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  1. As for the Everton game, it depends on James's form and their Midfield. But I can see a 1-0/2-0 win there
  2. nah. I see us losing to Liverpool 3-1/3-2, Drawing United and Losing to Spurs. As for the next 3 games after Liverpool, 7 points at least.
  3. make or break fixture imo. win this and we have 3 winnable games next. 12 points before Everton, Man U, and spurs.
  4. I'm always open to a healthy discussion. I hope the thread is reopened and my ban from posting in the GC is lifted even if it means I'm just allowed to post on the religion thread. People deserve to ask questions and get answers back.
  5. I do. Thanks for asking CF. I will answer as best as I could and hopefully the mods can let this post stay in here. Causality is believing that one thing causes another thing to happen and so on. But the problem is, if we ask (for the sake of argument), "who caused the creator?", let us say that it was caused by creator -1. Than the question becomes, " who caused creator -1", and again for the sake of argument, we answer "creator -2" than the question become who caused "creator -2" and so on. It's an unsolvable problem called infinite regression. If we have a chain of events
  6. It's actually amazing how some posters will go out of their way to get threads deleted because they don't like the topic. They could've just ignored it but I guess seeing other posters were actually asking honest questions and looking for truth got on their nerves. Ben was actually answering multiple people alone and was IMO, respectful. (I would've posted on that thread if I wasn't Banned from GC). Whilst I disagree with his religious views and some of his answers (like what makes God great) (I am a Muslim), we both agree that the creation has a Creator. That's just common sense.
  7. Is my ban from posting in the GC forum permanent? It's been well over 2 weeks.
  8. the short stop between the 2 season proven to be a blight for some teams and a boon for others. the pressure is on for the physios and team doctors. we will see which teams are more well-run
  9. each time i worried about an opponent, the team destroys them so here's for 3-0/4-0 win with a vardy brace
  10. Downloaded the game and played it for a bit. Iirc, I played 3 games, and was the imposter twice. I didn't understand the game that well. All I know is the imposter kills and sabotages and the good guys need to fix the ship and catch him. The game wasn't my cup of tea so I uninstalled it. I don't think kids should be playing those kind of games IMO.
  11. Macron and the French government working hard for so long, spending millions to free a French-born hostage from Mali just to find out that the hostage converted to Islam
  12. I really like the new look of the forum on mobile. There are even a few options added like "add files" and a small writing to highlight when two posts have a substantial time period between them.
  13. I was worried about WBA and Man City pre-match and we batterd them both
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