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  1. Zidane makes that pass and it’s played around the globe on repeat for years. It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen a Leicester player do it was inch, centre meter, perfect.
  2. We know how much confidence can affect this team. We could do with carrying the momentum forward. A winning mentality will be healthy across the football club. Sensible team selection will do me.
  3. That’s brought back memories of school. Got that every day, obviously!
  4. Will moan actually, Kasper was incredibly average tonight. Even for his standards his distribution was wank.
  5. Justin was always going to have a rough ride tonight. Marking wood for the first goal was just basic stuff. He will learn. He can’t do anything about his size wood was always going to bully him. If we get a CB in before next week we can give Man City a game. We line up with that back 4 again and we’ll ship no end. Not moaning though. Enjoyed tonight. Pleased for Brendan and the lads. We look very exciting going forward. Tielemans is magic, Praet was awesome. Mendy solid enough. Castagne is just quality. Barnes was nice and direct again. Good stuff.
  6. They’ve completely and utterly paggered JJ tonight. Hopefully it’s a lesson for him because it needs to be.
  7. Just when we needed it! This is what the top teams ****ing do, what a goal.
  8. We’re going to piss this away here if we’re not careful
  9. They’re far too big for us to deal with up front. We’ve got no answers to it.
  10. They’re completely all over us in the air and have been all night. It’s going to be a dog fight now.
  11. It’s slightly pissing me off we’ve completely forgotten how to pass the football in the middle of the park in transitions.
  12. Mendy’s passing has just started to get a bit sloppy.
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