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  1. before weekend matches

    Chelsea 62.5%

    City 38.16%

    Spurs 35.1%

    Arsenal 33%

    United 21%


    after weekend matches

    Chelsea 68%

    City 50%

    Spurs 28%

    Arsenal 28%

    United 14%


    Pretty good over the weekend, Man CIty and Liverpool left it late, else could have started a Champions watch as well.

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  2. 4 hours ago, deep blue said:
    6 hours ago, treer said:

    why do people keep saying the odds are 16/1 to be drawn away four times on the trot?

    The odds are 15/1

    No. There are 16 possible combinations of which only 1is a-a-a-a. So the chance of just 1 in 16.

    Don't really understand why you are saying no,  and then confirming my statement.

    I suppose it is easy to get mixed up with odds and probability.

  3. 10 minutes ago, The whole world smiles said:

    The bookie has to earn a bit from each bet no? The odds are always slightly stacked in its favour.

    the odds are NOT always stacked in the bookies favour,.

    The  secret of  betting , you should  only bet when they are stacked in YOUR favour.

  4. IT is laughable about all these posts about a £10 bet on 150/1 winner.

    Now I don.t know the facts of bet but I do know through experience of the industry how it may have  come about.

    Leicester were winning 3/0 after 20 minutes and Saints were down to 10 men.


    He has more likely than just 1 bet on 9/0,

    had £10 on 6//0 7/0 8//0 9/0 10/0

    Now I am not deriding him, fair play to him, and I Hope  he had just the one bet on 9/0, but the chances are he had multiple scores and happened to connect with 9/0

    If he had 5 goes the odds are more like 30/1, stiil a great bet.

    Buts let not get drawn in to the bookies,media brainwashing bllx


    The only way you could get 10£ on at 150/1 is if you have a new account, or you have an account and they have marked you as a  mug.



  5. Results went pretty good over the weekend for our CL aim, seen our chance improve from 29% to near 38%

    Worth watching over the upcoming matches compared to other challengers

    Implied chance from betfair

    Chelsea 62.5%

    City 38.16%

    Spurs 35.1%

    Arsenal 33%

    United 21%


    Nice to see now favoured over the 2 North London


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