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  1. I used to despise Tyldesley until they replaced him with Matterface. I'd take anyone over him.
  2. Craig Brown on Sky Sports News last week saying he really believes they'll win it and doesn't think there are many better teams than Scotland on their day.
  3. The people who worked there were really not too clever. Me and my mates used to rent a game out and then replace it with a random demo disc when returning it and it was never once picked up. Pretty scummy behaviour which I'm not proud of now but we managed to get GTA, Pro Evo and a few other games that way.
  4. Loved Bocelli although Nessun Dorma sang by anyone gives me goosebumps. Quite like this U2 song too, don't know what's going on!
  5. Agreed, an absolute rip off. Unfortunately it's between our house and the school so invariably go in there when dropping/picking the kids up.
  6. As above, just Googled it in a rage and it says doesn't include Tesco Express which is what I go to almost exclusively.
  7. Ah I've just read it's not in Tesco Express. That's what is near me that I'm in most days.
  8. I'm serious! I'm in there everyday! Where does it mention you can get things cheaper with one? 🤣
  9. Wait, I have a Clubcard but never see these in store offers?
  10. Grealish will get a red at some point and be blamed for the exit.
  11. If we're accepting condiments? Used to hate both horseradish and BBQ sauce. Now I could happily have either on almost anything.
  12. That was a couple of years ago. Only the trial now.
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