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  1. You might just be a bod - maybe they contact x amount of bods per day. You’ll fill out your details once you get to the centre.
  2. Milo


    I think that’s too reactive, bud. Agents that take on a property will have a long list of people they’ll contact way before a house goes live on Rightmove. Badger your agents!!
  3. Milo

    Grammar Quiz

    Fvck Richard Harris and his fvcking spats...spat's...spats'
  4. Milo


    That's a pain, mate. Have you explored the option of building under permitted development? Might be worth a look in to. Although you may still have the TPO issue...
  5. Stop it. You should be watching the football like the rest of us...
  6. You don’t see enough diving headers these days
  7. Said no football fan ever... 🙄🤣
  8. Indeed. But for some of us the pain and misery of defeat is worse than the enjoyment of victory. I'm not usually like this - but that's how I feel at the moment. Clearly the issue is amplified by not being at the ground, in which case I can let loose during the game (and influence the outcome, of course)! Can't even have a moan after the match - usually the match is analysed and dissected to death over a beer or two...allowing closure and enabling us to move on with our lives. At the moment, all I get is a sideways glance from the wife and the kids asking wh
  9. Haven’t seen any intensity from our lot for quite a while. First half against West Brom was good...but that feels like a lifetime ago. 😕
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