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  1. 3 hours ago, TJB-fox said:

    Love Praet would be disappointed if he left. Very good player. Unfortunate to not play more frequently 

    Absolutely. Should get more game time at the expense of Perez, or even Maddison, whose forms been pretty woeful recently. Sadly can't see either happening.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Tuna said:

    Been a difficult few games for him.

    Absolutely. Anybody that denies this are deluding themselves. I can't see Brendan risking Thomas for our last 3 games. We do really need a LB for next season, with JJ out.

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  3. I'm not surprised several PL teams are after him. When Puel played him against Liverpool & Man City a few years back he looked insane, still remember that covering tackle he made, when he ran pretty much the full length of the field. Since then he's not had any game time and it shows. Looks a shadow of that player.

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  4. 1 hour ago, foxpleasure said:

    Daka looks great on YouTube but we know that can be misleading so has anyone signed him on FM that can tell us what he's really like?

    TBH never seen him play, but a quick look up shows that he's scored 51gls in 4537mins for Salzburg, averaging a goal every 89mins. For a fee around 20-25, seems a great prospect.

  5. 4 minutes ago, An Sionnach said:

    Basically we can't afford to loan him , if we had to recall him after a couple of months it would look silly. What we don't want to do is fork out 20 million for another LB we almost certainly won't need.

    Exactly. If we have an over abundance of players in a particular position, then loan the young players, like we did with Chilwell and Barnes. With JJ injured and Fuchs not featuring, Thomas is the only out and out LB we have at the club. 

  6. Brendan was unnecessarily negative about our 1st half performance, which was one of the best we've seen this season. On top of that, he singled Nacho out, which seems to be something Jose does, meting out criticism to individual players. Personally I don't agree with it, yes Nacho can go from the ridiculous to the sublime in a few seconds, but for me, publicly admonishing him isn't the right thing.

  7. 3 hours ago, messerschmitt said:

    Yeah thats true but the amount of people claiming he can't play as a lone striker, he's scored plenty in that role for us. Like I say he's only 24. I think Henry was still a winger at that age.

    Nacho can play as a lone striker, but he needs the team to be built around him. He needs another Barnes esque winger on the right and a midfield that is willing to run past him as he comes deep. Maybe Madison and Youri can do the latter. But if we intend to play Perez or Albrighton at RW, Vardy will be ahead of him.

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  8. 5 hours ago, BenTheFox said:

    I do think Tigers are not far away from being a proper side. A bit more fluidity in the backs and will be a real force. 

    Very true. Our back play has been poor for 5-6 years now. A whole succession of coaches just can't seem to make our backs click. Let's hope we get more fluid rugby as the weather gets better. 

  9. On 10/04/2021 at 18:47, Nalis said:

    Not for the first game I was emphatically wrong when it comes to rugby predictions, Sale shot themselves in the foot so often.


    Exeter v Leinster is another decent one, very close so far and the last 2 non French teams left in the Champions Cup, hope whoever wins this goes on to win the tournament.


    And no, I dont care that I'm hijacking the Tigers thread :P ... though well done on your win today. We (Ulster) might meet you guys in the semis or final if we get past Northampton.

    I hope we meet you guys. I do remember a couple of Heineken Cup games many years ago, when Ulster gave us a real beating. Hoping for some revenge 😁

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  10. No way Rodgers gets rid of Perez. He seems one of his favourite players. Praet will probably go as will one of Mendy or Hamza. With Under going back to Roma and Morgan & Fuchs retiring, we'll probably have more out goings then players coming in.

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