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  1. 4 minutes ago, Guest said:

    What have you seen from Zaha to suggest that he's any more of a goalscorer than Perez?

    do ypu actually watch football?

    If Leicester get Zaha in Jan, it really would announce to the football world, our intentions, there could be no better statement.

  2. 22 minutes ago, holyfox said:

    If we get three 4 wins in 4 for the rest of December, I really do believe we will be favourites

    Very little chance of being favourites, even if we do win the next 4, before the new year.

    Even if Liverpool lost each match starting  tomorrow thru  to the  New year, they would still be favourite if we beat both them and ManC


  3.   I don't think a draw is any good against Liverpool, a loss to City and beat Liverpool would be better, win them both and we are for sure at the races, but first no slip up with Norwich is needed.

  4. 5 hours ago, UniFox21 said:

    Norwich are a weird team who can turn it on and bring some great play. Expect another fairly defensive set up, and we'll need to be on our best to win.

    You really think that?, we are challenging the Champions of Europe for the premier title, won the last 8 matches ,including the most recent 4-1 away, a 9-0, a 5-0 ,

    but you have reservations about playing Norwich at home?

    Do you actually watch our matches and comprehend, how good we are, compared with most teams?

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  5. 28 minutes ago, Charl91 said:

    Have you started a thread before? This is better than "It begins tomorrow" though I suppose lol 


    But yes, Vardy is ridiculous, and is getting me lots of FF points to boot.

    what you are saying is a bit like saying Barca are betta than Real, but yes I understand, fair play to you

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