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  1. pds


    What's the conspiracy?
  2. There's some fantastic young girl players in my son's club. One of them was by far the best player in the team before she got plucked away by a better team. Also watched a friends son in an under 11 final at Holmes Park last week and the opposition had a girl in defence and she was brilliant. If it gives them something to aspire to then surely not a problem.
  3. They're already selling tickets on their site. Seams to be £10 adults, £5 for 65+/Under 21 & Under 18s at £2. Not sure if that will be the same for away fans.
  4. We lost to Rangers in Extra Time didn't we? Unless they did an unspoken about Extra Time in the group match.
  5. Thank god for the red button on BBC. Changed commentary to Five Live. Dublin not miles better though.
  6. Ha. Considering this time last year I didn't really care about the NBA I'm now heavily invested in the Grizzlies. Even stayed up til God knows what hour to watch the draft lottery the other day.
  7. Same ref we had v Chelsea on Sunday. Never been a fan.
  8. Didn't Ince manage Blackburn in the Prem?
  9. Cambridge wasn't it? Thought he was decent for us. Had a good long range shot on him aswell. He got both goals the night we lifted the League One trophy too.
  10. My uncle who died a few years back was always talking about the "Trocky" being young I never really asked or understood what he was referencing. Now I do.
  11. The worst debut I've seen. Ben Mee ran him close.
  12. I was at Stadium MK last Saturday. It was a hundred times clearer than ours.
  13. Yes loved that Wolves game with Roberts. In the days before the internet and endless football on TV I had no idea who he was when we signed him, 90 minutes later he was my new hero.
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