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  1. No player more mentally tougher imo Theres no way any of our lot recover from the tee shot to make bogey never mind do what he did on 14, 15, 16 and 17,, that balls of steel to get out with bogey,, he actually fought back at the masters aswell, but missed a 8 footer (i think) on 17 to get willets ar** twitching lol. The lad has balls de acer,, not has naturally gifted as rory but id sooner have spieth in the trenches with me.
  2. Have you read his tweets today. From about 11-2 hes been tweeting god only knows what, no one has a cluewhat hes on about The best one was he tweeted he had the power to pardon everyone around him... i mean wtf is he on? Even his most hardcore base must be embarrassed by now, the man is a clown and disturbed imo.
  3. They are going to have to change the years to months in the "rip" memes Rip spicer February-July Is anyone in trumps admin lasting the run with him? Pence might be the last man standing by November, and that will have taken some doing. How long until sessions gets the boot, and better still how long has mueller got left? Its a circus
  4. This is the one we are all hoping happens on our side tbh,, it does seem hes the main rowett target and very much needed for our new system. Its all in leicesters hands though obviously.
  5. If forest dont sign anyone they could be in deep trouble. Thats the two players (lansbury sold in jan) that pretty much kept them above the trap door. Warburton likes his teams to play good fkotball but forest dont have the players for that.
  6. Id like to think the 6m we paid norwich for johnson was a bargain now....
  7. We just want to do a 102 pointer promotion ala leicester style.. you can have them back once weve completed our 25 year master plan of gaining promotion. 2013/14 really does sting now though, more so than the moment keogh made the f*** up :(. weve tried and tried since ffs lol. We even had nigel pearson in for a good 4 months but to no success...
  8. Forest still in selling mode Theyve made about 30m the past 3 transfer windows though, surely will start spending soon youd think.
  9. Just a feeler offer surely? If you accept if would be great though,, we'll give you first dibs on keogh aswell?
  10. Poor old donald doesnt seem to know whats gone off with anything That in itself is disturbing tbh,, not knowing what your closest inner circle have gotten up to even currently getting up to,, doesnt seem to have much control does he? Donald in his pyjamas at the ice cream tub (2am), whilst his sons and workers are out on the dirty springs to mind. Donald really should be gone tbh, but its getting mildly entertaining now so keep it up, no one is taking him serious anyway.
  11. You get him its more chance we'll get lawrence for 5m?,, you wont need him if you land gylfi so a nice cut price deal me thinks
  12. We sort of had back up in that we had players we could sell if it went t**s up aswell. The problem being after its gone t*** up the owner is reluctant to pump any more cash in (understandable), just hope you dont do what we did which was to spend the money on bang average championship players and end up having to sell the ones who were better than the ones signed.
  13. I would say it makes it harder,, the moment jacob butterfield and bradley johnson were signed for a combined 11m on deadline day we had "got to go up now" ringing round the stadium and in the media,, that was after spending 5m on ince, 3m on shackell, not to mention the high wages thrown at carson, baird and bent,, im so glad weve stopped the stupid spending,, and selling a good few players and looking to more caeeful in the buying department. The pressure will be on wolves now i should imagine, and sheff weds too, because their the new money throwers it seems,, although we cant criticise. Message to wolves... dont spend 3m on blackman in january....
  14. If your quick you can have some of our underperformers for a knock down price,, we are trying to offload as many as possible atm Boro taking christie, ince, hughes, camara already gone,, bent going to turkey, plus we,re trying to get rid of blackman, shackell, russell and keogh aswell...
  15. Just to add , thats the sort of juvenile behaviour we expect from a teenager still at school. And the fact hes used wwe is just... im lost for words lol.