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  1. Sorry for ruining your very serious thread. Have a good evening HPF.
  2. **** me remind me not to try and have a laugh in future
  3. Until it’s mathematically impossible, keep your eye on them. It’s the City way mate!
  4. I’m getting worried about Fulham and West Brom tbqh.
  5. I would be amazed if we shut them out given they can’t seem to hit a barn door at the minute. Well Leicester, that.
  6. Brendan said after the game on Sunday “we just need to find a way” through this injury crisis. Make no mistake about it he knows the dire situation we’re in from a playing squad perspective, he will be buzzing his tits off with a point tonight. It’s going to be an absolute shit show performance wise the next few weeks I think but the aim is just accumulate as many points as we can to try and keep some sort of momentum going and keep the points ticking over. It’s not going to be pretty but it could literally define the season.
  7. I do often have to pinch myself that Youri Tielemans plays for Leicester. The bloke is an absolute phenomenon. I’m surprised he can still walk let alone run our midfield single handed with the minutes he’s played.
  8. In my mind we had games in between those but thanks for keeping me honest. Good stat that.
  9. Have we lost back to back league games this season?
  10. I think so too. Especially going a goal down in the first 5 mins.
  11. Not going to sit there and say it’s good enough because it isn’t really. But...I think it was probably pretty important we didn’t lose that from a mental point of view.
  12. Kasper’s best season for us this I reckon. I can pick 4/5 saves of the season so far.
  13. Too right mate. If we can’t beat these then top 4 is the least of our worries I’m afraid.
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