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  1. Traffic. Left St Ives at 09:30 this morning. Only arrived home at 6pm.
  2. First game was 89 although I barely remember it. First game I remember clearly was the Oxford 1-0 in 91 and Tony James who lived just around the corner from me.
  3. Is there one out/coming out for last season?
  4. My 6 year old (then 5) loved it, but then he is a massive fan. Get to do changing rooms, refs room, media rooms, walk down the tunnel etc with plenty of time for photos. I believe they are updating the tours this season to allow you to wander more freely. In fact I'm sure I read it on here.
  5. Same here. Also the same for another double barrelled player we had recently.
  6. Cheers, wasn't loading the seating plan but sorted now.
  7. Have Burton seating tickets sold on? I can only see the option for standing.
  8. No flapping from me. As you can see from my points tally I don't manage many aways at all, I was purely interested after logging on to the new system and seeing the points actually showing as being manually removed.
  9. Mine is showing as linked to my mum and son's account so it should.
  10. I emailed this morning as I seemingly lost 157 over night. She confirmed it was the new system and they can see that I now have 207 points (inc this season's Season Ticket) and the online system will reflect this shortly.
  11. What is happening with priority points? I had 157 at the end of last season, have just looked on the new site now and it says 157 were removed manually yesterday and then 50 were granted?
  12. I really recommend - Quickly Kevin; Will He Score? A podcast about 90s football. Really interesting and funny with some decent guests. Never been a fan of Josh Widdicombe but he's really good on this.
  13. Apart from 1996-2002