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  1. Its already been said he likes to have full control,, and our owner was never going to give him that,, in fairness to Pearson he did have morris spying on his training sessions, not to mention undermining him in front of the players. Pearson never stood a chance with us,, and the only way out of this dump of a league (championship) for us is the hope we can do a Watford lol,, rowett is a good chance for us to try a build something though if he's given the chance. Boro are a more stable club with Gibson.
  2. Never got a chance at our gaffe.. Morris hired him to rebuild, started the rebuild and then morris decided he wanted martin back and didn't want a rebuild. Gibson will be a much more suitable boss for him IMO.
  3. Will he walk or have to be removed? Best one was his staff having to turn the TV up a few bars to drown out the shouting Got to be the biggest idiot to ever be a leader,, and his voters were warned about him.
  4. Best fight by a fair way and will gladly part cash to watch again. Joshua v wilder after the wlad fight? If aj wins the rematch of course.
  5. I'd love him to fight wilder, itd be a good fight what with wilders "sod it and swing" mentality. Joshua should be able to beat all of them easily bar fury IMO.
  6. 51 points almost a record relegation total? That's normally good enough for 15th or even 14th Hope they come back stronger.
  7. I don't mind the pitch invasion, they only get a good day in a blue moon and its usually surviving on goal difference bless em lol. "Thanks for that last gasp point sheep shaggers"..... Knew it wouldn't take long to see that comment on another forum..
  8. Feel for Blackburn. But it was a whole season not one or two games they seem to be shouting about (hudders v bham seems to be the they're blaming it on). Its a pity forest turned up today, but they did and that's that so well done to em. Warburton will have them further up the league next year sadly. We dropped 10 points against the bottom 3 as well,, not exactly comfortable end to the season
  9. Joshua miles ahead of parker He should hurry up and get that fight booked IMO, wins that he can get serious for the wilder or fury fight,, IF fury does come back which is iffy at the moment.
  10. I'd laugh if it wasn't for the fact they did the double over us as well 😒. We've dropped 8 points against the bottom 3 alone.... With Rotherham up tomorrow.
  11. Will Hughes would struggle in the prem IMO, he's awfully lightweight and when your manager is saying Butterfield has "a better range of passing" it doesn't bode well, esp with passing supposedly being Hughes best attribute. He's not improved sadly and Hendrick got a move before him as well, and there's not much interest in Hughes either. If forest go down are you dedicating this whole thread to them?
  12. One thing is for sure and that's next season the championship is going to unpredictable I'd like to think we've got a chance if we sort out s*** out. But after what's happened in recent seasons with Brentford, udders and reading making playoffs the season after being in relegation trouble you can't discount clubs like wolves, bris city etc, 1 or 2 decent signings can mean mid table to playoffs as proved by reading and Huddersfield this season. Sunderland could be another villa, so sh** they find themselves mid table
  13. I will love it if they go down, love it Thought they were safe after last week but they are so s*** they deserve to go down,, can't help but hear the "that last kick of the game goal against derby...." Ringing in my ears though. Last team you want to be playing is a bloody mick McCarthy bunch of clogger's team in their predicament though .. We had thornes leg smashed on the last day of last season, kicked lumps out of our lads as well, lost the game 1 0..., we got battered 3 0 in the first leg of the playoffs Same for forest though please but minus the shattered leg.
  14. Be funny if bham lose and let Blackburn win out of sheer spite Pleased for Clough as well,, he didn't get the money we've spent when here, we spent more on bents wages than cloughie got in his whole time here, so goes to show money means jack if its not spent well,, rowett will sort it out if given the chance that is. Fulham are fun to watch so hoping they do it tbh.