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  1. How so?
  2. I hope he does great next season, his first touch is not as bad as people are making it out to be. Yes its not great, but nowhere near bad. A player doesn't go from good to bad overnight, I would even give him the next season to adapt because of the bad start of the past one , but I expect him to deliver by march of next year.
  3. No doubt, in the champions league he looked great. His play style (like many said on twitter) is like a mix of riyad and mata, silky Smooth dribbling. But I would rather boudebouz for £12 million.
  4. £60 million! Its funny that you can get boudebouz for less than 1/4 of that price. (And he arguably had the better season)
  5. Poor slimani, he had to become the punching bag.... Wes and huth are injured, Kasper and simo are our top 2 performance, fuchs is liked here, drinky is this forums golden boy, marc is also very liked here, shinji "runs a lot" and vardy no matter how bad he is in a game, a goal or an assist and its all forgiven (unlike slimani! ain't that something). And mahrez, oh well, its like screaming at a person that's just walking away from you, it says more about you than him.
  6. I hate trailers that say nothing, just a rehash of previous seasons.
  7. He just doesn't do enough off the bench that leave you saying "wow! We would be a better side with him instead of Marc/riyad" He has pace, a lot of it! But he needs to work on his game, neither Marc or riyad have the same style as him. If he wants to improve, he should watch videos of this season's zaha.
  8. He led both teams with 6 aerial duels! What are you on about?
  9. Led both teams with 6 aerial duels, assisted the only goal, linked up very good, ran to open space, missed a very hard off balance header in the 83-84 minute mark, could've had another assist if the ref didn't rule vardy's goal out. dropped to midfielder and he hit the ground running. I'm afraid the usual suspects are already preparing for life after mahrez by choosing slim as their new "punching bag"
  10. King will always be with us
  11. Riyad's last game
  12. ??? In a 1-6 defeat, he got the most hate, so how am I imaging things. Deference is, everybody knows that kingy is a limited player, unlike riyad who has great potential and shown what he can do but he is held back because of the tactics.
  13. When it's time to blame someone he gets singled out, but when its time to sing his praises, its a team sport!
  14. Are you now gonna tell me that vardy and riyad didn't put the team on their backs and dragged them to a title (offensively). There is no one creating chances in the team (apart from some Marc moments) How many times did you scream for a ball to riyad when he was alone in the right side but you remember that no one can pick an early pass and by the time it goes from Marc to fuchs to drinky to huth to wes to simo AND then and only then it gets to a doubled riyad with simo and drinky just sitting there and not helping,
  15. I know right, that work rate surly helped them win the leagu....oh wait! They didn't, but Leicester with "lazy" riyad did (and he even won poty.... Ain't that something!)