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  1. Shame really, Out of all of the teams in the league that I wouldn't mind upsetting the apple cart they are the one I don't mind. (Other than us of course)
  2. Southampton's form has fallen off a bit hasn't it? Hadn't really been paying attention but as it stands they are 11th. Doesn't seem five minutes since they were top.
  3. I think it's just the haphazard way it's being rolled out which is causing paranoia that they may have been missed. I now know of 6 under 70s with no health issues that have have either had the jab or are booked in for it. My parents both mid 70s and my Dad shielding for the last 10 months have heard nothing, all in Leicester.
  4. Given the subject matter I'm hesitant to call it a good watch 😂, but it is compelling and definitely worth watching.
  5. He was only here for about 6 weeks. Like Megson come to think of it!
  6. I'd have taken Worthington over Gary Megson any day of the week. Also, infinitely better than the caretaker dream team duo we had for four matches, Dave Bassett with Howard Wilkinson.
  7. Matthew McConaughey's son in a Leicester shirt on the news last year?
  8. I get that but we saw the couple one side going out walking with their Grandkids (allowed?) at lunch and the couple on the other side going out walking their dog.
  9. Just to add I haven't got it and we've seen the next door neighbours on both sides going out and about today.
  10. Mrs just had a notification from the app advising she's been in close contact with someone who has Covid. She hasn't been out of the house for 10 days other than in the back garden 🙄
  11. Nope, Henderson was in goal for that. Hirschfeld had left around 18 months before that.
  12. Terry Fenwick. I think every player that ever played in that kit is ingrained in my memory. Learnt to read by looking at the match day programmes from 1990-92.
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