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  1. Think he also scored a cross against Doncaster. Didn't take long for Pearson to figure him out on his return.
  2. Just noticed two of our rejects on the bench for WBA. Peltier & Cedric Kipre. No idea how Peltier is at this level. Thought he was dreadful in the Championship 9 years ago!
  3. Is it open to the public at the minute? I've never actually been and not really sure how to access it.
  4. Got lots of happy memories of Belvoir Drive, wandering the ten minute walk to watch us train under Brian Little and playing there several times but this is just amazing. Why do I have tears?
  5. Never been that interested in The Beatles either musically or as people but always liked George Harrison's music. Just recently something seems to have flicked a switch and I can't get enough. Reading, listening etc. Still think Harrison and his songs are the best though.
  6. Love Albrighton. Just consistently consistent. Had a little daydream to myself the other day thinking that if we were to win the league this season who would I want to score the goal to seal it? Decided it would be him. So that's nice.
  7. Makes me laugh. Was so obvious schools are a major issue but they wait until the day after they close before bringing these rules out. Could have just closed them for December.
  8. The podcast has some decent guests with some good stories but Parkin is a dreadful host as is the so called comedian. The ex footballer Chris Brown is alright. Gets tedious after you've listened to a few as Parkin just wants to talk about them going out getting pissed which ain't all that interesting to listen to.
  9. Yep watched and enjoyed both The OA & The Society before realising they have been cancelled.
  10. Inspirational stuff and congratulations mate. Gives me hope that one day I can be on that path. I'm pretty much rock bottom as I have been for a while. I've talked, read, medicated all without success. I'm hoping one day soon I can release myself from this crippling mindset, even if only sparingly.
  11. Yeah he was regularly in the Narborough chippy on a Friday night before a game. I know that because so was I.
  12. Sure it's already been mentioned but if you have Sky Q, the Amazon Video app is now on there so might be useful for some.
  13. Yep at my son's school several classes been closed as several kids had it and also numerous teachers been off with it.
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