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  1. Boxing

    Something needs to be done about this scoring lark.. how the hell has parker won 118-110 on two cards but the other has it a draw? At best parker holds his belt on a draw imo,, probably realised aj isnt touching the furys with a bargepole and just gave it parker, but they could have been more subtle
  2. Championship 2017/18

    Us and florest nicely tucked away in mid table like I thought we would be Wolves winning when not playing well is an ominous sign for the rest aswell.
  3. League Cup 2017/2018

    Its painful how far behind we actually are just by looking at the chelsea florest game It just shows how c*** the championship teams are with ourselves included.
  4. North Korea

    So Trump is now straight up threatening genocide... I dont think hes going anywhere though,, seems he can say as he pleases and it just gets ridiculed anyway,, probably got another 3 years of this aswell Kim is a prat but Trump is an even bigger one
  5. Championship 2017/18

    He spent 7m on jota ffs People are saying wolves were the big spenders but birmingham very much competed with them in that department, and we werent far behind with our incomings either,, yet birmingham were s**** and arry cant accept it was his fault,, the media are ridiculous with defending him aswell. Only wish theyd have kept him on for onemore week we play them at home on Saturday.
  6. Championship 2017/18

    We completely had a brain fade in the 2nd half we still need time under rowett, lots of players to get rid off and the rebuild has started under him,, so we'll look really good one game (v hull) and equally as poor the next like today. Laughing my a*** off at birmingham though rednapp is without doubt a cheque book manager, without millions to squander hes useless and isnt interested. Where he gets his wheeler dealer nick name from i have no idea Nice to see florest lose so thanks the bear
  7. Championship 2017/18

    We have to thank them for allowing us to get him for nothing. Thanks birmingham Our form under rowett has been ok,, but hes slowly getting rid of the deadwood and his signings have been good,, huddleston and davies were much needed. Lawrence could be a class act for us aswell. Dont think we will get promoted but rowett will get us there if given the time.
  8. Championship 2017/18

    Good winfor us And once lawrence gets a run of games I can see him being an handful,, we actually have a player that can cross, and he has a mean shot + his corners are actually dangerous. 5m quid well spent if we dont ruin his confidence. And Vydra actually looks like a 8m pound forward,, amazing what can happen when the manager actually plays him in his preferred position,, not stuck out on the wing. Nugent is the perfect foil
  9. Championship 2017/18

    We gave sheff united 3 easy goals yesterday And hopefully rowett realised russell is a pub player, and actually drops him for lawrence. Florest are a strange bunch, that pie incident was weird rather than funny
  10. President Trump & the USA

    I watched it andwhat i dont get... why is he doing campaign rallies? Its 6 months into his term,, so why is he on the "campaign trail"? Hes lost it big time aswell, he spent the vast majority of his time crying about CNN and ABC ffs, hes mentally ill and for the sake his own well being he should be removed.
  11. Championship 2017/18

    I think he wanted a hold up forward in martin because we were trying to play a similar style to 2013/14,, but i think rowett quickly learned martin just isnt that good lol. Nuge was scoring goals last season alongside vydra, we look far better already with nuge in the side.
  12. Championship 2017/18

    I frigging dread playing neil warnock sides, a right bunch of cloggers most of his teams, and when your a good footballing side you tend to come unstuck against his lot. Nugent was brilliant today cant believe we benched him for the first 2 games for martin,, him and vydra look a handful together. Lawrence will settle in eventually, rowett slowly bringing in him i feel, came on for the last 20 and did ok :).
  13. Championship 2017/18

    Nice to see florest brought down a peg, after saturday their fans were celebrating being the most entertaining team in the league, being champions elect etc. Theyll be mid table with us soon enough. Boro won last 2 easily. Agree about villa, cant see them down there for long.
  14. Championship 2017/18

    Wolves do look very good, they never got out of 2nd gear against us at the weekend, organised and lethal up top. 9 points from 3 tough games (2away from home) shows their pedigree.. we keep calling them dark horses on our forum but sadly for us they are now favourites imo. We were ploddy tonight, lacking creativity which we hope lawrence can bring :).
  15. Championship 2017/18

    Florest will finish above us this season Youve got a pretty good team this season, bear, definitely going to be up there imo