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  1. You know it’s coming when Liam Fray appears out of nowhere with his stool and acoustic guitar mid set.
  2. I’m sure the Courteeners sang a song about him
  3. Yeah 100% I was the same I thought we’d come up and really surprise a few and be comfy. Similar to Leeds now I suppose. It looked for a lot of that season that we were going to finish rock bottom. The only exception I can remember are probably Wolves but that wasn’t a normal championship winning team....still didn’t break 100 points like us though.
  4. I think a lot of good championship teams fans overestimate the ability of their team. You see it no end, and I think we were the same on here when we first came back up again. Make absolutely no mistake our full 1st XI takes Brentford to the cleaners 9 games out of 10 in most circumstances and I’m comfortable in saying that. At the minute though the circumstances aren’t quite normal and we probably will make a few changes so it’ll be closer than we’d like I think, but we should still be winning.
  5. Why on Earth would you try and take a free kick in that position quickly Harry Kane?
  6. It’s quite scary how many times Friend had to watch that to be sure though isn’t it.
  7. That’s a ****ing red I’m sorry. Luke Shaw should be walking and I’ve got absolutely no idea what Fernandes is moaning about the little wank-shaft
  8. Nice to see neither Sheff United and Newcastle are playing with a midfield tonight. Just completely non-existent. Good game so far though.
  9. Love Sol. I borrowed one of my mates season tickets to go and watch Leeds Wolves about 4/5 years ago at Elland Road because he couldn’t go and Sol scored one of the most ridiculous goals I’ve ever seen a defender score. I was sat right behind the goal and when I say postage stamp I mean postage stamp. Always seemed like a top bloke hope he beats this.
  10. Got to the post about us writing the debt off for the stadium and ****ed it off. Boring.
  11. https://www.sportsshoes.com/product/mer1881/merrell-thermo-snowdrift-walking-boots/#sku-mer1881 They were the ones I got. They’re out of stock on sports shoes now but there’s loads of other similar ones on there or you can get those exact ones from elsewhere.
  12. Oh **** off Alan Shearer what on Earth are you wearing?!
  13. The absolute star of this show is Dion Dublin. Have you ever heard a man as happy him to just be out the house?
  14. Twice he’s absolutely pelted it in now, for absolutely no reason.
  15. The way he twatted the ball in to the empty net properly pissed me off
  16. “Stairs leading to the bedrooms” comment already from Dion. Great content.
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