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  1. When were taps invented? 1880 for anyone interested.
  2. Stood behind Tom Meighan in the shop yesterday (fyi he wasn't wearing a mask). He was ranting to the shopkeeper about Scotland saying what a shit hole it is. No idea why, unfortunately I missed the beginning of the conversation which led to the rant.
  3. He was the record for almost 18 months until Frank Sinclair. (Courtesy of the brilliant history section of this site)
  4. Yeah I sent an email yesterday afternoon, Jim replied saying it would be another few days before it was ready due to printing issues. 20 minutes later I had an email saying it was ready to pick up πŸ˜„
  5. Ha, I was having another moan about the commentators saying it, just happened to coincide with Bryan dropping the F bomb in a live interview. πŸ˜„
  6. Apologies if you're offended by the language 😴😴😴
  7. Fulham, West Brom & Leeds. The most boring 3 promoted teams ever. 😴
  8. The commentary really is horrendous. The bloke speaks in clichΓ©s. "He's left his calling card" Has been said 3 times tonight.
  9. Anyone ordered this via click and collect and actually heard anything? Ordered and paid for it a week ago today for my son and the confirmation email said to wait for an email advising when to pick up. Have heard nothing since. Would have thought they'd have plenty of stock to not have to wait a week. No skin off my nose but he's getting a bit impatient as he's got football training tonight and wants to wear it. πŸ˜„
  10. Still got the scarf (3) and the glass (14)
  11. The Mrs. Hasn't stepped foot in a shop since the start of the pandemic because she doesn't feel safe, yet happy to send me several times a week for food we really need. Now I'm in the bad books for standing on and breaking her expensive hair straighteners, despite the fact she'd left them on the floor under a pile of clothes as if I'm supposed to know.
  12. What's happened to Ben Turner? Admittedly never a world beater but always looked a competent Championship defender. Only 32 and looks like he's never seen a football before.
  13. Varsity, Parody, Glass House, Life/Creation was the usual route. Circa 02-06
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