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  1. Just seen some random sports-writers' 'combined Man. U / Leicester XI'. Can't believe there are more Man U players than LCFC and.... get this one.... he's put in Wan Bissaka ahead of Ricardo!!!

    FFS!  - shan't be reading his crap again!

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  2. I am not a Liverpool fan, but the mention of Michael Owen always raises a big question in my mind. As a Leicester fan thinking of the 'Best Ever Eleven' since the sixties, the choice of strikers (2, maybe 3) would be fairly straightforward : Worthington, Weller, (Earle?), Lineker , Cottee, Heskey or Vardy.

    Imagine the problem doing the same for Liverpool: Hunt? St.John? Keegan? Toshack? Dalgleish? Aldridge? Rush? Fowler? Owen? Torres? Suarez? Mané? Salah? (Johnson, Collymore, Heskey, Kewell, Kuyt, Firmino, Sterling, Crouch, Bellamy???). Would Owen be even considered amoungst that first lot? Despite being one of England's best ever ?

    Really not sure.

  3. Goodness! - I had forgot that there are those on here who still hanker after those heady days of defeats, division and dire football - under their hero - Claude the Fraud. They even say he championed young players - naive - he never once gave a debut to a teenager, and the two twenty-year-olds (Barnes and Hamza) had both played for league clubs whilst on loan. But lets not let facts get in the way of undying love!

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  4. 6 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

    One thing to say about Silva - it was bad enough that he lost 4 months of his career, but if he got the Puel-treatment, as alluded to by Andy King, it is not going to have been very much fun for him psychologically. 


    It doesn't necessarily excuse or explain his poor form, but it might have contributed more than somewhat.

    Don't normally agree with you (cos I HATE your contact pic!) But you're absolutely spot-on here! 

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  5. 25 minutes ago, Paddy. said:

    Agreed. I think he may have a similar role to the one that Peak Shinji had. Closing down space, pressurising defenders and making space for Vards.

    Exactly this. Well said!  - mebee more goals than Shinji and could probably last more than 65 mins.

  6. If Aguero had spent two-thirds of a season playing in a system seemingly designed to isolate him (as per Leicester-under-Maestro-Puel) there is no way he'd be currently sitting on 18 goals! Unbelievable that Vardy's goalscoring record is as brilliant as it is!

    Golden-boot next season!!

  7. 13 hours ago, Babylon said:

    A total waste of time being a top 10 finish and taking and aging squad in dire need of a complete over haul and doing so, leaving us with a squad filled with huge potential? 


    Said top 10 finish and us being top half for almost the entire season this year, other than near his end justified keeping him here as long as we did. So did the job he was doing with the squad.


    I'm thrilled we've got Rodgers, he's a better manager and a better fit for the fans and the club. But the over the top absolute crap written about Puel is still just that.


    We are 8th, that's great and the football yesterday was probably the best all season. But we've relied on some awful misses by the opposition and some things going our way to manage to beat four teams who are in woeful form and the manager is benefitting hugely from the Tieleman's loan, something Puel never really got... and he's had us sat in 7th a numer of times.

    Good Grief - give it a rest!

  8. 3 hours ago, SheppyFox said:

    Many many times I said we should sack Puel immediately. So pleased I got it right. 

    I said the same (...many times) and yet was called many names (retard and muppet were my favourites) by those 'experts' who thought Puel was God, and who decided I had no right to hold a different opinion. So pleased to see City on the road to recovery - early days, but the signs look good already.

  9. 18 minutes ago, Ross 'LCFC' Turner said:

    It cant be anything other than ;













    Vardy brace, Rodgers in the stands, exciting day all round 




    100% agree with all of this. Lets keep crosses to a minimum - Duffy and co will eat them up - but they won't live with accurate, fast through balls from Tielemans and Maddison!

    Braces from Vardy AND Barnes!!

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