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  1. Currently in year 2026. Love looking around to see if any new stadiums have been built and who manages who. King Power is now up to 40,650 capacity. Middlesbrough have moved from the already new Riverside to Juninho Paulista Arena! My Exeter team are currently sharing with Bournemouth whilst our new stadium is being built. Bournemouth's new stadium recently built is boringly called Bournemouth Park. Jamie Vardy is manager of Sunderland having previously been sacked by both Preston & Brentford.
  2. Yeah strange one. Never really cemented a place in Division One (Championship) but did really well in the Premier League in 94/95 considering how bad we were.
  3. Whitlow and Grayson were brilliant for us during the 96/97 season especially. Never got much praise, Grayson widely derided for a large portion of the time he was here.
  4. pds

    Ordering a takeaway

    Decided to bite the bullet and order an Indian, was halfway through choosing after about 10 minutes of the kids changing their minds several times. All of a sudden the page disappeared and it now says restaurant closed. Chicken nuggets in the oven 😂
  5. Anyone still doing it? I've not had one for well over a month but was craving a pizza tonight. Didn't do it as I feel too wary but wondered if anyone was still using them as usual.
  6. One of my first games with my dad as a five year old. We were also in the Double Decker. Great memories.
  7. Is there anyway of carrying on a game on a different laptop. Bought a new one cos the battery on this one's about had it but want to carry on my save.
  8. Didn't think it could get worse than Martin Bain in the first series but then you get Charlie Methven.
  9. Methven is horrendous. Stewart Donald's voice is identical to Gervais
  10. Loved Taylor. That 95/96 promotion season he was brilliant.
  11. Yoghurt mint sauce goes with everything from the chippy!
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