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  1. Please does anyone have a reference/ticket to any home game this season. I will pay and I need 2 adults and 1 under 18s. I really want to take my son for his birthday as we haven't be able to watch a match since march 2014 when we watched city draw with yeovil. Money has been tight so we haven't been able to get a membership so we have been unable to get tickets. Please message me if you want to sell the tickets or a reference. Thanks
  2. Turncoats

    The thing is the plastics will never know how this feels right now, they will never feel how we will feel if we win the league because they were never there when we lost that game to Watford, which I still remember to this day (I literally started crying) and that is good enough for me. knowing that they will never know the utter jubilation we will feel. What does piss me off though, is the plastics getting tickets when you have die-hards who were watching the team in league 1 going without tickets now and then having the utter stupidity to boo the team which I hear happened a tiny bit after the baggies game, this is damaging to the proper supporters because without the support they are used, the teams confidence might take a hit, making us lose games.
  3. Looking for 2 adult, 1 under 18 ticket for any home game this season will pay face value plus more, haven't been able to go to a foxes game since the days of the championship due to not being a member, but I am really desperate to go now. Thanks