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  1. pds

    Coronation Street

    He's desperate for the Rover to Return.
  2. pds

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Remember having a look at the Huddersfield forum after their play off final win and they were discussing potential signings. Most were dead against making his move permanent as he was generally considered a donkey before his play off heroics.
  3. pds

    Ex-Leicester City player news

    Is he not managing anymore?
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 80/100 My Time 74 seconds  
  5. pds

    Jordan Lukaku

    Doesn't sound the brightest. In December 2014, Jordan Lukaku was charged with speeding and had his driving license revoked for fifteen days, as well as, being fined €600. The following month, his closest friend, Junior Malanda, was killed in a car crash. Three months later, he was charged with the same offence and was banned from driving for a year. He was given a final warning and told that if he did it again, he would be jailed. The following year, he was charged with the same offence for the third time and was banned from driving for fifteen months.
  6. pds

    Changing Energy Suppliers

    All done, cheers.
  7. pds

    Changing Energy Suppliers

    Cheers, done that although my latest figures are from April so a lot more usage then. Now saying I'd save £9 a month.
  8. pds

    Changing Energy Suppliers

    I didn't put any usage details in. Just clicked the link. Put in my postcode and that it was a house and it came out with the quote, then the next screen was asking for my bank details to complete the switch.
  9. pds

    Changing Energy Suppliers

    Just on it now, have never changed suppliers before, very lazy. They are quoting me about £20 per month less than eon. Where do they get their figure from?
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 77 seconds  
  11. He mentioned something along the lines of us being very close to our best ever football memory. As desperate as I am for England to win this, it would come nowhere near what we achieved a couple of years ago in terms of importance.
  12. I was 4 during Italia 90 and it is one of my very first football memories. My youngest is now 4 and has several development issues. He can't speak very well and I'd never heard him sing until a couple of weeks ago. He has no real interest in the football but every time he hears Three Lions he stands up and tries to sing along with it. That alone has been one of the most incredible moments for me during this World Cup.
  13. pds

    Anyone fancy a bargain?!?!?!?

    Don't worry, I don't take offence to anything on here.
  14. pds

    Anyone fancy a bargain?!?!?!?

    Yeah, he wanted the white one but he'll have to accept yellow.
  15. pds

    Anyone fancy a bargain?!?!?!?

    But still a good deal if you were going to buy one anyway. My son has been asking for one and was going to pick one up to take on holiday with us.