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  1. Potentially, or just think better of it, go to the shop for some cans and go home. It doesn’t bother me enough not to go, it’s just not the full experience is it, it’s just if I’m going to the pub it’s likely with the intention I’ll want to visit three or four whilst I’m out, sometimes I’ll get comfy in one and stay there for the evening until I want to go home. Can’t really do that having to book, but anyway, 1st world problems. I’m glad they’re open, I’m glad they’re selling beer again and I am “booked” for a pub/park bench with a can of white lightening/whatever garden tom
  2. I do dislike the idea of having to book to go to the pub, and it’s also still a bit chilly at the minute to comfortably sit outside by the time I’ve finished work, but I’m glad they’re open and they can trade, for their own sakes more than anything. Being able to meet up with friends and family outside is also nice but it’s still far from normality. I think the 17th May easing will feel like a bigger milestone and will feel a lot more like normal times, similar to last summer.
  3. Me neither as a rule, but for £20 I wasn’t sure I had much to lose, obviously it’s £20 better in my pocket than theirs if they’ve got previous of cocking this up with anybody else though. I might just have a chat with my local garage.
  4. Can I also say that Henry Winter is probably, in my opinion, one of the best football writers about, generally and Leicester speaking, but he does pick and choose his battles sometimes. That strap line is unlike him and it wouldn’t surprise me if his sub-editor has added that in after the copy has been submitted.
  5. Kyle Walker’s sitting in his gaff pissing himself at this coverage. Not once but twice he’s broken lockdown rules. Not sure he’s been categorised as a disgrace (for non-footballing reasons anyway)
  6. Has anybody ever taken their car to Halfords to have the AC cleaned? Something you can trust them with or better off at a garage?
  7. I’d imagine they would be legally obliged to redact it if they’d named players who weren’t actually involved. Maybe not legally obliged but you’d be leaving yourself wide open to being taken to court by the wronged parties surely?
  8. Just realised I’m sat here giving Maddison untold amounts of shit and I’ve still got him as my DP. Mods. Do the honourable thing and get me banned.
  9. WOAH! That’s a class one. Bet he has as well Rick Shiels podcast? Bet he lays up on Par 3’s.
  10. My two penneth on this....he’s a professional footballer for Leicester City. He could play on any course in the county whenever he likes I’d imagine. I’ve had tee times moved in the past to accommodate famous people (admittedly when I’ve paid to go and play nice courses)
  11. Whoever was peddling the story that Rennie was knocking Maddison off please DM me that sounds hilarious
  12. Without going full Gaelic Fox (hope you still read the forum buddy xx) he’s shown today that he understands the good, honest, working public that support this great football club. There’s no other man I’d rather have in charge right now. His head is in exactly the right place, doing what he can with the parts available to him.
  13. Deserves a fair bit of respect for cutting the three dickheads from the squad today. Would have been very easy to brush it under the carpet and pretend nothing happened to make sure our best players were playing, especially re Maddison, but he made the right call. I respect that a lot.
  14. It’ll properly feel like the walls are caving in if we don’t win this. Dreading it.
  15. Just reeks of pure piss taking....like plastering yourself wearing a Derby shirt all over social media whilst playing for one of their provincial rivals. I hope to god for his own sake he grows the **** up soon. As for Perez and Hamza. **** them both off. Barnes and Morgan too?! Ffs. What the **** is going on behind the scenes? A proper kick in the bollocks this is, I’d defend any of these lads on any given weekend but I can’t right now. It’s an utter disgrace.
  16. Lingard deserves a place. Took a fresh challenge and is thriving. Maddison can’t even make sure he’s available for our biggest league game of the season so far. Lingard is known as a nearly 30 year old man child but it’s Maddison that needs to grow the **** up.
  17. Proper gutted. It’s not over yet and we will pick up more points this season yet, but this is just gutting to watch.
  18. I’d do anything for Maddison here, we could really do with him. What a stupid bastard if the rumours are true - they aren’t wired right in Cov.
  19. When did we last get a pen? - just out of interest.
  20. We’ve not had a really horrid run all season and yet we’re still on an absolute knife edge to make top 4. Breaking in to those champions league spots after a 38 game season is without doubt one of the hardest things in football.
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