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  1. Botham gone too? Knew Gower was going but not Botham too. Really makes no sense, their commentators on cricket are by far the best of any sport they cover.
  2. Will this make any more sense in the book?
  3. No, think I bought it just before my now 5 year old was born and subsequently forgot about it.
  4. Found 'The Last of Us' still in its wrapper yesterday hidden away in a cupboard. Can't even remember buying it. Will need to give it a go at some point.
  5. No interest in dishing out any stick to Maguire but I really don't get the great service comment. We had him for two seasons, one decent the other poor and then he left at the earliest opportunity. General indifference is all he deserves.
  6. pds


    Thanks for the responses. Now got it out of him that he spilt a glass of water on them hence why they are not working properly.
  7. pds


    If anyone can help on this it would be much appreciated. Got my son a headset for his ps4 a couple of months back. Was all working fine but over the last few days a weird thing is happening. He can hear the game sounds effects and his mates can hear him. But he can't hear his mates. Presuming it's just broke but would rather check.
  8. pds

    Drunk Stories....

    Ha, wasn't doubting it. Was just thinking it must have been like a breeze block.
  9. pds

    Drunk Stories....

    You had a phone in '92?
  10. You mean the exact same video from the opening post 😄.
  11. pds


    Nick Clegg, Head of communications at Facebook.
  12. Pure class in the middle of the park.
  13. The league Cup tie was at home.
  14. The worst of it is I'm sure we had Hammond on loan first but were still somehow convinced to make it permanent.
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