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  1. 15 hours ago, Cujek said:

    I might be a conspiracy theorist, least I ain't a triggered left wing unwashed sheep.


    You enjoying wearing your mask?


    What did you do when there was no footy on? Smash some statues of people you never heard of cos they might have used the N word 400 years ago?

    Wow! Mine wasn't a rant - I just suggested someone was off out to stockpile some loo rolls - and I GOT BANNED FROM THE FORUM!!!! 


    everything unfair these days - I am under house arrest despite living in a postcode where there are nil infections!


    Anyway Cujy, well done for getting your point across!! :thumbup::D

  2. 6 minutes ago, Dahnsouff said:

    On a side note and a pretty damned unimportant one at that


    If the season was canned in the next month, how would next seasons European competition places be decided I wonder. I assume there is procedures in place to deal with earlier than planned finishing of qualifying competitions.


    Just pointless musing.

    Obviously Euro qualification will be based on LAST seasons table! That way the big six qualify, everybody is happy and all is well with the world!!!!

  3. 53 minutes ago, An Sionnach said:

    We haven't been dire , generally our defence has been pretty sound , apart from the games against the top two of course. We have struggled to score that is the major problem but we always knew that if Vardy had issues it would be a major blow. When a team has an extended drop in form there is only one place to look so criticising individual players is not the answer , we have been here before of course.

    All your points are spot on! To be fair  the defence has been pretty good and, having looked at it, another 9 goals in that 'dire' period ( and that's only one every other game) could have gained us an extra 11 points and probably got us to a cup final! Maybe shows we should've got a loan striker in the january window. Shows our reliance on JV  (only one Vardy goal in those 18 matches)

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  4. 3 hours ago, Lambert09 said:

    Many (including myself) had the same opinion as this about James Maddison. 


    I remember more or less typing the same thing up, because there is always the chance that it turns out this way. 


    Theres also the chance that under a better coach Bowen actually improves a great deal when he joins. 


    For a huge fee, I’d stay clear. But for the price being indicated, even if we just farmed him out and sold him... we’d almost certainly make a profit. 


    Just look at the summer recruitment, we would have all been more excited about signing Sarr and look how that’s turned out.  Top 2 or not, we still aren’t the draw we think we are and still need to be creative in the market.

    Some really good points here. Particularly the comment about Sarr - God he looked awful at the weekend! Sure glad we missed out on him and JoHandbags down at Brighton!

  5. 5 minutes ago, UniFox21 said:


    Hardly rocket science is it? He needs to be more clinical in front of goal, he's producing some great assists but needs to start converting himself

    He should be made to sit down and watch the SENSATIONAL

    goals scored by a youngster at West Brom last season. Er, what was his name?? Ah,yes -- Harvey Barnes!! BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT (and confident) football!!

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