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  1. Fifa should just look at the NBA's way of handling things. Fine players for flopping and OOT acting. Whilst I dislike social media abuse, but we are living in a time where most people including players are self-conscious to their social media image. If you call someone on it, they will tune it down. Players in the NBA and NFL won't hear the end of it if they act in such a way.
  2. the fox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    Contender Conor was entertaining and had some zingers but after all the money and success, he became a parody of himself. A caricature that seems to be playing to the young, easily impressed demography he has obtained over the years. Amazing yet polarising fighter. Just like the greats of the sports. Athletes like Ali, Mike, MJ, Floyd... Etc, his eccentric character split groups in half. A half wants to see him back his trash talk and the other half wants to see him get humiliated but both of the groups will be watching and that's the reason he's the biggest drawl in the history of the Ufc. The man can sell fights. Hopefully he gets dismantled by Khabib next month.
  3. the fox

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    This should be renamed "vent you frustration" thread. Lol LOTR and the Harry Potter movies are decent tbf. A bit over-dramatic and pretentious but decent nevertheless.
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    What's that thing called quiz.

    Zero gotta be some kind of record
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    What's that thing called quiz.

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    LCFC Relegation Quiz

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    Balls. A quiz about them

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    Huddersfield (H)..up next!

    Somebody toucha my spaghet!
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    UFC ...

    Ramzan kadyrov, the People of dagistan, Ziyavudin Magomedov... etc
  12. the fox

    UFC ...

    He did everything he could to get a rise out of Khabib. He disrespected his family, people, father and religion but Khabib did pretty well to calm himself. The only time that I saw him get on Khabib's nerves is the Putin line. What bothered me is the fact that he was giggling and screaming "mur mur" like he didn't roast Chad for doing almost the same thing. Conor is Dana's boss. He makes him money so he wants to protect him. Conor even ended the conference and that should say something about the power he has in the UFC He knew that Conor said a lot of things that would trigger most people but thankfully Khabib didn't lose it. He was setting his eyes to the 6th of October and that's what matters. I genuinely think this card can do 2.5 million buys. It's not just a man vs a man. Now history, politics and religion got mixed up in it. You know people will eat it up.
  13. the fox

    UFC ...

    Conor putting names in his mouth that gonna get his tongue cut. Better upgrade the security. Calling people cowards and talking about that part of Russia and its history will not slide well. He threw everything but the kitchen sink at Khabib and Khabib remained focused. Edit: and he really called Khabib mad and a "backward" person for not drinking. Hhmmm.
  14. the fox

    UFC ...

    DC called JBJ on his PEDs use over and over again. He called him a drug addict and a cheat on interviews and press conferences. That's the benefits of micro-dosing. It's barely detectable and easily hidden if you use other legal drugs to cheat the testing. Ability, record and execution is without a doubt at GOAT level. His only lose is a disqualification. I've never doubted or undermined his ability. I showed my friend how's not an MMA fan many clips and only 1 highlight and one fighter that stuck on his mind. A yoel vs Bobby nuckles highlight video and JBJ. He was even happy when I told him about 2 hours ago that the ban was lifted. Even a non-fan can tell how great of a fighter he is. Which is to add to the disappointment. He's at the right weight class to not just be the PFP GOAT but the GOAT, period! He will make easy work out of everyone. He's amazing to watch but to use an unfair, illegal way to topple over the legacies of people who've put blood, sweat and tears into the sport is just unfair and unfortunate. He can beat people without those things. He even said that he used to party and drink a week before fights and still catching bodies. Sigh. He should've done better. That man got Stockholm syndrome
  15. the fox

    UFC ...

    Lol at Artem saying that Conor can out-grabble Khabib. That man want another slap I see