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  1. There’s more pressure on Chelsea than there is on us, and their players will have the champions league final in the back of their minds too. Doable, difficult yes, but doable. I’d snap your hand off for a point.
  2. Written himself in to the history books today. A Leicester icon forever now. I’m certain this won’t be his only trophy - he’s absolutely top ****ing drawer.
  3. The big man would want it to be opened on a night like this.
  4. I’ll DM you the next time I’m making a tit of myself in The Station
  5. Your man there looks like him! I am pissed though. Just seen you’re in Guiseley too, I live in Apperley Bridge. Small world!
  6. Were you watching the game with Joe Root?! Love it mate, I was very, very similar!
  7. This is the one we all wanted isn’t it. **** me. What a day.
  8. Wheels off celebrating an offy against the club that gave him his break. Absolutely MasterCard.
  9. Told me to email in too. I’m not that arsed to be honest because I think I’m only going to frame it and I’ve got no inclination to sell it ever. It’s just a bit shit isn’t it, especially when there will undoubtedly be people who collect programmes and who take great pride in them being in mint condition. Little more care and attention and none of this happens.
  10. Are you certain of that? The LiveScore table shows 6th place as going in to the ECL.
  11. Are we guaranteed at least Europa League now? As long as we can’t go in to the European version of the LDV Vans Trophy I’ll open the celebratory Cognac and call it a good do.
  12. OGS and Man United have absolutely conned their way in to second place in this division by the way. I would be absolutely stunned, dumbfounded, amazed if they’re anywhere near the top 3 places next season.
  13. Same weirdos saying sack off the cup final will be the same ones posting in every thread they can if we go a goal down in said final about how we’re a disgrace and we’re bottleless and we don’t deserve to ever win another game ever. I’d make more of a scene about it but I genuinely think it verges on people needing professional help. It’s not natural.
  14. He spits at kids. The blokes credibility is non-existent. Sky might have bent over backwards to get him back in like the slimey bastards they are but it doesn’t change who he is.
  15. Not on gods green earth is actually winning things less important than getting in to the champions league. I’m just not having it I’m sorry.
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