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  1. This is karma for the Vokes handball goal.
  2. Surely 16/17, seemed like we got pumped 3/4-0 every away game that year.
  3. http://sdfgdf.xyz/burnley-vs-leicester-city/ Link if anyone wants to watch
  4. Maguire sent off, tripped Gudmundsson when he was through on goal.
  5. Streams can be found here https://www.footybite.com/football/burnley-vs-leicester-city-live-stream/
  6. Wasnt he there today? Could've swore I heard the drum
  7. Hopefully, definitely one of the best refs down there, doesnt take shit from anyone.
  8. He still refs at goals in Evington but havent seen him there for a few weeks.
  9. Was average at best whenever he played.
  10. Thats a good thing? I'd take 50m ish for an overrated defender.
  11. Was so much better the last 10 minutes when he stopped pratting about with the ball and throwing himself to ground.
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