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  1. 3 hours ago, foxfanazer said:

    Burnley time wasting from minute 1 was an embarrassment. I know they do well to punch above their weight but imagine having to watch that shite on a weekly basis. 


    I was however impressed with Wood's performance, led the line well and seems to have adapted well to life in the prem

    .....sign him in January! - we know already he is a good character , an aerial threat - which we don't have - and a plan B goalthreat (ours currently away in the south of France) !!!!

  2. 20 hours ago, Grebfromgrebland said:

    We could also find ourselves not being able to sign foreign talent if we brexit. It could be work permits galore even for EU players with many not qualifying.


    I think it's best we hang on to our English contingent for now.

    Is Grebland in the EU ? ....

    .....just asking!

  3. 6 hours ago, StriderHiryu said:

    Rodgers has us playing "system football" which is the product of him having the whole team for a preaseason over the summer without having to go touring around the world and the result of being an exceptional coach. This upturn in form is not the result of signing a new player like Kante who causes a revolution in the way we play. These are the same players with one or two squad additions and in fact you could argue that Perez in terms of output has been one of the worst players for us so far. (So "bad" we are third in the table and smashed his old team 5-0 by the way). For all of those who were moaning about Puel holding us back, you have well and truly been vindicated, and I say that as someone who got behind the previous manager as much as possible. The proof is in the pudding!


    Under Puel we controlled games with lots of possesion but it was sideways and backwards. Our fullbacks pushed on and did a good job getting to the byline to cross to... Jamie Vardy who was released as a teenager because he wasn't considered physical enough to be a top striker. If you want a throwback to how we used to play, look at Man United right now because they play in exactly the same way:

    - Double pivot to control the game, but ends up slowing all attacks down.

    - Fullbacks push on and wide forwards cut in for a shot.

    - Put in plenty of crosses to a striker not well suited for that type of play.

    - Slow, pedantic pace means the opponents have time to get into a low block and deal with attacks quite comfortably.



    With Rodgers, do you notice that we score the same type of goal over and over again? Someone wins the ball high up the pitch through systematic team pressing and compacting the play, followed by quick passing and quick low crosses or passes across the box around the 6 yard line. It's almost like it was planned! Features of our play now are:

    - High press

    - Mobile attacking midfielders. Look how far forwards Tielemans or Maddison get, they often are further forward than Vardy!

    - Players drift between the lines.

    - Fullbacks push on much more and are expected to even get into the box in the case of Ricardo. (Technically we play a bit lopsided because of this, but same point).

    - Quick vertical (IE up the pitch) passing that is kept on the ground. No messing about.

    - If we lose the ball on an attack we press it back to win it back and recycle the ball

    - Look to put a dangerous pass into Vardy on a player joining the attack late in the box.


    We are similar but slightly different to Liverpool. They are much better, but as the league table shows, we aren't too bad at all.


    This is all because of fabulous coaching. That's what makes it so incredible really! Brendan is proving he is one of the best, maybe even elite level.


    On and whi;st Rodgers has always been thought of as being poor in the transfer market, as a club we are one of the best at that. Yes we've had misses too, but Soyuncu was planned magnificently, Maddison a steal, Ricardo right now the best Right Back in Europe, Praet fits like a glove already. Even Perez can clearly play the system even if he's not set the world on fire. And this is not even dipping into the history books to look at the team that cost 25m and won the league.


    The next 3-5 years as a Leicester fan are going to be incredible. All of these players are going to get better!

    Excellent post. ALL points spot on. Well said, Sir!!

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  4. Just seen some random sports-writers' 'combined Man. U / Leicester XI'. Can't believe there are more Man U players than LCFC and.... get this one.... he's put in Wan Bissaka ahead of Ricardo!!!

    FFS!  - shan't be reading his crap again!

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  5. I am not a Liverpool fan, but the mention of Michael Owen always raises a big question in my mind. As a Leicester fan thinking of the 'Best Ever Eleven' since the sixties, the choice of strikers (2, maybe 3) would be fairly straightforward : Worthington, Weller, (Earle?), Lineker , Cottee, Heskey or Vardy.

    Imagine the problem doing the same for Liverpool: Hunt? St.John? Keegan? Toshack? Dalgleish? Aldridge? Rush? Fowler? Owen? Torres? Suarez? Mané? Salah? (Johnson, Collymore, Heskey, Kewell, Kuyt, Firmino, Sterling, Crouch, Bellamy???). Would Owen be even considered amoungst that first lot? Despite being one of England's best ever ?

    Really not sure.

  6. Goodness! - I had forgot that there are those on here who still hanker after those heady days of defeats, division and dire football - under their hero - Claude the Fraud. They even say he championed young players - naive - he never once gave a debut to a teenager, and the two twenty-year-olds (Barnes and Hamza) had both played for league clubs whilst on loan. But lets not let facts get in the way of undying love!

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  7. 6 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

    One thing to say about Silva - it was bad enough that he lost 4 months of his career, but if he got the Puel-treatment, as alluded to by Andy King, it is not going to have been very much fun for him psychologically. 


    It doesn't necessarily excuse or explain his poor form, but it might have contributed more than somewhat.

    Don't normally agree with you (cos I HATE your contact pic!) But you're absolutely spot-on here! 

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  8. 25 minutes ago, Paddy. said:

    Agreed. I think he may have a similar role to the one that Peak Shinji had. Closing down space, pressurising defenders and making space for Vards.

    Exactly this. Well said!  - mebee more goals than Shinji and could probably last more than 65 mins.

  9. If Aguero had spent two-thirds of a season playing in a system seemingly designed to isolate him (as per Leicester-under-Maestro-Puel) there is no way he'd be currently sitting on 18 goals! Unbelievable that Vardy's goalscoring record is as brilliant as it is!

    Golden-boot next season!!

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