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  1. No, I’m a big fan of Puel, I always have been. He’s saved us from a relegation battle and will next season if permitted get us into the top 6. I’m annoyed because Diabate is a superior player to Gray, and Hamza deserves to start this game.
  2. If it worked against Arsenal who you right said usually calve us up, why not here? Spurs are bottlejobs Who’ll have the England team and world cup in mind, Gray is crap, that one baffles me, the experience of Iborra maybe but dropping Diabate is silly.
  3. Justify it, Iborra couldn’t complete half a match last time out.
  4. How can you drop two players that did well? Justify playing Gray over Diabate? Why drop Hamza?
  5. We weren’t playing 10 men at kick off against arsenal either.
  6. this lineup isn’t even a bad one, it’s just senseless, why disrupt success and a good team performance???
  7. Why the **** wouldn’t you continue what we did at Arsenal??
  8. 4-3 win. mouth breather double leg break and spinal fracture.
  9. Burnley will be shredded in Europe though, we were the finest English team in Europe that year, and proper Europe too, not the poor mans Mickey Mouse Europe.
  10. Cockneys are often angry creatures, when we view for example Danny Dyer in his natural habitat, we can observe the putrid language, the evident belief that an accent is a forcefield. The belief an accent keeps them safe, the cockney strut a vital form of defence. Never met one i like. They’re always the ones making the English look like idiots abroad. & on a serious note; Tottenham players domination of the England team is the reason why we won’t win a major tournament in the foreseeable future, they’re incapable of getting over the finish line, they never learnt
  11. My rage that day is regionally famous.
  12. I agree totally, I’d also like another look at Big Darnell. If we spend in the right areas, sell the right players, promote and play the right players and allow Puel to steady the ship in his vision we’ll consistently challenge for top 6.
  13. Doesn’t matter who he takes, if he continues the trend of starting a majority of the first 11 as spurs players we won’t get anywhere in the World Cup.
  14. But I only donate to animal charities, that’s a true story
  15. All I see is a begging advert for orphans outside of Britain during Ramadan? Hmm ?
  16. Puma is shit anyway, I don’t remember seeing anyone anywhere rocking puma anything, not since the 90s. Well, besides a Leicester top ?
  17. I honestly believe Morgan would’ve been binned off and replaced if we didn’t sign Huth, I swear old Robert carried Wes so many times
  18. I’ve teased about binning him off a few times but in honesty he will surely come good. My biggest complaint is his miserable face, if he smiled more I think people would make less assumptions about his attitude.
  19. I’d go through Rebekah, I think that’s the common way.
  20. Even less manly, that’s a sissy habit from the continent
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