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  1. The "top 6" are just very aware that a lot of "smaller" are starting to catch up on and off the pitch. Just take the start of this season for example. It's been chaos in terms of results and they don't like it. For me, this just an attempt to slow that process down. They have thrown their dummies out of the pram because they're not getting their own way anymore, simple as that.

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  2. On 16/07/2020 at 06:31, stix said:

    If anyone is interested in the car setups for each track then there’s a guy on YouTube who’s been doing them for the last few years. Gives you a real good starting point at least, TRL Limitless. He was part of the Renault F1 esports team either last year or the year before. Seems to really be able to get the most out of the car. 

    There's an app you can download, 'f1 car setup'. Basically a list of users different setups they use at every track from 2018 onwards. Really handy to use. If you don't like one setup, just look through others and pick one that suits you

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  3. So please for him. Feared he would be completely iscolated from the squad until a move was arranged for him. But he looks like a completely different player. Fair play to him too. The comment of him finally fealing that he is a Leicester player too is just absolutely gorgeous to read.

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  4. Something like what Amazon have done this week has to be the future. I get why the Premier League/Fa are cautious and are trying to protect lower league clubs but surely they will benefit from this aswell from the money gained. Keep it all in house and the money made will be astronomical.

    £10 per month to watch the games of a single club (season ticket) with the option to pay an additional fee to access all the games in the prem. 

  5. What a man. He is so, so professional. In every interview he knows exactly what to say. Always calm and to the point, regardless of the situation. We're so lucky to have him here imo. Credit to the board for identifying him as the man they want to lead this club and getting him. 

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