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  1. Our team has all the tools to be a nightmare against Man City. They are very prone to counterattacks and long balls behind the CBs. Both those things the team can do at a very good level. We should win this 3-1 .
  2. the fox

    2020 deathlist

    Some reports suggests that one of his daughters died also.
  3. Another game in 3 (edit: make that 2) days? Just what a seemingly tired team need😑
  4. Can't believe Liverpool look more fit than us. Weird
  5. We are still in the game but the gloom on this thread is obvious. Watch the team get a goal back
  6. What frustrates me the most is how every stray ball seems to fall on the Liverpool players feet
  7. Plus, he's far too good as a CAM instead of a LW/LM. Even at our worst in the last 3 years, we weren't this exposed. BR will sure be working extra to fix this
  8. King Kasper keeping the team in the game
  9. But even Harvey didn't do too well against man city. The midfield should cover more imo
  10. Keep this 0-0 until the half and we will win this!
  11. i am not taking any party's side but the people have spoken so they should move along, regroup and look forward to the next vote
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