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    This is what you get with weak referees, too timid to give the push on Soy, Hamza has seen this, and done something about it. Unfortunately it ended with him being booked.
  2. Ok I cannot spell, and you repeatedly spout garbage about rules of the game , even though you have been pointed to websites pointing out your mistake.
  3. you 're advice is great, but I am still pssed off with the ref . He was biased, soft pen, not making them retake, and calling a foul over in Peroz, when Vardy would have been through on goal in the 86 min cost us the win. i forget he also missed the push on Soy, but decided to book Hamza instead.
  4. why do you keep going on about VAR?, the ref should have seen it
  5. I don't think you understand the issue, it is not really that difficult. Here is a summary of what can happen( taken from the fa website) " If the outcome of the penalty kick is a goal, encroachment by an attacking player will result in the penalty being retaken" The referee missed or didn't care because it was Liverpool at Anfield in the last minute.
  6. More twaddle, that article makes no mention of encroachment, it is about goalkeepers.
  7. the thread is about the penalty goal, not the decision to award the customary anfield pen
  8. 2019/2020 rules, don't know how you have come up with that twaddle The players other than the kicker and goalkeeper must be: • at least 9.15 m (10 yds) from the penalty mark • behind the penalty mark • inside the field of play • outside the penalty area 2. Offences and sanctions Once the referee has signalled for a penalty kick to be taken, the kick must be taken; if it is not taken the referee may take disciplinary action before signalling again for the kick to be taken. If, before the ball is in play, one of the following occurs: • the player taking the penalty kick or a team-mate offends: • if the ball enters the goal, the kick is retaken •
  9. they dont let let clips n here files are too big
  10. tommy abraham just scored for chelsea, his boot was twice as high as Perez was, you couldn't make it up.
  11. the whole match is available in great quality on hdmatches Is it permitted to post link? You can see clearly the refs bias on numerous occasions
  12. yes , the referee decision is always final
  13. Well lets hope the FA take action against Mane, although it wont help us.
  14. It is a a terrible decision, if you watch the incident, when Peroz kicks the ball dyke is a yard off of him, but going towards Peroz, thats why the ball went over him. To give a free kick in this instance is just plain wrong, and Leicester would have had a marvellous chance of winning the match. Taking the decision as gospel, would mean any overhead goals you have ever seen should have been ruled out as in the penalty box there is never the amount of space as their was in this play. The referee at best, all match has had a stinker, and at worst he was biased.
  15. you are on the wrong track blaming var. The referee has given the penalty, Var can only advise the referee has to whether it is a clear and obvious error. Which it is not.Blame the ref for bias, but it is not the fault of var.
  16. The only reason he is singling Hamza out, it is take the focus away from the Mane dive. The match only has so many column inches in newspapers and so many minutes on radio/tv. It is good management, he cannot be knocked for taking this line of defence.
  17. Exeter Wet and rainy for midweek fa cup replay,2 divisions lower, and they slaugtered us. 4 hour drive back in an old banger with no window wipers
  18. If he was out injured for all of preseason, then there is no way that he could have impressed BR, so sky sports are right. At least from a footballing perspective.
  19. most consecutive wins =13 most consecutive draws =5 most consecutive losses=9
  20. We need top 4 badly, failure and it is goodbye for sure, Perriera, Chillwell, Maddison. Possibly Tiellamans and Soyuncu as well, would be a disaster. I am hopeful of a result Saturday, drew last year in the middle of our worst run of the season (lost 3 consec, drew at Anfield, lost the next 3), maybe we are suited to play them better than most. If we lose, not the end of the world, at the moment playing Liverpool seems a free hit.
  21. Copy the below into base64 decoder for the full list 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
  22. They are just different sponsers, always has been the league cup
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