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  1. Seems the obvious thing to do, shouldn’t need much of a discussion.
  2. It isn’t news that the media are generally scumbags, unfortuntely. There are some gems still ofcourse, but they’re rare, most will build you up and smash you down to sell a story, whether it’s true isn’t important. Media is rarely good.
  3. Well devastate anyone we play for quite some time at home I’d imagine, a fortress in Vichai’s honour.
  4. Probably right mate, just hope that being around still isn’t too painful for the family.
  5. I’m hoping his son is as passionate about the club as he was and continues his vision undeterred, foxes never quit.
  6. Hope whoever is in the crash fights hard, fight til the ****ing last.
  7. Anyone got a stream I can watch on my phone? ?
  8. Yes, still amazed we’ve beaten them really, the pride I felt was tremendous! ?
  9. Arsenal are beatable, if we get at them fast and treat it as a cup final we can do it.
  10. I think everyone can agree that Puel is a mastermind at work.
  11. All out attack, last thing they’d ever expect ?
  12. We’ll be lucky to recover our 1m investment if someone is silly enough to buy him come January, that’s for sure.
  13. Lol who knows Wes is against Father Time, Evans shouldn’t be quite yet. The other two lads will come good, don’t worry
  14. Should be a Close hard fought match.
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