gooner fan just before the Sunderaland game at the start of the season. He asked me how I thought Ranieri would do. I said I really didn’t have a clue but that somehow we had learnt how to win in our “great escape” and that if we came out with the same attitude from the start we would really be dangerous. He laughed at me in that usual big club fan way we all know and predicted Arsenal we’re going to win the League!! Little did we know. Was in England for the Swansea game in the run in and will
  16. When I saw Maddison’s highlight reel the first thing I said was that he has to learnt to release the ball sooner as he tends to invite contact from opposition players. In the Championship he was heavily fouled and ended up injured. In the Prem he will get killed if he continues to play the way he does and he will be out injured a lot. He’s a bit cocky, which is not a bad thing but he needs to wise up and learn to protect himself by staying away from unnecessary contact. This kid is going to be playing for England by January IF he can stay fit.
  17. Simpson, Wes and Fuchs are done at this level, sad but true. Goodbye Riyad, will never forget the amazing goals and assists you gave us. For me the greatest natural talent to ever play for us and I was on the terraces in the days of Worthington and Weller. Jaime Vardy, we would have been relegated without your leadership from the front this season. The guy is a legend. Bet that dweeb Southgate has him on the bench in the group games and we struggle to get out of the group at the WC. He will probably turn to Vards when it’s too late. Iheanacho ran himself into the ground today and sudd
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