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  1. Checking the history section it says Chelsea was last and before that West Ham?
  2. Only Leicester

    My dad still moans about this on average 3 times a month.
  3. He got sent off at West Ham the only time I went to Upton Park. Dire game and a 1-0 loss.
  4. Ex-Leicester City player news

    My one slight memory of Welsh is him running the whole length of the pitch with the ball before blazing over from about 5 yards out. Sure we signed him on loan twice too. Great times.
  5. I'm not gonna be around to check answers now so the 6 are. Emile Heskey (94/95) Sam McMahon Richard Cresswell Jordan Stewart Tommy Wright Leo Ulloa
  6. None of the above, I only remembered 3 of them, had to Google the rest to see how many there had been..
  7. Ulloa is correct. Oakes not
  8. Name 3 of the 6 players who have been assigned the squad number 23 during our seasons in the Premier League.
  9. Schalke Caen Le Havre Mainz
  10. Where to go on the piss in Leicester

    Identical to our routine circa 2003. Occasionally nipped into the Goose where it was 5 VK's for £5.
  11. 90+ Leicester Goals

    Fosse Gold 😂
  12. Russell Hoult. I have to go out now so someone else ask a question.