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    It’s not the fact it’s rugby. It’s the fact that it’s to watch a Leicester team
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    Painfully small world I think on this occasion, but I think I know who you’re talking about. Devastating news for his family and friends, I’m in agony for them. Thank you to everybody who’s contributed to this thread for making sure that we, as males (and females) have a safe place to share our thoughts and feelings because stuff like this makes you ****ing realise. It’s certainly not perfect, and there will be plenty suffering, no doubt, but even if just one person reads through this thread or posts in here to share something or take the weight off their shoulders and they get some advice that really helps them then this place has done it’s job. Mental health really doesn’t discriminate, but we as fellers really need to stick together and talk as male suicide stats are frightening to be honest. It’s okay not to be okay and this thread makes me realise how lucky we all are to have the support that we do on this forum. I’m proud to be part of the FT community and this thread in general.
  3. I mean anywhere past LFE going out of town is basically the set of The Hills Have Eyes so I’m not surprised by this. Thats where im from by the way i’m allowed to say it! Definitly a trend between what what I would call the “younger” posters and “older” posters on this pink kit though. I’m not surprised if I’m honest. Times change. I mean all you old ****ers made sure we left the EU behind so you can at least let us have a pink football kit and enjoy it, right? Antother joke before anyone starts.
  4. “The foxes still would have finished above Warnock’s blades in 2nd and 3rd place respectively had a 10 point deduction taken place” Well...if that doesn’t just about say it all I don’t know what does **** me sideways
  5. I don’t know if it is or isn’t....but if that is him, this is the best thread in the history of FT and that’s coming from a strong “my mates the ref tonight” ultra.
  6. It’s the reach arounds you need to be careful of FFS @Wolfox!!
  7. I think this post has given me an aneurism
  8. We knew this anyway didn’t we? Do we reckon Adidas tell us what kits we’re having, or the club get to choose from a sample?
  9. Pink shirt is lovely. That’ll be seen a lot around town, you’ll have lads just wearing that casually, like you see with PSG shirts now. I tend not to pay full whack for our shirts but I’ll be buying one of those.
  10. I don’t think it’s necessarily people dismissing him. A lot of it is for the prices being quoted. I also don’t for one second reckon we wouldn’t miss him, we would, we’d be weaker without him, but sometimes you have to play backwards to go forwards and with that sort of money cashed in for him you could add serious quality. So it’s 6 and two 3’s in essence. I hope we keep him, but if the club decided to take a pragmatic approach I wouldn’t hound them for it.
  11. Came in to see if Chernobyl is worth a go...that’s that answered. Its overtaken Blue Planet as the No 1 rated TV series on IMDB
  12. My case is pretty much rested here I think I’d never heard this before but yes, of course that’s how it works. its total bollocks mate I’m creasing up just thinking about it. It’s SUCH a hard industry to get in to you’ll know yourself. **** me I’ve wasted so much of my time debating something that’s so irrelevant in here, I’m learning more about myself than anything i think
  13. Same. DW. And i I could probably translate hyrogliphocs faster than I could write shorthand now tbh. I was always Bob at it.
  14. I didn’t watch it. I was about 15 and pissed up in my mates garden at a house party....I remember that vividly actually and always remember connecting the two as well actually. So you’re right actually
  15. The only thing i properly remember about him being manager is the pies. A totally forgettable appointment
  16. You’re in great shape dude good on ya! So coming to the end of my first week trying my best at Keto. I’m a fan. First two days were tough because I just felt like Shit, so I properly upped my fats and it’s helped loads. More energised and not feeling hungry at all. Ive also lost about 6lb in water weight too which I think is always a good sign that something’s happening. Once you get that out the way you start seeing small noticeable differences, in my experience anyway! I do feel like im eating the same things though, especially at lunchtimes because I buy it at work and can’t really think of anything different when I’m rushing around tesco’s or Marks’. @Suzie the Fox I know this will defeat the object of it completely, but what’s the score with booze?
  17. “It turned out to be the BEST hire I EVER made”
  18. This I will reply to. You’ve missed the point I was making. Arsenal Fan TV was set up by that guy, it’s his creation, he can set whatever agenda he wants, he owns it, whether he makes money from it or not. He has license to say what he likes, he’s (for a long time) funded it by himself. Stringer works for the BBC, which is paid for by the general public, under an institution that has served the public of the UK and Leicestershire for donkeys. It isn’t his show, he’s there to bring us the information from the game and ask the questions we want answers to not the ones he wants answers to. He has the duty to provide a service to the general public who pay his wages. (if the license fee/general public/gov’mnt doesn’t pay for the BBC radio, again, I’m going to look a right **** I did try and research this but I couldn’t find any info)
  19. “Today I HIRED somebody with NO experience....”
  20. I felt like a right **** saying I had that so I’m glad you’ve bailed me out there If you read my other replies you’ll see my overall thoughts in answer to your post I suppose. It’s getting a bit weird now, especially considering the bloke has clearly joined the forum to covertly defend himself. The mind boggles. Doing anything with your degree? Where did you go? What’s your shorthand WPM speed @Gamble92?
  21. A Ton or so I think, plus a days pay from work too, you don’t have to take it as AL or anything.
  22. Would it be unpopular of me to say that this would be bigger than Cambiasso?
  23. Talking about this at work and we wonder if he’s had some inside info that the CL ban is very likely
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