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  1. No surprise to see Alberto Costa right up there near the top 🤮
  2. Watching the AFL Grand Final on BT from Brisbane. Crowd of 30,000. Sitting together, no masks. Jealous.
  3. Got a message shortly after saying no risk so no need to do anything. However, my Mrs doesn't trust it and has cancelled our weekend plans and wants us to isolate. She's ****ing mental. She can isolate on her own.
  4. Ah would be handy to know where it was. Bit useless that.
  5. Just had a notification from the app saying I've been close to someone who has tested positive. Is there any way to find out the location where the exposure was?
  6. Agreed, pretty sure there was a thread about one of the good refs in the Champions League.
  7. Anyone struggling to get a test just click on the 'check symptoms' part of the Covid App. Mark the ones you have and it comes up allowing you to book a test.
  8. Wonder why they were heading back to towards town through Narborough at that time.
  9. Don't think they want to leave. Their two full team coaches have just gone past me in Narborough heading back towards the city.
  10. What's with the referees double whistle every time?
  11. Nothing paranormal as such but had many instances of bizarre deja vu as a kid. Many places we went I'd never been before and I knew where everything was and could describe the inside of buildings, certain rooms etc. Went to Wales when I was about 7 having never been there before and we were driving down some country road and I asked them if we could stop at the pub further on down the road to play on the big green slide in the garden. Sure enough there it was 5 minutes further down the road. Don't believe in 'ghosts/spirits' particularly but my Dad believes
  12. Just had to nip to the club shop and decided to pick up the Europa League match programme for tomorrow. Just noticed Glen Driscoll is no longer listed under the staff. Is this an error or has he also been let go?
  13. I guess so, was thinking Iversen and Eppiah aren't on there. But realised they are both over 21.
  14. Isn't it a bit weird Sowah is included on our squad list? Is that normal protocol or incase we decide to recall him in January?
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