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  1. How many months until this one gets sacked then, lads?
  2. So many questionable characters in this game. McGoldrick, Grabban, Madine, Colback. Literally all wankers
  3. Yep, that’ll be Sky. Spend a ton a month for the package, only get half the coverage
  4. Why is the goal keepers size so relevant? Stop mentioning it
  5. Mate just give it a ****ing rest. Rivalry exists, especially in football. You just enjoy what you want to enjoy and let everybody else enjoy what they want to enjoy. If people want to stick the boot in to other teams, that’s fine, it’s just part of modern football. They’re not hurting anyone. Live and let bastard live for Christ sake
  6. Already said but I’ll be buying the pink shirt. It’s boss. Stick a PSG badge on that and you’d see every youth and his dog wearing that on every highstreet in the UK. I’d have preferred the home shirt to have the Adidas stripes where they are on the away one, on the side panels and in white. Other than that, yeah they’re nice, classy premier league designs.
  7. Is that home shirt not very similar to Chelsea’s when they won the Europa League?
  8. I think the pink one is 👌🏻 definitely getting one of those for 6 a side
  9. You and I both know it doesn’t work like that, does it
  10. It’s a positive thing, mate. VAR isn’t the problem, it’s the dumb ****ers who are in control of it that’s the issue. It’ll take them about a decade but they’ll work out the best way to use it eventually
  11. “VAR ruins the beautiful game. It kills the drama”
  12. Certain sense of irony that Liverpool have been “re-awarded” a goal via VAR (and he was onside) considering how many offside goals they’ve shithoused to win games this season
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