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  1. I agree I can't stand the clappers but was having a conversation with one of the dads at my son's football match. He's not a football fan so has taken his son to several matches at different teams when they've lived in other parts of the country and he wasn't interested. They then took him to Leicester and he loved it and now he wants to go all of the time because he gets the free clapper. Obviously works in catering to the new supporters possibly to the detriment of the old supporters.
  2. Will be my 5 year old son's first ever match. Praying for a better result than we've managed against them in the Premier League.
  3. Still don't. All alcohol is vile!
  4. First time I got drunk was at home during Euro 2000 watching England v Portugal aged 14. Nearly cried when we threw away the lead. First time in pub was The Queen Vic on Southampton Street aged about 15/16. My mate a couple of years old recommended it as it was apparently a rough old pub who had no problem serving under age, don't think it's there any more? Got absolutely smashed and caught the last bus home being sick all over the top deck. Woke up in my front garden at 5am.
  5. Don't know how old you are? Shelbourne in 98/99?
  6. The word unpopular is not generally understood.
  7. Sweet chilli sauce and mayo on everything!
  8. Southampton goal for me. First time I really believed we might win it. Tried to conceal the tears at the end of the match at the enormity of it all!
  9. Diabate hasn't scored at home yet!
  10. He said at the KP not the BP.
  11. Kyle Naughton bagged a couple of crackers. Not the best but then most of those have already been mentioned.
  12. Nearest I could find but Premier League only. https://www.11v11.com/teams/leicester-city/tab/stats/option/scorers/
  13. Keller is always mentioned as one of the best which I find quite bizarre. Granted I loved him and he made some brilliant saves but he made errors on a pretty frequent basis.
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