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  1. I was there for that match. Rubbish game to end another decent season. All the Forest fans beforehand seemed to think they were about to poach O'Neill from us. Not sure why they thought he'd drop down a division. Sure it was Pontus Kamark's last match for us too, he got a big send off at the full time whistle.
  2. If we're going to carry on the policy of selling a big money player each season he'd be first on my list out of the door. I like him but he's the most expendable imo.
  3. Jesus Christ. Was feeling particularly stressed, anxious and tense again today. Feeling pretty awful I did something I've never done before and searched up a stress relieving meditation on YouTube and put my earphones in. It was half an hour long and I switched it on with the same cynicism I always have. But, it was bizarre. I remember the first couple of minutes where it was lowering me in to a relaxed state of mind then the next thing it was waking me up. I feel strangely calm and not tense. Like I said never tried anything like it before and this feeling may not
  4. Thanks all. I've woken in a sweat and coughing at 5 this morning. I'm sure I'm just worn down and exhausted but I've had to book a test to be sure, don't want to pass anything on.
  5. We've mentioned moving to my oldest before but he doesn't want to. He has two supposedly good friends but I've noticed a bit of distance between them recently. Without them he has no-one. My youngest, I'd love to move him to a special school to get help but it just seems so difficult. He was under a consultant looking at an autism diagnosis last year but as he improved a bit over a period of 6 months they decided he wasn't and discharged him. I really think he is but now were left in limbo. He was getting help from a teaching assistant, hired to help another young boy but she took
  6. Everything is just so stressful. My two children aged 9 & 6 are really struggling with school. My oldest refused to go in today, he just wouldn't go in. We were there til 10am before we managed to break away and leave him there screaming. He's had problems with some kids being nasty to him in the past without any real resolution. Me and the Mrs arguing cos we differ on how we want to deal with it. I want to have dialogue with the school and try and resolve it that way whilst she's on the verge of confronting everyone and screaming at them. My youngest has developm
  7. Today is the lowest I've ever felt. Not sure I can carry on going like this, or if I want to.
  8. Like this. I got Green Day - American Idiot. Was hoping for something I've not listened to countless times before. Pretty apt at the minute though.
  9. Thanks will give it a try. Does the Twitter link you shared above have badges etc? I'm downloading that as like the lower league stuff.
  10. Just downloading this now. Can anyone link me to a decent download to get all the correct badges etc? Never really bothered before. Now idea how to do it.
  11. No longer watching but sounds like he had a part to play in the third goal too.
  12. It was definitely KDH who took the free kick. I was watching it. The goalscorer also ran straight to him.
  13. Two assists for Dewsbury-Hall so far. Just took a great free kick right into the danger zone for the second.
  14. Forgot this existed. Was a staple song on my iPod years ago.
  15. Love ancestry. Managed to find photos of several old relatives, including two who died in the Battle of the Somme.
  16. Same here. 68% England & Northwest Europe 23% Scotland 7% Norway 2% Ireland Was hoping for something a little more exotic.
  17. Don't particular identify as anything at the moment. The whole country/world feels like a shit show. LCFC is probably the only group I'm happy to be part of.
  18. Remember smashing Oldham and Newcastle in fairly quick succession. Think Oldham was 8-1 and Newcastle 6-1. Oldfield used to score all the time.
  19. Yep if not more. We got there late and had to walk around the pitch to get to a seat in what was usually the away section. My sister tripped and fell and pulled me down with her resulting in large cheers and laughter from the crowd.
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