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  1. As long as you enjoyed yourself, in that moment when Morgan’s header went in, who really cares? Why is everybody in this day and age so caught up on what every ****er else is doing?
  2. I thought we were bad for nicking songs from other supporters but Mansfield are just taking the piss here
  3. Stumbled across a bloke on YouTube called Blue Van Man, city fan I think, reviews beers and ciders etc and it’s cheered me right up somebody on here must know him. Told a story about getting an onion cob from a burger van at Forest years ago and I about spat my coffee out.
  4. Get the players to pick their positions out of a hat. Maddison in Goal. Wes up front and Danny Ward on the left wing.
  5. I’ve thought for years that he’s on the verge of doing something absolutely mental, probably breaking out in to a racist tirade about Paul Pogba on live TV. He’s genuinely like a character from Black Mirror sometimes I think he’s a bit of a caracature of himself.
  6. Brendan’s taking us to Europe
  7. My dad was telling me the other day, he was at this game. Said to his mate, ey up, we’ve got extra time here - to which his mate replied “I couldn’t give a ****, I’m piss wet through”
  8. I’m not watching but I bet it’s that come on Burnley one
  9. Is calling him McGuire an Inside joke that I’ve missed or what? Because it’s giving me an aneurism.
  10. It’s an interesting post. And in my opinion, it’s because nobody, of sound mind, actually wants to do it professionally. I did lads football for a bit when I was 17/18 and even that was horrendous. I mean yeah they might be the best we’ve got, but it’s a small pool of people to choose from who actually want to do it as a profession. If you wanted to be a professional ref, I think you could, if you started early enough and applied yourself to do well - through promotion across the referee levels etc. It isn’t a closed shop.
  11. Where shall we start.... I mean I’d like to know what counts as a goal scoring chance by the way. It felt like, for a large part of this season, we created absolutely nothing so it is a hard stat to believe.
  12. It’s a bit of a nothing stat though isn’t it really? If nobodies finishing those chances then it becomes a bit of a nonentity. I know that isn’t directly his fault. I think some of the criticism of Maddison this season has been unfair and I think he’s a very good player, but I think Southgate was just about right to leave him out this time. He’ll get his chance.
  13. You’re on the wind up. You must be. I genuinely can’t think of a single referee, in the Premier League, who can be described as anything anywhere near good. They’re all absolutely atrocious and the bloody FA know it, which is why they never come under any criticism from them or their mates at the PGMOL or whatever it’s called and also why they’re not obligated to give interviews after the game such as the players and the managers. Some of the decisions they make are...they’re just mind boggling.
  14. Ah man, I was struggling with this thinking that it wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I’ve watched the last 3 episodes tonight and I’ve been in absolute tears at some of the scenes, absolutely hilarious.
  15. Big game Saturday. Sheff United like going to ER as well if my memory isn’t on the piss. Towns going to be an absolute Shit show from 5pm Friday onwards, love it. Can’t wait to see them come up.
  16. Thought Liverpool might do well tonight. Bayern are past it in Europe at the mo. Don’t look like the force they once were. Famous last words
  17. No steady on Izz. Come on mate you don’t mean that.
  18. Maddison is more deserving of a call up than Maguire. IMO.
  19. “Pass it ****ing forward Maddison you shit spiceboy willy puller!!!!!!!”
  20. Won’t happen though will it, unfortunately. It’s quite clearly jobs for the boys and as you say they’re untouchable. You only have to look at the has been referees that come on to Sky Sports or BT at the weekend, every decision the refs make is correct in their eyes, they’re not going to call their mates out live on national telly are they. The whole set up is a complete farce from top to bottom.
  21. Genuinely cannot stand Mike Dean. He’s everything that’s wrong with modern referees. All about me me me and I wouldn’t mind, if he was any good, but he is and always has been one of the worst about.
  22. Son’s goal in the FA Cup replay a few years ago looked a very good goal from the corner of the kop. Nalis...no words needed. Bristol Rovers also went 1-0 up against us with an absolute screamer back in the old days, I always remember that goal well.
  23. Who’s going to win it this year then? Massive opportunity for somebody with some of the teams left in it. I personally like Barca for it this season, but I think Man City might throw the kitchen sink at it too. I can see Liverpool beating Bayern tomorrow but then thinking again once the title race starts getting a bit more tangible for them. It’s going to be interesting once we know the full picture. One of Atleti or Juve will be fancying it as well, whoever progresses.
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