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  1. The team's nickname is the foxes, my NT's nickname is the Fennec foxes. Fan of both so it makes sense. The fact that the user name "the fox" was available as late as 2015 is interesting, though.
  2. Cats are possibly the best pets you can have. They are clean animals, they keep to themselves, and best of all, they are low-maintenance. You don't have to worry about them starving or getting stressed o as long as you leave them a door or a window to go out and do their thing.
  3. "Campaigners had urged the court to send him to the US, where he would have faced a harsher punishment than in South Korea." it seems to me that the problem is down to the punishment being light in South Korea. Maybe they should work on that.
  4. I fail to see what's the point of having one group of people shoulder the blame for the actions of their forefathers.
  5. Are Palace defending with 9 players? The only way I can see a goal is from a Palace defensive mistake.
  6. You would think with the 5 subs option and the lack of fans, it would be the best chance for the reserves to be introduced to PL football
  7. Very susceptible to counter attacks. Can't say I like the formation too much.
  8. Genocide and concentration camps against people of a specific ethnic and religious group by the ruling party. A ruling party which is against religion, targeting a specific religion as a start, and was focused on brainwashing the masses Into having absolute loyalty towards the nation and the ruling party. The picture is only missing a small mustache and superiority complex (don't know about the mustache but the superiority complex is highly likely to surface in the future)
  9. Hamza and Marc in for Praet and Perez.
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