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  1. On what planet do they think there’s any legs in us letting not one, but BOTH of our starting CB’s go in January when it’s likely we’ll be well placed for the top 4, maybe the ****ing league title! Genuinely baffled
  2. ****ing ex decathlete man they’ll be eating like kings with some of the stars she brings back - some of trials will be like one of her old ****ing warm ups
  3. Kardashian’s dad is the bloke who helped OJ avoid jail. Caitlyn Jenner is actually ex 1976 gold medal Olympian Bruce Jenner - but I’m going to stop now because I’m probably going to end up offending somebody talking about somebody who used to be a man and is now a woman because I don’t know how to broach the subject correctly if I’m honest. Edit - but he/she was married to Kim K’s mum...mental I know. FWIW I think this looks the best series in ages. They’ve pulled it out the bag with some of these bookings.
  4. This is dull...so... If you took Chilwell and Maddison out of this team and they played for Leicester, and Leicester played against England in a one off friendly...how many goals would Leicester win by?
  5. I’d end up inside for GBH if I went to him and it’d have nothing to do with Harry Kane
  6. The irrational hatred I have of Harry Kane isn’t normal. Does anybody know a therapist
  7. 1. These are absolutely terrible 2. Chilly’s having a right game 3. TAA is deffo being told to not overlap
  8. I used to love watching Ashley Cole play. He made playing fullback look easy.
  9. I was going to try and make a joke about Sterling not even being on the bench but I just can’t be arsed
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