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  1. 1 hour ago, Eamonn said:

    That's just Betfair's take on it, though. I appreciate they are a multi-national who spend gazillions spying on their customers.  But they'll also factor in the volume of bets for each club, which means bigger clubs will get shorter prices.

    he is on the about the betfair exchange, his post is correct, it is absolutely not what you suggest.

    In fact it is where the bookies derive their odds from.

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  2. I think people underestimate Hamza, it is only the fact that Ndidi is performing so well, that keeps him from a regular spot.

    Very similiar players, think Hamza edges it going forward, Wilf defensively.

    By the end of season, big problem for City to devise a way to play with both, because another 9 months, Hamza will have the vultures circling, if not a regular

    As for Dier, no way would City be interested, he has nothing to offer that we do not already have in abundance.

  3. On 21/10/2019 at 00:27, Dan LCFC said:

    I'm sure they were somethng like 13/2 at home to Man City in April.


    Few years ago on the last day of the season they were underdogs at home to Crystal Palace lol they actually won that game as well.

    2017 man utd 2 palace 0

    Man U were favourite, it was palace who were the underdogs.

  4. 28 minutes ago, KrefelderFox666 said:

    Good post, a lot of people are getting a little carried away.


    Couldn't disagree more, I think a lot of people are underestimating how much potential their is.

    Champions League quali is imperative, gives us a lot better chance of keeping squad together, and also attracting new players.

    Apart from poor ref at Anfield media would have us in the mix for top spot

    The decision to penalise Perez and deny Vardy a one on one in the 85 min was worse than than the Watford non penalty against the bottlers. It just wasn't on tv

  5. 3 hours ago, Nicolo Barella said:

    I really hope Soyuncu had nothing to do with the military salute Demiral and some of the others took. Disgusting behaviour.

    It is against uefa rules they were repimanded and warned not to, but still they did.

    Uefa need to do something, but it wouldn't be disgusting to the Turkish culture per se, unlike the Bulgarian behaviour, which would be seen as disgusting to the vast majority of Bulgarians.

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  6. 8 hours ago, messerschmitt said:

    Just to stir things up even more, the "foul" on Mane was at about 92 min 17 sec of a minimum of 4 mins of added time. The restart was at about 95 min 19 sec and Kavanagh blew after another 45 seconds. By my calculations we played less than 3 minutes of a minimum of 4. 

    yes, but by that time Liverpool had scored, so the full four minutes were not needed.

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