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  1. Manini

    2020 deathlist

    Ah man that’s well sad, I really liked Kobe
  2. My mum calls them a Pikelet and she’s Ibstock through and through.
  3. Yep trip to Hillsborough would be my choice. Cov at home also a good shout if they get through. Probably be Spurs away.
  4. Love being in the cups still. Adds so much more to the season when there’s more competitive games being played. I think we’ll end up with an all premier league fixture next round at home. Although I’d like Wednesday away.
  5. Yorkshire folk call cobs all manner of things. Bread cake, barmcake and my favourite, tea cake the most popular (tea cake to me has raisins in and you toast it). Amount of times I’ve been in Greggs or the chippy or something and ask for a chip/bacon Cob and just been looked at like I’ve pissed on their kids. I say jitty, these up here say snicket (wtf?) or Ginnel (this is more Manc though). They call a croggy a backy up here, which is apt because it would appear, by some of their language, that they are all ****ing backwards anyway. hahaha, read it above but yeah, how Leicester is “Ooooooya!” Fairly sure the only two places I’ve heard me duck used are Ibstock and Coalville. Don’t hear it in town as regular.
  6. What in the utter living **** is this?
  7. To be honest, I hate him (I’ll make no bones about it), but I thought Stringer conducted himself well during the tragedy in the main. I can’t say I agree with people being nominated for awards off the back of terrible situations like this though. That seems like some Black Mirror shit to me. It’s certainly not the ****ing moment of the year either it was ****ing awful - obviously!!!
  8. Didn’t really know where else to put this but I’ve just watched some videos back on my Instagram of our “Leicester Leicester Leicester!” back at Anfield last season when we earned a hard earned point, H Mag with the goal, with the players walking towards the away section. What a ****ing club man.
  9. Will our share of the TV money go up because of this or is that already divvy’d out at the start of the season based on the deal and the fact each club has to have a minimum amount of games on the telly? I’ve never looked in to it properly in the prem but know Leeds do well with TV money each year in the championship because they’re on every week.
  10. Manini


    I must be living in a parallel universe this is absolutely excellent I genuinely hope we say no and tell them to **** off
  11. The Versace show is great - the American Crime story series has been really good so far with that and the OJ Simpson one. There’s a 3rd coming out about the Impeachment of Bill Clinton as well which should be good.
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