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  1. When you're just minding your business but FT finds a way to drag you to make fun of you....again! Well, I actually like Izzy and his joke wasn't half bad.
  2. Those are ballon d'or winners, champions league winners, world cup winners, euro winners, copa America winners and been doing it on the highest level for so long, kante still has a long way to go. Call me when he does it on the international stage. Just because you are the best player in a position doesn't mean you should be top 20, you could notice that I didn't put any fullback on the list even tho alaba is a world class player.
  3. Do you think kantè is a top 20 in the world? Is he better than than one of : Messi, Rinaldo, Suarez, bale, neymar, modric, kroos, iniesta, thiago, Vidal, chiellini, neuer, lewa, higuain,Ramos, griezmann, hazard/Sanchez, verratti, Godin, boateng/kun/kdb (/ means "or")
  4. 2 of those 3 can easily be world class, put Kasper in a top 4 team and he will be branded "world class" in no time, same goes for mahrez. But I think vardy's window is a little smaller because of his age You saying that mahrez and Kasper can't be world class is weird.
  5. How does kantè playing good for other teams have anything to do with us. He can go on to be the best player in history for all that I care. We got 1 great season out of him and that's all, the other 3 have more than 10 years combined as city players.
  6. So, we agree on that matter. Good to know that some people here can get their emotions out of the way of a logical judgment.
  7. At least change the title to "European football".
  8. How many years did mahrez, Kasper and vardy serve this club? To say kantè's deal was better than £1.4 million for 41 goals and 17 assists in one season is just outrageous. I don't care how good he is, if we are talking about what he did for this club, Kasper, mahrez and vardy are above him. I know people here will get mad about this, but for me, he is not a club legend. One of the best to ever play in a Leicester shirt?, yes! But for me he isn't a a club legend.
  9. You can't have one without the other, if you can't score goal then you are not an effective striker. An effective player (a la okazaki), maybe! But not an effective striker. They are not everything, but Goals are the most important thing for a striker, end of. What can he do apart from flick-ons? I really want to hear.
  10. 1-The last time ulloa scored a goal was in December of last year, he didn't score any goals in his last 7 appearances The last 3 games, slimani came off the bench and scored against Sunderland and started and scored against Everton while he didn't score against atletico after playing 13 minutes. 2- I like kingy, I like him a lot. A club legend and all and I like him to stay.
  11. Or Kasper + vardy + mahrez for about £3 millions
  12. If only those were counted as real goals. Like actual real goals that actually get you real points and win you games. It's funny that some players are slated for "nearly scoring" while others are praised for doing the exact same thing.
  13. Sad really, but that's what you get when you have disastrous transfer windows, fail to fill the gaps and use an underwhelming replacements to go against stronger opponents.
  14. Why am I seeing "kantè deserved it last season", it was mahrez>vardy>kantè for the poty award I find it funny that people will use "well, the players voted for him" to justify him getting it this season over hazard while overlooking the fact that those same players voted for mahrez. Say all you want about how kantè being hard to replace, but so does a double digit in goals and assists RM and a 24 goals striker. This current team could've had a chance in a top 6 finish. Edit: congrats to n'golo (before some people read too much into it)
  15. Sead is great, but I don't remember him playing LB a lot this season from what I saw (and I saw a lot of schalke games). He is better as a LWB, great pace and physical attributes, built like a tank. I would love him here, but he would choose to go to a bigger club. I would like to try and get one of nastasic, bentaleb, Leon, Ralf fahrmann or howedes from schalke