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  1. 6 hours ago, The Bear said:

    I put some Audi metal dust caps on mine as they came with another purchase as a free gift.


    They were nicked within a week. 

    When I was a lad my pride and joy was my Mongoose BMX. I once parked it outside Wigston swimming baths and had the presence of mind to take the “custom” dice valve caps off it before I went in.


    I came out and my bike had been nicked. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Beliall said:

    you're half right. the discoverer of aluminum named it that, but was told it didnt sound sufficiently latin, so they added "ium" to the end. the americans however, did not. and so we have the diferences, the correct, original spelling and pronunciation was "aluminum"

    Well it was from memory, I still feel smug.

  3. 8 hours ago, tom27111 said:


    Completely agree with what you're saying about the apps, especially if they're free.


    I can overlook the Americans dropping the U in colour and neighbour. 


    I can even forgive them for calling maths, math.


    Even the different words we use, such as fender, elevator and highway are fine. That it mainly because they're new words that have come about since the original Pilgrims founded what we now know as the USA


    But I am not having their pronunciation of Aluminium lol 





    download (10).jpeg

    Aluminum was the original trade name. It’s called aluminium over here due to a typo. So it’s not a pronunciation thing, it’s a different word in the States, and the right one at that.


    So nah hah!

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  4. On 11/04/2021 at 17:47, LCFCCHRIS said:

    Well said. You've got to imagine they don't change the rules because they feel it benefits the enjoyability of the game or the drama or something? There has to be a reason because it's glaringly obvious. For me it's putting me off more and more every time.

    This is the bit I don’t get. I can’t see a single upside to this collective acceptance of cheating.  All I can assume it’s everyone just sucking up to ultra-rich, ultra-famous players, the same way everyone laughs at their bosses shite jokes.

  5. We’re a bit soft, aren’t we? Great when everyone is on it but physically and psychologically we lack fight when things aren’t going our way. I was getting annoyed at us taking slow throw ins and a complete car crash of a “clever” corner that took forever to set up (instantly lost possession and Riccy got booked) shortly after their first goal. Not good body language seeing what’s at stake and how important that game was. 

    Doesn’t help with the captain being 60 yards away from where the captain needs to be, throwing fuchs into everyone.


    I see a lack of leadership on the field - there’s nothing there to bring things back with pace, desire and aggression when the wheels are falling off. It’s all a bit precarious and delicate. I’m pretty sure BR has a “stick at it, keep doing what you’re doing” thing going on but there’s an element missing that would take us to the next level in my opinion.

  6. On 09/04/2021 at 21:26, Sambiasso said:

    People who go put petrol in, then go shopping at petrol stations, waited 10mins for the bloke to come out with 2 bags of shopping.

    Can top that - my local garage has a Subway in it and a young couple had parked at the pumps, blocking two of them, to get a Subway. No fuel.  There were plenty of available parking spaces around the edge of the forecourt.


    It annoyed me and I also realised I felt a bit like Alan Partridge because of this. 

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  7. 36 minutes ago, tom27111 said:

    By the looks of it, it's a 64 degree lob wedge and she's opened up the face to get the ball as high as possible and stop on a sixpence, probably chipping over a bunker with the pin close to the front of the green.


    But, erm, tits :P

    Was that a very complicated euphemism?

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  8. Absolutely hate mowing the lawn, but the benefits make it one of those necessary evils. Good to look at, good to sit on and good for things that roll.


    Is there not a lawn equivalent of those auto-hoovers that cats sit on?

  9. 14 hours ago, String fellow said:

    Following some pretty appalling scenes of litter strewn everywhere recently, this splendid fellow has installed a bin-liner dispenser in a park in Leeds. I really don't understand why some folk seem incapable or are unwilling to take their rubbish home with them  If any FTers are litter louts, please explain why, if you're bright enough to do so. 

    jack colmer.jpg

    I was at a service station on Friday, coming back from the Peaks. There was a middle aged couple smoking next to their car, which was next to mine. Coincidentally I was clearing some rubbish out of my car and sticking it in one of the many, empty, large bins that were dotted around the car park. When they drove off there  was a pile of rubbish where their car had been - about 10 empty fag packets, loads of empty energy drinks cans, plastic bags etc. Utter scumbag behaviour, and I have to think there’s more to it than sheer laziness. They probably thought they were  “sticking it to the man” or something.  Complete low lives. 

  10. 13 hours ago, Free Falling Foxes said:

    Do you still pay the regular council tax in these areas?

    I assume it would be a less amount if another organisation was maintaining some parts of the estate. :dunno:

    We do.

  11. 9 hours ago, Strokes said:

    They are a disgrace some of them, ours don’t do anything of note and when we received the breakdown it was mostly administrative costs. 

    I kicked off obviously but to no avail. The whole thing smacks of rip off; there’s this company that nobody asked for, that takes money off everyone on the estate for reasons unknown and appears to have you over a barrel even though there is no visible upside whatsoever. Just a passive money sink.


    They claimed that part of the fee was to cover costs in case the buyers solicitors had an queries.  I asked “do I get a partial refund if there are no queries?” but of course this question was not answered. 


    I insisted on a receiving a copy of the “pack” in case the sale falls through.

  12. My house is on an estate “ran” buy such a company. We had to pay £ 300 to them when we bought the house, and then around £ 300pa. We’re now selling, and the buyers solicitors requested the “standard management pack” in case it raised any queries. We had to pay £ 354 for the management company to send pdfs to the solicitors - pdfs that already existed and were not particular to our property.


    £ 354. 

  13. 43 minutes ago, car1os said:

    About the West Brom result...


    Wonderful for us, and I hope we can capitalise on it today, but can I just remind everyone we lost to Fulham at home this season?


    Just goes to show there is no room for complacency in the PL, even against teams in the bottom 3. Chelsea were complacent. They won’t make the same mistake again this season I reckon.

    We mustn’t either in any of our remaining games this season.

    It’s irrelevant what our mindset is, we’re not the players. And we’re laughing at Chelsea even though we did it earlier in the season because we’re not Chelsea fans.

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