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  1. Oh god. Not again. Him and Perez should start a support group. Regarding his brief appearance, he looked too desperate to impress. But there’s not been nearly enough game to judge. And most though Ricardo was defensively shakey for about half of his first season.
  2. Didn’t he come through our academy too? I’d be happy for him if he greets us as captain after getting promotion with Reading. Obviously I’d be happy if he does end up here.
  3. Glad the team are supportive. Social media brings out the worst in people and society. Nothing feels better than to lash out and bully without the usual person-to-person condemnation to a lot of angry, angry people.
  4. I had some doubts about his transfer behaviour but he looks an incredible signing and I'm glad we persisted and pull out the stops. He'll be our best defender soon. Ricardo, Fofano, Soyuncu and Castange will be the best defence in the Premier League. Ndidi in front of them seems almost excessive.
  5. He's impressed me, I'm happy he's on the teamsheet, and I wasn't previously a fan, but I agree: I've never seen many burst of energy and speed. He looks like a solid central midfielder rather than a winger.
  6. Not even his best friend Chli could tempt him, from what I hear!
  7. He really looked like he'd kick on under Puel. But Bren really doesn't fancy him. Loan him to St Etienne!
  8. I love how composed he was. I'm really looking forward to seeing a better and better Barnes this season. He could really be an exciting footballer for us and England if he keeps on improving.
  9. Barnes is pretty direct with the keeper tho
  10. The guy we got from Arsenal or someone? I only watched very briefly but I couldn't decide, probably better than most but I didn't look on the same level of Hamza, Barnes, Knight etc was at but then I only watched last year or something. I don't know why he was released tbh.
  11. Still, it’s not like the rest of the midfield was bad. Far from it. It had two England internationals and one Belgian international. I’m putting it down to “Villa were better”. I still concerned we’re not working well as a midfield, which is odd looking at the quality of the players.
  12. He's regressed under Rodgers. I think a loan might do him well.
  13. A midfield of Youri, Mendy, Barnes, Perez, Praet and then later Maddison really should be better than that. Our midfield was largely turgid. Little Wes looked great.
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