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  1. Tragic news, thoughts with you @Webbo. Hope not to be too intrusive but does this person have a surname beginning with H? I've seen several friends post online about how devastated they are to lose their mate. Don't know him myself but he looked young.
  2. £63.60 back from £14, happy with that for another year. Already withdrawn it 😄
  3. Horrible this, the decision not to strengthen in January again looks like its gonna bite us on the ass.
  4. Oh Jesus, it's this commentator. Count how many times the words 'slammed shut' or 'calling card' are said.
  5. 🤣 Maybe I have a slightly misguided trust in fellow City fans.
  6. Can anyone recommend anybody to do a patio area in the garden? Looking for recommendations, always hesitant to just pluck random companies off the Internet.
  7. My cousin's a fitness trainer in South London and he's been mentioning doing something similar. As well as heavily promoting a petition for a statue.
  8. Good post but that's the first time I've heard a 1 yard tap in described as a cracking goal.
  9. Rewatching some Friday Night Dinner after the death of Paul Ritter. Don't get me wrong a lot of the episodes are hit or miss but there are some fantastic ones and Ritter is great in every one of them. Love the Lou Anthony Morris episodes too.
  10. Only ever bet small time for a bit of fun on The Masters. £ each way on Rose, Matsuyama, Reed, Hatton and Simpson so doing OK this far. Let my kids pick a player each, they've gone for Matt Jones and Jim Herman.
  11. 3-0. Good atmosphere, joke of a game and Holloway was a disgrace.
  12. Forgot that. Was a good atmosphere. If I remember rightly we'd have won promotion that day with a win but I think Benjamin equalised for us with about 10 mins to go and we couldn't quite force the winner. Portsmouth lost that day so we went top for a short while.
  13. Have to admit this sprung to mind for me too. Lovely day and nice win. Hereford and Crewe away too from that season.
  14. Mine also went this morning for the 3rd time in recent years, really need to get it seen to. I was getting some old decking up. Barely been able to walk all day. Unfortunately I'd already put up a tent and promised the kids we could sleep in the in the back garden tonight, I'm regretting that now.
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