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  1. hello by adele!
  2. ikr! they say a spring sneez is the bee's knees. anyways, i would love to have siggy in the team if he was less than 40 million.
  3. nnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! am i getting banned?
  4. well, you are here! so, it's not that high is it. that sentence makes you sound like a really nice, fun and down to earth human being (that was sarcasm in case your IQ is too high to process sarcasm)
  5. does he thought ? yes, he is looking for a "bigger team" but never did he say that he had a problem with the team. he is now with the team fully committed and actually playing well. he strikes me as a player who wants to be happy playing football and there is no way that the WBA match isn't on the back of his mind. funny that some people want "bad attitude" mahrez ts leave and replace him with siggy for the same price (or even higher), a player who refused to play with his team to get his move.
  6. not really fussed about that. those were different times and nasri was in a different team. its just the heat of the moment. i remeber when coquelin pushed riyad when he got subbed off but later they met in the train and worked it out from a metro article: "Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin revealed his pick for player of the year this season. The 24-year-old has revealed that he’s chosen Leicester City forward Riyad Mahrez for the PFA award, after the Algerian scored 16 goals and ten assists in 30 Premier League games. This is even despite the France international having an altercation with the winger earlier in the season, reports the Evening Standard. ‘I voted for Riyad Mahrez, even if I had that little put with him when we played them,’ said Coquelin. ‘It’s funny actually because I met him on the train the other day when he was heading to international duty and he was saying ‘why did you push me off the pitch?’ But we were both laughing about it. ‘To be honest though he’s having a great season, so I chose him.’"
  7. بطل مبالغة
  8. would like to say more of james,amartey and mahrez in the same starting 11. they looked great.
  9. i think differently, with the right players around him he can do bits well, i did some work on the WBA match and pointed out how an overlapping fullback/CM can have a positive effect on riyad, you are more than welcomed to check it out. (its on page 175)
  10. well, actually i think riyad is better defensively, especially last season. he is much better defensively, more aware and he built a great partnership with simmo
  11. wouldn't mind nasri.
  12. drop your agenda, @NotTheMarketLeader . most people on here were not happy with his performance but you obviously want him gonna and you are eager to slate him at every possible opportunity, that evident by you being the only poster that liked the "Enough is Enough is it time to get rid of Mahrez" thread. most people in here want nothing but the best for leicester, and an on form riyad can take this club places.
  13. if ulloa (who did far less for this club than riyad) refused to play for the team and went to do an interview in a time where the team was facing relegation and needed every bit of stability they can get was kept and reworded with a contract extension, you better believe that i (and many other fans) want a far superior player who stayed another year instead of bouncing, gave the team the whole summer to find an adequate replacement and is now in preseason with the team in the other side of the world and actually performing and being a pro to stay. but yes, how dare fans wanting the only poty in the history of this club to stay. a man when on his day is at least top 5 in his position, IN THE WORLD!! he obviously doesn't have a personal problem with leicester and teammates, it's just his footballing ambition and i believe that he can be kept if the manager/club sold him on the project. the WBA game was a good start
  14. @Carl the Llama after he found an excuse to post those comics.............