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  1. When Curry’s delivered the washer dryer (mentioned above) the delivery men dropped it out the van. Luckily my mrs brother who’s house we had it delivered to has a ring door bell so caught them in the act - will check this weekend to see if it’s damaged and if it is that will be be going straight over to them.
  2. Got a 50 inch Samsung 4K UHD smart TV for £390, that’s about the best I could muster. Also got a washer dryer from Curry’s, no idea if that was in Black Friday sales or not to be honest, it said it had money off but still bleeding expensive (moving house I’m not just one of these weirdos who waits for this day every year to buy all the electrical items).
  3. Has anybody ever watched any of Simon Wilson’s stuff?
  4. Still nothing tops “don’t start with me, don’t you ****ing start with me”, as the Lino is stood 5 yards away from him, petrified to say another word
  5. He’s really good isn’t he? We might have done it again.
  6. I’ll enjoy that. I love a last minute goal. First half was wank. Second half good. We’ll be absolutely fine when we have our full strength team back and we keep them fit.
  7. And if you didn’t know, Syston is in fact, In Charnwood
  8. Vardy is right for me but I’d have kept Under and Barnes on
  9. How the **** is that a booking it’s a class header?!
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