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  1. When I mentioned the dreaded Peter Taylor I wasn't comparing the team at all - more the run of results at the end of the season. His run (after Wycombe) continued into the following season and took us down. Pearson's run (great escape) continued into the following season and won the league. Just hoping this dire run doesnt continue through! Someone said how good our good players are (and I absolutely agree) and said that the whole disappointment thing was because they had put us into such a magnificent position- and then proceeded to deflate us all (I agree there too - as must just about every City fan).

  2. 22 minutes ago, murphy said:


    I like your attitude and having good stab at this but the run in was a humiliating shambles.  


    Pathetic.  Truly pathetic.

    hits the nail squarely on the head. EXTREMELY fearful for next season - as everyone who remembers Peter Taylor's time will also be.

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  3. It aint gonna happen but i'd much prefer this match to be played WITHOUT VAR. Some of the recent decisions that have gone Man. U's way have been, frankly, ludicrous. It really makes one wonder just how much influence they have. Does Alex Ferguson have Stockley Park on speed dial ?! :cool: 

  4. Yuno,, despite the disasterous nature of the debacle at Bournemouth, we actually just lost 3 points. ( ok, we also lost pride, impetus, teamspirit and about a thousand other things needed for a succesful team) but we lost 3 points. So did Chelsea. And Man U lost 2. Mebee not the end of the world then???

    Just saying.... 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Sunbury Fox said:

    It's not inconceivable that we could miss out on European football completely, given that we are playing 3 teams just below us and could be without 3 of our 4 first choice defenders for those games. I just want this train crash to end now rather than suffering through 3 more games. Why the hell did I want football back? It's just made me miserable, stressed and frustrated. 

    Big Wes will enter the fray and steer us to Glory !!!!!!!ūü§≠

  6. 1 hour ago, snoopy87 said:

    With all the decisions that have gone against the likes of us, Sheff Utd and Wolves (the toe at Spurs for Sheff Utd, the 5 minute check for handball at Everton against us, not to mention the countless penalties we should've had, Wolves against us at Molineux) and the ridiculous decisions that the perceived elite get in their favor, you are not convincing me otherwise that match fixing isn't taking place. There's been too many recently and its really starting to kill my love for the game.

    Not sure about us, but Wolves and, most notably, Sheff U have had some abysmal decisions made against them. I'm afraid we can't blame VAR for our slide out of CL places - our dire form since December has seen to that!!

  7. 15 hours ago, Cujek said:

    I might be a conspiracy theorist, least I ain't a triggered left wing unwashed sheep.


    You enjoying wearing your mask?


    What did you do when there was no footy on? Smash some statues of people you never heard of cos they might have used the N word 400 years ago?

    Wow! Mine wasn't a rant - I just suggested someone was off out to stockpile some loo rolls - and I GOT BANNED FROM THE FORUM!!!! 


    everything unfair these days - I am under house arrest despite living in a postcode where there are nil infections!


    Anyway Cujy, well done for getting your point across!! :thumbup::D

  8. 6 minutes ago, Dahnsouff said:

    On a side note and a pretty damned unimportant one at that


    If the season was canned in the next month, how would next seasons European competition places be decided I wonder. I assume there is procedures in place to deal with earlier than planned finishing of qualifying competitions.


    Just pointless musing.

    Obviously Euro qualification will be based on LAST seasons table! That way the big six qualify, everybody is happy and all is well with the world!!!!

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