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  1. the fox

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Issa joke.
  2. the fox

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    People getting worked up over this. This season gonna usher the era of Gray. This is definitely his season! Absolutely and without a doubt!.................. Hopefully.........Maybe..........Please!!!
  3. the fox

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Me if Reza signs here VS Me if he doesn't.....
  4. the fox

    UK Geography Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 30/100 My Time 111 seconds  
  5. the fox

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    I think the reason people hate her with a passion is the probability that somewhere out there, someone is like her. She was the bane of Walter's life. What really threw me off the rails was the fact that she was accusing Walt of cheating on here just to turn around and not just cheat on him with Ted, but also give him that money that Walter worked and killed for and had stashed and was gonna use to run away. And while I was writing this comment, I've gone and rewatched Walt digging the money out and then absolutely losing it when he didn't find it. And to add insult to injury, She said "I had to do it for the family"
  6. the fox

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    Just seeing the name "Skyler" angers me.
  7. the fox

    Other Clubs Sniffing Around...

    People do realize that the very talented players are using clubs like Leicester, Everton, Southampton...etc as a stepping-stone, right? (case in point, Kante). You're out of your mind if you think young, talented players will come here with a plan to stay for the rest of their career (Or the better part of their career before the club gives them the boot deeming them not good anymore). Even Barca got bullied by PSG so people need to stop with this victim mentality. A lot of people here would look at smaller clubs with a haughty expression written all over their faces, "how dare a championship/league 1 team refuse to make a deal/ask too much". Are people mad at the law of the jungle or the rank on the food chain?. Because people will sure be happy when we bully a team from a lower/worse league.
  8. the fox

    President Trump & the USA

    Starting a war vs North Korea would be a PR nightmare because the world sees the NK people as victims and Kim is the villain who's oppressing his people(which is true). Plus, they have little to gain when controlling the country seeing that the region is sensitive and they would rather keep a low profile there seeing that they already have Japan and SK on their side. They first need to demonize the NK people with a few terrorist attacks here and there but that would take time. They won't start a war with Iran atm for a couple of reasons. Iran is already eyeing up neighboring countries and is ready to take over one of them. The US can't afford offending Iran or they would just go and make an alliance with Russia (talking about Iran here). The US already has KSA and Qatar on their side and the former is already softening Yemen up for the Knight in shining armor to come and save the day (AKA the USA). So Yemen is already down. Oman won't dare speak up or they will get the "treatment". the same goes for UAE. So that area is already under control. Seeing that Israel has a saying in what the US does and is now looking for an "expansion" of their "territory", I would say keep an eye on the north-east parts of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. That's the next target. keep Russia in a safe distance with fake peace talk, gain the favor of Iran and cheer them on in their attempt to invade neighboring countries. fatten Iran, build them up to be the next world villain for the upcoming 5-10 years, use the US influence in India to convince Afghanistan and Pakistan to join the fight against the Frankenstein monster the US built (that's Iran). I won't be surprised if the USA used KSA as a pon to engage Iran and drive them to a war. I may be overzealous in my conspiracy theories but looking at the rich history of the US, I won't put it past them. So, let us see.
  9. the fox

    President Trump & the USA

    Oh boy! The middle east and other 3rd-world countries better watch out because everytime a president of the US starts to lose the backing of his country in recent years, they go and start a war. I give it 6 months.
  10. the fox

    Ahmed Musa

    the first video with the elder collapsing cause of a heart attack. The second animated video with the guy driving a car is the equivalent of someone saying "stop joking, It's not even funny" They are pretty much loving it
  11. the fox

    How much is Maguire worth?

    The good thing about Harry is the fact that he has it all in his toolbox. He's a physical defender who can actually drive the ball forward and he only has to refine his game. The bad thing is, He has mental lapses and goes for risky, low-quality passes when he's far up the field which will lead to teams feasting on the counter-attack.
  12. the fox

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Oh, not this documentary again!
  13. the fox

    Big Club!

    The 2 new big clubs (Man City and PSG) didn't only have money, but also a strategic geographical position. One is in Paris while the other is in Manchester.
  14. the fox

    Big Club!

    The club had a chance to be one but blow it. For all the praise that the owners get for being ruthless, they were soft as sh*t. Since the title-winning season, I had my say about Wes, Marc, Simmo, Drinky, and Shinji. I said they were limited, I said that they will drag us down and I also said that the team was being dragged to a title by 3 of the top-5 performers that season. tbf, the others performed well but only Mahrez, Vards, and Kante could make the starting-11 of the top 6. They management sabotaged the dream by asking too much from Vards and Riyad. They didn't buy an attacking RB For 3 years! 3 BLOODY YEARS! Vards is best when he has the support of Riyad, so, when Riyad is isolated, It not only affect him but also Vardy. Our weaknesses were known but they have chosen to ignore them. Even after Kante left, Why didn't get a proper replacement? Gueye was there for the taking but they bought Mendy.
  15. If Peul is staying, We are getting a Europa league spot or relegated, no in-between.