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  1. 5 minutes ago, KingsX said:


    This is the most brilliant thing on Page 3 since tits.  What a shame you’ve buried it.  If you started a thread, everyone would realize we should give the first team a morale-building week off, and send in the U18s to dispatch Richarlison & Co.  “Put a Shirt on the Birch” might be a catchy title?  I’d click on that all day.

    sorry,you have to wait another 2 weeks for that

  2. ? for the members who think Everton will be a tough game.

    How do you see the upcoming games against Man City and Liverpool?

    If you view Everton as a tough game, you all must think it is  a waste of time of turning up against these two.


    Get real and realise we have a wonderful team, and that the real test is Xmas week. yes we might slip up in the next 5 matches, but we look the real deal, and by the new year, we may have proved to the whole world we are as well.

    Everton a tricky game ?, people just post for the sake of posting, it is a gimmee.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Usafox1 said:

    I think there's a good chance Wilf will be gone in January. There're a few big teams needing a defensive MF that'll be willing to pay . Arsenal, Man U, and city need a DM, they'd love to steal Wilf from us.

    why would you think that, pretty much zero chance, he is on a 6 year contract.


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  4. On 04/11/2019 at 07:14, Lcfc-1992 said:

    Skybet. The bet was voided though, they had priced it wrong :thumbdown: I will be keeping an eye on that market. 

    Skybet( or any uk regulated bookie) have no right to void a bet unless the counterparty agree.

    This is a thing bookies do knowing that in most cases punters just accept their decision.

  5. an easy way to see if their predictions are any good would be to compare their match odds with bookies odds.

    If their % are good and accurate, by betting matches when the site % is bigger than the bookie you will win money

    Southampton 2/1

    Villa 7/2

    Spurs 4/6

    Newcastle 7/4

    Man Utd 8/11

    Man City 15/8

    Liverpool 13/8


    All these teams would be bets tomorrow, obviously seven bets would be not conclusive, but if you did the bets each week after 50 or 60 bets you would have an idea whether the site is all hype or the real deal

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