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  1. I've lived a very sheltered life with regards to film and TV. Was never really interested growing up. As such I've just watched a very good film for the first time on Netflix. Goodfellas. Recommend it 😄
  2. Just finished it. Remember reading all about it at that time but very interesting documentary.
  3. My son's school changed to an Academy in his first year. It's shit. All the nice old staff have gone and we never know what teacher he is having from day to day. My oldest class has designated teacher but they seem to mix and match every week who they have. Half the time it just seems to be random parents getting admin jobs and somehow being in charge of classes The turnover of staff is a joke. 5 left at Christmas. It is rated good by Ofsted but not sure how. I'd move them in a heartbeat but they don't want to because of their friends.
  4. Someone please get me an adult and under 14 so I don't have to go on my own! 😂 It won't let me buy any more because I got myself a single one on previous sale!
  5. Sky Sports News has always been terrible but it is reaching new levels recently. Anthony Costa from Blue on earlier to discuss potential Tottenham transfers, Regular segments for the bellend brothers Kaveh Solhekol & Dharmesh Sheth and the pure existence of Jim White!
  6. First Football Manager/ Champ manager I've not bought since 1999.
  7. Was my post two above not good enough
  8. George Thomas on his way to join the Pardew/Powell party at Ado Den Haag.
  9. Just say the under 16 was poorly at the last minute so you came with the elderly relative. I've done this before, a couple of seasons ago admittedly and it was true.
  10. Managed to get one, unfortunately didn't drop down another level to get my son one. Going to a match on my own for the first time aged 34
  11. Only about 15 years too late but finally watched The Thick of It. Watched every episode in the last week and now I am yearning for more even though it finished about 7 years ago.
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