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  1. Hi all,


    Created a twitter account yesterday that posts many of the comical moments following Leicester City. Whether it’s a funny picture, gif or video, I’ll upload it.


    So far I’ve uploaded moments such as Pearson’s mental press-conferences, Robert Huth’s free kick, Benalouane’s two-footed challenge vs Burton in a friendly...


    From just off the top of my head I can think of moments such as La Manga, Wycombe beating us in the FA Cup courtesy of Ceefax, Preston’s goalkeeper lobbing Kevin Pressman. And if there’s something that you find funny and I’ve not posted yet then DM me it!


    Would love all Leicester fans on Twitter to give it a follow. It won’t clog your feed or anything, it’ll be just a couple of tweets a day max! :D







  2. 3 hours ago, SpazticChicken said:

    Hmm Remember this from a month or two ago.


    Has that cheeky Nuge style run, looks lethal but his proven ability equates to one very good season in La Liga.


    Can say the same for Vardy.

  3. Hi lads,


    Just logged back on to FoxesTalk and been taken aback with the number of replies and amount of PM's from fellow fans.


    Thank you so much for the advice and support, this is another reason why I'm so proud to support this football club.

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  4. I'd try reading this forum less it tends to leave me in a suicidal state half the time, especially after a defeat.



    On a serious note, Leaving Uni is no big thing, certainly not worth getting depression over. But I'd get yourself down to your GP if things are as bad as you describe, there is so much help out there all you have to do is ask for it.


    Yeah, can't lie I was ****ing gutted on Sunday, on similar level as Kermorgant/Deeney moments. 


    I will do, cheers.

  5. as above, you're definitely not alone.


    Have you thought about talking to someone neutral or someone who could best advise you (i.e. not your friends or family who may see the different side to you).


    Something like Samaritans or MIND website.


    There is always help out there. The fact you've come on to a public platform and been able to air your feelings is a step in the right direction; I see that as a good sign. 


    Yep I'll definitely consider that as an option. Again, thank you for the advice.

  6. Just beaten Stoke 3-0 and now we're taking their best striker!

    Imagine if they'd just beaten us 0-3 and where plotting to take Vardy.

    It's very happy we are the upper dog against Stoke


    Doesn't say much, they haven't got any good strikers.

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