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  1. This is like when I found out kinowe Soori was Wooki’s dad based on it being an anagram of Wooki Senior. Needed a brandy and a lie down after that one let me tell ya! @Stadt
  2. FIFA’s decision not to take any of our official teams to the WC tells you everything you need to know about what they think of our refs. Yet they get the easiest ride imaginable here. They’re only ****ing themselves, patting each other on the back and refusing to criticise each other after they all make consistent howlers every week. It’s a ****ing shambles and I have absolutely zero respect or sympathy for the *****.
  3. The table from NYD is pretty unforgivable really. We have played some really crap football in 2020 haven’t we. I know it’s going to be our 2nd best season ever probably but without CL football it will all feel so flat which tells it’s own story.
  4. That social media intern’s being told to clear his desk as we speak
  5. Thought better of Roy Keane. I thought if there was one person who might blow the whistle on this bag of shit house of cards it might be him, but his comments at HT showed that he’s just on the take as well. Drink this in lads because you’re watching history unfold here. The day that everyone realised the whole system was rotten from the top down.
  6. Thought you were saying he wasn’t from far away from macc my mistake
  7. I’m not sure Sunderland is that close to Macclesfield to be fair mate. But he’s still useless
  8. No he doesn’t but he’s still a useless fat ****
  9. Notice how sky have started showing the replay from the furthest angle away from it? They’re ****ing complicit
  10. Is this some kind of joke? Fernandes jumps in to the defender?! That is conclusive enough for me to finally 100% believe something dodgy is going on.
  11. I’d quite like both teams to lose here. Ffs.
  12. Forgot she existed but yes she is very nice. She was prime 2012-13 season sauce.
  13. Bit of an upset today! He played well did Joyce.
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