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  1. Same. I had a stage where I got the 'nothing to worry about' notification about 10 times in a two week period. Had nothing since.
  2. Really like the look of him. His passes and crosses or always purposeful. Jesus, just checked his date of birth and he was born 2 weeks after I got with the Mrs. That's depressing.
  3. "ref you said 30 seconds, 40 seconds ago. For fucjs sake"
  4. Yeah probably was, just wasn't sure. Cheers for the video, I must have played about 1000 hours on that game, take me back to age 12!
  5. Premier Manager 98 was a weird one on the PS1. Loads of music, then a random bloke who sounded like Bobby Robson blurting out the following. "We're gonna go through the whole season without losing one match. Anything's possible and we're gonna do it".
  6. Is your squad full or already been submitted?
  7. Slut I did see it in that shop near the market a couple of months ago but doubt there'll be any now. eBay might have a knock off version. Edit: I jokingly meant you not her!
  8. Mentioned here in this interview with King as the hardest player he's played with. Also Pearson as the best dancer 😂 and Schmeichel sounds a nightmare for the staff!
  9. Always thought it'd be more of a shock if he didn't turn to cage fighting.
  10. That was next to my entrance to the stadium. They had the blue seats in the corner and we were in the first batch of orange seats. I have loads of pictures on the pitch after the final match. Bet there's a fair few people from on here in the background. Will have to upload them someday.
  11. They can't help getting involved with Poles.
  12. Plenty of Kangaroos in Australia and the penguins on Phillip Island.
  13. Roberts scored. My only trip to Fratton Park.
  14. Love Slade, Wizzard etc, cheesier the better as far as Christmas songs go imo. Most modern ones tend to be rubbish but I'm not ashamed to admit I do like Kelly Clarkson's Christmas song 'Underneath The Tree'.
  15. Still makes me laugh he was chosen as the act to perform at the opening of Spurs new stadium.
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