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  1. Few rumours Okazaki might be off to Malaga.
  2. During a kick about on holiday earlier this week my 8 year old suddenly stopped and asked me what a minge was. 😲. Pretended I didn't hear him and smashed the ball past him into the top corner.
  3. Couldn't see any sign of Schmeichel or Chilwell getiing offf the coach. They injured?
  4. Jon Culshaw? The worst of the lot.
  5. Yeah my two boys have been wearing theirs. Many comments from fellow City fans.
  6. So bored of this. The most over-hyped player we have ever had. Really couldn't care less if he left.
  7. He had less than 60 followers when I first saw the article.
  8. Our best player? He's not even in the top 5!
  9. pds

    League One

    Always makes me laugh that we lost more matches in our League One (4) & Championship (6) winning seasons than we did in our Premier League (3) winning season.
  10. pds

    League One

    I took a mid-week afternoon off work to go to Prenton Park to watch us be destroyed 2-0 by Tranmere and Bas Savage in particular, followed two weeks later by being outplayed by Peterborough in another 0-2 defeat. Loved the season as a whole though.
  11. Think Wiki only shows league appearances. Sure he came on at home to Villa in the League Cup but could be wrong.
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