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  1. Glad we’re seemingly playing hard ball - unless they front they cash which they both definitely have he won’t be going anywhere. Lovely stuff.
  2. Manini


    Yeah I’ve heard the stories. I didn’t mean to de-rail another thread in to talking about Spurs, I just couldn’t take it any longer i had to say something!
  3. Manini


    I think a few have a distaste for them based on historical stuff, relating to the cup final (99 was it?) - I don’t actually have a problem with the hatred. I hate certain teams which are nowhere near us geographically. I think some people like to shout the loudest about how much they hate them though, which is by the by, it’s annoying but meh, public forum isn’t It, say what you like and what not (within reason!). Its just that phrase. It irks me - it winds me up no end and I must see it about 5 times a day when scrolling through various threads. Spuds man. ****ing spuds, it makes me angry typing it
  4. Manini


    I die a little bit inside every time I read “verminous spuds” on this forum.
  5. Can’t bring myself to wear fake merch, sorry. I bought a Hugo Boss top from Turkey once, nobody else could tell it was fake, it was a really good copy.....but I knew. Needless to say I binned it. I know ill get shit here for being a materialistic arsehole, but I like spending my money on branded stuff, I just do, I like the quality of it. I’ve nothing against people who want to buy copied stuff, it’s just not for me personally.
  6. Manini


    IMO Everton are a “greater” club than both Man City and Chelsea - definitely historically.
  7. Manini

    James Justin

    We’re in business lads
  8. We deserve some credit for how well we’ve fought back here, we’ve suffocated the Aussies in to making mistakes. This pitch is brilliant though. Id rather have something that’s bitty like this for the bowlers, where the batsman has to work hard for runs than an absolute dead flat road. Proper contest between bat and ball.
  9. “If Rafa goes we go” - let’s see if they actually boycott now
  10. Scoreboard pressure. Tough chasing low scores and the pitch slowed up a lot. I’m not that worried it’s a blip. Still think England will win it, but NZ and Aus look handy
  11. Big learning curve for Hamza tonight. Good news for us, I’d rather he makes his mistakes playing for the 21s than us
  12. Shows how much Martin Tyler knows then, he’s just been explaining it after that pen saying it’s come in to force. I’d trust you over him any day of the week
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