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  1. The only rational, reasonable, logical explanation mate.
  2. Anybody else had a really weird (mild-ish) headache for about a week? Quite a few people discussing this on twitter saying it could be something to do with record high pressure in the atmosphere. Others think it’s due to 5g (lol). The rest reckon it’s COVID It started in the right side of my head like behind my right eye and then it transitioned over to the left side as the week went on. Weird man.
  3. Hahaha why has he got that on?! What a geezer.
  4. Remember those ****ing weird sock tie things the players used to wear for like a season with the players name and number on? I’ve got a signed pair of his. Honestly I think they go down categorically as the worst piece of football memorabilia anybody has ever owned.
  5. Well I mean I told everyone it was because of Jordan Stewart....
  6. I used to wear my socks over my knees on Sunday mornings at football because of Jordan Stewart. Beckford is a bit harsh too, I’ve seen him mentioned. He came across as a bit of a bellend who never really wanted to be here but he scored some good goals. Hatty against Forest too so that raises his stock a bit.
  7. Liverpool scousers are sound IMO. Everton fans are proper bitter bastards. Liverpool’s fan base is ruined by the millions that couldn’t even point to where liverpool is on a map and the scousers know that as well I think when you speak to them.
  8. Watched that. Watching it back and taking the nerves out of it it was a great game of football to watch
  9. Manini

    Corona Virus

    You don’t die, necessarily, from the virus itself though do you (genuine question I don’t know)? It’s the onset of other issues that the virus causes that is causing deaths isn’t it? Things which would be known to medical professionals. That could be a possible answer to why it wasn’t spotted in early stages. This is obviously pure speculation I do understand not everyone will agree with what I mentioned earlier on it’s just what I think.
  10. Manini

    Corona Virus

    Hospitals are always somewhat under the cosh to be fair mate. I just don’t buy that those two people in York were the first two in the UK considering this was probably around in about November in China and the huge numbers of people who travel from the UK to China and back (as well as Italy), with a Christmas period in the middle of it too with people going home to see family members. It just doesn’t add up that it got here when it supposedly did. Also, think how many people could have died at home from this illness without ever really realising that’s what it was? My mum and dad were both debilitatingly unwell at the end of Jan. same for my partners grandad. Who knows what that was.
  11. Manini

    Corona Virus

    Good question. Don’t think it’s the 50% that Oxford have mentioned, but I reckon close to a few million. Still nothing in the grand scheme of things though if that is to be the case so should have re-phrased my other post. Even if it’s 6 million people (just picked a number at random) that’s still nothing really, so yeah...long way to go.
  12. Manini

    Corona Virus

    I 100% reckon that a huge proportion of the population has had the virus and it’s been in circulation in the uk well before it was first reported as being here.
  13. Went back to watch Bulletproof that was on Sky One with Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters. Pretty good, quite funny in places too.
  14. Congrats dude. We exchanged contracts last Friday. It’s a great feeling (even if it is a bit bittersweet when there’s a pandemic literally ****ing the whole world )
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