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  1. Exactly how are you being robbed ?

    It's 800 on a 11/4 shot ? Not exactly robbing is it

    You don't like the offer you carry on !

    Actually that's a fantastic offer with so many games to go

    its not a fantastic offer, its a fair offer, £40 less than true value

  2. as an ex bookie, i can tell you bookies do not and will not ring you to cash out. they will let the bet ride and lay it off elsewhere and take some off the top (common business practice of course)


    also that current odds does not work off the premise of a layers commission. 

    ex bookie, sounds like the only thing you understand about betting  is cleaning the floor after the shop is shut.

    the commisson would be around 70 off the punters payout of 1400, still a little better than the bookies offer of 700, wouldn't you agree?

  3. its in his best interest to wait if city do well, he doesn't know though does he? when the original bet was made he was risking a fiver most people would be pretty comfortable with that.

    But now that fiver is worth £1400 i daresay most people on here would not be comfortable with that riding on the outcome of  a match

    After the Arsenal match the bet is either worth more than 1400 or less than 1400, its a gamble but a gamble a lot bigger than the origanal £5 bet


    If city beat Arsenal the origanal fiver will be worth over 2500, if they lose maybe 700


    Its a dilemma what to do, but a beautiful dilemma nevertheless.

  4. Hang on you are moaning about a bookie giving someone the option to have some winnings even though the best isn't a winning bet?! lol fair play for the bookie offering anything at all they don't have to! 10 Years ago cash out wasn't an option and if the punter wants to take it then fair enough.

    they are offering half the value, did you not read my original post?

    i have shown how a punter can get twice as much as what the bookie is offering

    are you saying if you had bet £5 at 1000/1 you would cash out with the bookie for 700 rather than 1400? , if you are you are insane


    Whether you cash or not is a different issue

  5. heard some horror stories of bookies ringing fans with bets on leicester offering money for bets called cashout

    the offer is derisory and not worth much over HALF the true value


    If you have a bet it is easy to find the real worth of your bet


    how much you win/ CURRENT odds

    so £5 at 1000/1 would be

    how much you win=5000

    CURRENT odds=3.5

    so 5000/3.5= £1428


    So when they offer cashout it should be around this figure(£1428)

    You can realise this amount on any betting exchange, it doesn't have to be with the same firm has you have bet with


    Of course you would need an the funds to do this, and I suggest if you have never used an exchange get help from someone who has




  6. Forest were 100/1 when they won the league, leicester were 3000/1 

    so if leicester do win the league, it will have been around 30 times more unlikely.


    I think when they say their's was the better achievement they are including their euro cup win, in which case they have an argument.

    Solely winning the league(if we do) leicester's will have no equal.

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