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  1. Take it you won't be applying for this then 🤮🤮 The absolute pits. I'm tempted just so I can go.rogue and hold up a sign saying Kaveh's a c**t.
  2. With most commentators that probably means your talking shite.
  3. Josh Eppiah signed a new 3 year contract and gone on loan to Leuven.
  4. Wasn't planning on doing so but just been told that in order for my son to continue playing for his football team it needs to be done.
  5. Indirect link. Remember that match well.
  6. Schools opened at the end of August here.
  7. What is the rule for the rest of Leicestershire at the minute regarding going into other people's houses? I've lost track of where we are at the moment.
  8. Well that's not fair! Got as far as getting it into my basket but then can't complete the transaction.
  9. Well logged on to Argos at 6am and they'd sold out 😩
  10. Match of the tournament already!
  11. Not for me but my son. I wouldn't bother at all but it's all him and his mates have been talking about for months 😂. Couple of them already got theirs pre-ordered.
  12. Any idea what time Argos pre-orders are likely to go live? Registered my interest on their site months ago. As I did with game to be fair but never heard a thing from them.
  13. Red Star Belgrade drop into Europa?
  14. Absolutely love this song despite being released 25 years before I was born. Maybe because my Dad used to play it but I could listen to it anytime. Also love the Travelling Wilburys version.
  15. Just watched the last episode. Cringe worthy TV and I'm not talking about Bennett's defending. Kane's baby gender reveal video conference 🤮 Team dressing room photo to celebrate coming 6th ala Arsenal 2015. And Levy comes across as an absolute weirdo.
  16. "C'mon, big balls, big balls. But don't scratch your balls" Followed by Harry Kane "Let's go, ****in ell c'mon"
  17. It's a good watch I think. Dele an absolute simpleton and there was another player I didn't recognise who kept popping up with the odd comment on a par with him too. Alfie White man, about 5th choice 'keeper.
  18. Absolute bollocks. Fair play to them sticking to their guns as we would expect to do if it was us.
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