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  1. Only within your own bubble.
  2. Think we've identified the reason for the spike in cases.
  3. pds

    Antonee Robinson

    He was on his way to Milan in January before it fell through at the last minute.
  4. pds


    Fish makes me heave. 🤮
  5. pds


    No idea on the best but the best name is surely 'The Batter of Bosworth'
  6. Mind maybe gone blank but who was this geezer bouncing around on our bench?
  7. Very impressed when he came on although hardly the most testing opponent. Looks like he adds a bit of strength and toughness to the defence which is sometimes lacking.
  8. Despite the recent hysteria we've had a pretty good season as much as I feel annoyed with the lead we've thrown away over the chasing pack. Already secured our 2nd best ever points return in the Premier League after the title season obviously.
  9. Who's the co-commentator on Sky? The worst commentary voice I've ever heard and want stop talking about Palace.
  10. Jesus 😂. Next time I find an interesting stat I'll run it past you to check it's validity.
  11. Used to love this as a kid 😂
  12. I've become addicted to World of Warships having never played it before Monday.
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