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  1. 3 episodes into season 3 and I'm bored of it. Not sure I'll carry on.
  2. Pretty stressful at the minute. Son has another chest infection and 2 previous times he has had one it has led on to pneumonia. (Incidentally this very date in 2015 & 2016). He's been struggling for weeks now. He improves so we take him back school and then he is just wiped out again. His attendance records is terrible for the last month. Really not sure what to do for the best.
  3. The match that everyone talks about from our title winning season, I have literally no recollection of it happening or the aftermath of it. My son went into hospital that morning with pneumonia. He came out the morning of the defeat to Arsenal.
  4. Judging by my current watch rate I'm sure I will sometime in 2031.
  5. Was it where Stoughton Farm Park used to be?
  6. After catching up with the very modern film Goodfellas a couple of weeks back I decided to start watching an equally up to date programme for the first time - Breaking Bad. First series watched - enjoying it.
  7. Jeremy Corbyn's fault IIRC 🙄
  8. Seems legitimately is the new go to word for my 9 year old. Everything is "legitimately the best thing ever,".
  9. Not sure putting them in the Spanish league system would have made it better.
  10. Been in power for 11 years but it's still somehow Labour's fault.
  11. pds

    Corona Virus

    Yeah soon as I read that.
  12. Whatever happened to @Midlands yellow. Recall him telling us they were gonna tear it up.
  13. pds

    Corona Virus

    Was thinking that. Can't get my mouth anywhere near my elbow!
  14. Not worth waving any flags til the planet is free of ***** like Farage, Widdicombe and Francois.
  15. Entered the original one. Got tickets for Match 7 at Wembley but couldn't afford them at the time so didn't buy. Then the draw was made and it's England V Croatia.
  16. Full of flu and barely slept and hardly got the energy but looking forward to going.
  17. George Thomas as above. Didn't Schmeichel have a loan spell there?
  18. Granted only a pre-season friendly but he played very well away to Cheltenham in the summer.
  19. Just took a weeks free trial for PS Now and then cancelled it immediately so I don't have to pay at the end of the trial. Not had a chance to look at the games as my oldest is playing Fortnite but what are the best games on there?
  20. They're chasing automatic promotion and have Forest in the league on Tuesday.
  21. Our goal difference pretty much adds another point.
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