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  1. Vardy is the undisputed best striker outside the big 6. He has an amazing record against the big clubs and as far as fitting in a team goes, this is his best solution. i think vardy weighs 160 lbs and 150 of it is heart! If he had better link-up play and a higher on-ball IQ, teams would flock to him. He's elite off-ball but you can't depend on him to pull strings which is totaly fine because he more than overcomponsate for it with his work rate. That's just the player he is. He would make a killing for the current chelsea team (which i think he can get in, and maybe arsenal) He passes the eye test with ease. You can throw whatever stat you like and no matter how you slice it, he's a top player.
  2. Stoke (H)..pre match thread.

    Just 1 point in the last 3. This is a must win to get the 7th place back!
  3. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    While capitalism isn't the role-model for "fairness", it rewards initiatives and innovativeness. Plus, a lot of poor people became rich because of it. Not everyone can be rich, if that's the case, there would be no one doing the dirty work because everyone is well off. the irony is, if you give everyone 100 million, the value of the currency will take a nosedive and, some people would do the dirty work for a high fee, which slowly but surly, will make the rich and poor class allover again
  4. Champions League 2017/18

    my criticism for Kante is that he isn't that good against elite technical CMs, today he has Iniesta and Busquets. Prove me wrong, N'golo!
  5. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    but how would you protect your most valuable asset? would you want to provide the same circumstances for people with varying degrees of ability? this isn't a utopia, it's the real world; and the world is harsh. and islam also says "And O my people! Give full measure and weight in justice and reduce not the things that are due to the people, and do not commit mischief in the land, causing corruption". people are equal; their work is not. capitalism is flawed, i'm not arguing against that, not at all. the man sells rotten apples because you would pay the same price for them as you would the fresh ones, so why bother? it's cheaper and makes more profit (this is all a hypothetical scenario mind you) not all people are kind, 90+% of people would rather stack food products in a shelf than do a 16 hour operation.
  6. Technology, Science and the Environment.

    aka "studying a deadly disease so we can make a new biological weapon" or that's just the paranoid in me talking
  7. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    It is faith. I was talking about the "allegedly" part which is just another word for "me". i didn't say that you should believe, i just asked a question and was satisfied with the first part of your reply.
  8. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    No need to go there, buce. I asked nicely.
  9. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    So, is that why you don't believe in god, buce? Is it because the world isn't all sunshine an rainbows? Shit happens. or is it your inability to trust anyone unconditionally other than yourself? if you don't mind me asking, mate. just asking here, not trying to offend you or anything
  10. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    That's just a flawed argument. Might as well pay the guy who sold a hot cup of coffee to the man who just signed a 100 million pound deal the same because he provided a boost to his physical state. Or, just pay the guy who manifactures tires the same as the engineer who made the high-tech engine. So, an hour of your working time is worth the same as a surgeon saving a life or a guy making a cure for cancer? Think it's a pillar of capitalism. Force people to provide better output and they will get a bigger stake. It creates a better product. Just ask yourself, if you had two peoples selling apples, one has amazing apples and the other has old, semi-rotten ones, would you pay the same amount for both? And if you do, what will the guy how's selling those great apples say? "might as well sell rotten apples because it's the same profit anyways". And what does that leave you? whith a batch of bad apples because you didn't reward the guy with the better product.
  11. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    *a schizo sighing in the distance*
  12. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    "Let's all get paid the same" does my head in. The more influx you generate, The bigger slice of the pie you will get. If an employee is generating millions and millions of pounds for the company, the same money that will be used to pay cleaners and maintenance workers. How do you want to pay an employee the same as the other employee who helped pay his salary? It's just simple economics!
  13. another school shooting

    So, let's say the guy has a mental illness, doesn't that mean that even a mentally ill person can get a gun so easily? I don't get this infatuation with heavy guns. what do you need an M4 for? I can get having a Cult or a Glock, even a Shotgun is fine for protaction but what do you need a light assault rifle for? i know if i was gonna get one of those, it's not about "protection" or killing just 1 person.
  14. Thorgen Hazard

    But Weller did. Staying or leaving isn't the point of discussion here, we're talking about handing in a transfer request. Imo, the amount of leeway you get should be equivalent to how good of a footballer you are. If you're worth the headache, you are worth letting somethings slip by.
  15. Oh my bad. For me, as far as that conversation goes, it's about longevity, performance, loyalty, accolades, titles and relationship between fans. and vardy has them all.