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  1. Labour by 6%
  2. Patrik Berger absolutely destroyed us in the 96/97 season at Filbert Street. We were doing well up until half time but then he came on and tore us apart. Think it was one of his earliest games for Liverpool and was massively impressive.
  3. Can see Ulloa going back to Brighton in the summer.
  4. Not sure if this is an issue with my phone or if there is a setting within the forum I have accidentally changed. Whenever I used to click on a thread it used to take me directly to the first unread post in the topic. Now for the last few weeks every time I click on a thread it takes me to latest post for a split second before jumping to the top of the page. Driving me insane.
  5. Slide Away & Don't Go Away are the two best in my opinion. Love Don't Look Back in Anger but detest Wonderwall.
  6. This is brilliant thanks. Used to watch 91/92 and 95/96 regularly as a kid.
  7. It works and i'd definitely recommend it! Watch a vouple of youtube videos on how much pressure to put into flushing the water in. I had 2 weeks of ear problems solved in minutes.
  8. I was similar before Christmas. Really depressing. In the end just used the dropper that comes with Otex and flushed warm water with high pressure into my ear and eventually about a pound of wax flew out of each ear! Disgusting but satisfying!
  9. Served Muzzy, Dickov, Gary Mcallister Iain Hume and .... Paddy McCarthy during my teenage years in retail. All nice and friendly. Played in the same school team as Conrad Logan, Levi Porter and Tomi Petrescu. All decent too.
  10. Network marketing or whatever shite it is called. I can't seem to go anywhere or log onto Facebook these days with out seeing people trying to sell "weight loss coffee" or "amazing whitening toothpaste" It's like a cult for the incredibly stupid.
  11. My dad pronounces many names wrong. Fuchs is Futch Ulloa is Youjowla Le Tissier is Le Tissler Ranieri is Ranary Infuriating.
  12. Well you didn't get Porter as he never scored in the Premier League for us.
  13. I forgot: Wood, Oldfield, Schlupp, Amartey, Sinclair and Hignett.