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  1. 133, missed two former Leicester players.
  2. Mike Whitlow's left foot was superb. Mahrez obviously the best left footed player.
  3. Managed to nip in and get two. Understand the parking around there is not great, any suggestions?
  4. My youngest is nearly 6. He comes in every night without fail any time from 11pm to 3am in his sleep. If we put him back he fully wakes up and screams and subsequently wakes my oldest up. I've resorted to just swapping into his bed when he comes in.
  5. Brilliant player. One of my first favourites. Still love watching his goal against Cambridge in the play-offs. Grayson forced his way into the area before it broke Thompson who slotted it in. The celebrations you can see were fantastic.
  6. Manchester not count any more?
  7. Simmons was class. Remember loving Michael Kasprowicz too although not sure he had a massive impact.
  8. They're selling them in the club shop for £50.
  9. He joined in July. Looking on the transfer section of this site it seems Nol Solano was the first signing of the 10s.
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