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  1. Manini

    Season Ticket

    You’re on an internet, Leicester city dedicated, football forum....if there’s one thing that we all have too much of it’s time....
  2. Manini

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Not like something to be taken too far on FT
  3. Manini

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    I don’t like Spurs (will admit they’re decent to watch) I don’t like many of their players (bar a couple) I don’t like Potch opinions are like arseholes and all that mate. It’s okay for people not to like a certain team, I agree it goes a bit far on here sometimes but so be it. Spurs have done well tonight, fair play to them they did what they had to do and that should see them through.
  4. Manini

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Good win for Spurs, can’t wait for the DVD to come out.
  5. Manini

    Season Ticket

    Yeah they’ll probably have that knocked up by early June to be fair, reckon you might get one dunno though. sorry...you’ll probably go on a waiting list if there is one mate you’ll do well to get one next year though unless renewals are really really low.
  6. Manini

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Do love seeing United get beat. Gutted Agent Jose got the sack he was doing a fine job.
  7. To a certain extent, back then, it was. Its not exactly like nowadays where every single team gets a relatively big share of advertising fees and TV money. Nobody in the top flight is short of a few quid are they, really.
  8. I don’t think it is. But then again it might be a sub-conscious thing, they are in a pretty envious position at the moment. Dunno just don’t like them really, don’t particularly like any other midlands club to be honest.
  9. Don’t know really, it’s slightly irrational I think, but there’s just something I don’t like about him. To be honest mate you’re talking to somebody who is a fan of Warnock so that tells you everything you need to know about my views and opinions. Must be eyeing a big win tonight? I think if you carry on your run of form you’ll cement 7th in no time. Worked out well in the end that all your experienced players seemed to find their feet all at the same time. I thought you’d do well this year, you had a fairly average start which I wasn’t expecting, but it seems like it’s been duck to water stuff ever since. You’ve got some hugely talented players though it’s some team when you pick it apart on paper.
  10. I like Chilwell. Seems like a fairly normal lad. Interesting that he got ‘shoved’ in at a Left-Back. They say all the best LB’s (and RB’s) are just failed wingers don’t they (no idea if he was a winger?)
  11. They’re a good side and they play some lovely stuff, but, and it’s a sentiment shared by a lot of people I speak to, I find Wolves and In particular Nuno really unlikeable. Sorry @The Bear Hope you win tonight mind I can’t stick Newcastle.
  12. Whatever you say @FIF - I’d say compared to most on here I’m quite the optimist. I think we’ve got some cracking young and old players I just don’t think Gray is very good.
  13. Manini

    Worst Starting XI

    Harry Kane sod off the lad was about 20 and Pearson, in his infinite wisdom, decided to lump him on the left ****ing wing!!
  14. I never fully appreciated how good Mahrez was until I realised I had to watch Dimi Gray plod up and down the wing pretending he’s able to play at a decent level every week.
  15. Manini

    first city game

    Weirdly, I can’t remember much about my first game. I know we were sat in the Double Decker and it was freezing. I’d been to loads of family night football with my dad before and I remember the atmosphere being really different. First proper game I can remember was Preston at the walkers the season we went up as runners up. I remember them having a flag they were passing around in the away end and I said to my dad they look confident. They won 2-1 I think. Great thread by the way some great stories in here. There is genuinely nothing better on this earth than going the match to watch your home town team just confirmed by my dad (no idea why I’ve not asked him before) - Derby, 23rd Feb 2002.