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  1. InLoveWithNgolo

    Loss of momentum when attacking

    You need to remember how many goals we used to concede from corners, at least lately with everyone back to defend we've stopped conceding as many.
  2. Attention seeking bellend, the guy forcing a selfie with Top should've also been banned.
  3. InLoveWithNgolo

    West Ham H Match Thread

    Looks like the type of team we'd put out on Tuesday wtf
  4. InLoveWithNgolo


    Offside nearly everytime he gets it lately.
  5. InLoveWithNgolo

    James Maddison Confirmed

    Which is? I hope to god you're not referring to the Maddison, Maddison, James Maddison chant.
  6. InLoveWithNgolo

    Nampalys Mendy

    Surprised how good he's been since he's come in. Just wish him and Wilf were abit better at passing.
  7. InLoveWithNgolo


    He was on one tonight. https://streamable.com/x9oxc
  8. InLoveWithNgolo

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I like him
  9. InLoveWithNgolo

    Jamie Vardy

    Would you really say he's amazing at dribbling? He seems to run into people and lose it the majority of the time. I'd class someone like Hazard as an amazing dribbler and Sterling doesn't even come close to his dribbling ability.
  10. InLoveWithNgolo

    Burnley away match thread

    Albrighton a possibility at right back?
  11. InLoveWithNgolo

    Burnley away match thread

    Mahrez having a mare.
  12. InLoveWithNgolo

    Burnley away match thread

    Every Morgan/Simpson pass is taking a year off my life.
  13. InLoveWithNgolo

    Burnley away match thread

    That cross from simpson hahaha
  14. InLoveWithNgolo

    Hamza Choudhury

    Was better than Iborra.
  15. Some foreigners are abit weird like that, i personally think he's quite cringey on social media.