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  1. I just watched an old episode of House of Games on Dave, first thought when I saw it was how strange it looked them all sitting so close. Was bizarre.
  2. Only on 398 officially I read as the Community Shield is classed as a friendly. Same as Vardy's goal in that not counting towards his official total for us.
  3. Same, my son chose it with his PS5 and I've set up my own account and find myself playing it every night 😂. Not played COD for years but perfect for a bit of mindless fun. Have to mute the other idiots though.
  4. He drives me mad sometimes and I'm guilty of being over critical of him but thought he was excellent today.
  5. The ever reliable Wiki ^ have him down as a central defender too!
  6. Granted I was only 8 at the time but I remember him playing Centre Back away to Coventry when we lost 4-2.
  7. Surprised to see Micky Galloway on 3 assists. Centre back who only played 5 matches for us!
  8. I don't know where to find previous numbers but this seems massively high today?
  9. Do these commentators realise they don't have to fill every second of airtime with inane drivel? I quite like Ekoku on the rare occasions I've seen him as a pundit he's quite knowledgable, but as a commentator he just never stops. It's like he finds it too awkward to have a few moments silence and his voice is very monotone.
  10. My son asked me what country he was from. When I said he was English he asked why he was speaking foreign 😂.
  11. Delighted van Gerwen out. Just need Price out now.
  12. The one overnight on Braunstone Lane East was only in his 20s too.
  13. Or both born ridiculously premature! Should have been born early February and middle of March.
  14. Yep, and with two kids already worrying about going back to school I could do without the stress of getting them in! Plus it's both of their birthdays next week!
  15. Just shut the schools for a few more weeks.
  16. My son had to go to A & E on Boxing Day night. There was only two people waiting before him to be seen but he still had to wait nearly 3 hours to be seen due to staff shortages.
  17. Well yeah, Jimenez is unlikely to play for a very long time if at all.
  18. I'm due back work in the morning after a couple of weeks off which inevitably leads to me staying up later to try and delay it. I've just started watching The Crown on Netflix which I've previously had no interest in at all. Work in less than 7 hours, about to start episode 3.
  19. https://www.11v11.com/teams/leicester-city/tab/stats/option/scorers/
  20. He was a Liverpool youth player, same as Jack Hobbs whom he loved.
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