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  1. It's great to see such positivity on this forum and, yes, the performance was much better. But when push comes to shove, we LOST. we lost to a pretty poor Spurs team - one which didn't really have to get out of first gear to beat us by 2 clear goals. Yes, we shoulda, coulda, woulda done better if we'd taken our chances but the manager decided to bench our one-and-only goalscorer. Loss after loss after loss - lets be honest: this manager has no idea on how to turn it around. He needs to go. NOW.

  2. Pretty sure that's 5 defeats and 1 draw in the last 6 matches. That's ONE point. The other games? Loss, Loss, Loss, Loss, Loss (including loss to 4th division Newport). WOW! I don't really know what to say. I suppose I should just reiterate what is said on here ad nauseum: Where would be be if we didn't have such a Wonderful, Wonderful, Charismatic Manager?? FFS. WOW.

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  3. 10 hours ago, bridport007 said:

    Ok...Fvck it! ...I'm going all out here and supporting Claude!....I'm not 100% convinced but...A) I love how he gives youth a chance B) Rome wasn't built in a day! C) The team is forced on him and, probably not what he'd pick if he had his choice D) Was great in the transfer window E)That's right Wes, it's a ball not a bomb'!!!  F) Seems like a nice guy??....I refuse to give up!!.... COYF!!!!

    How can you have a contact piccie of The Great Frank Worthington - the very embodiment of skill and flair and charisma....

    ...and then say you love Puel - the very epitome of everything that's the exact opposite!!!!!?

  4. 17 minutes ago, Father Ted said:

    As much as I agree with this to an extent this will never work under Puel. 


    It's easy enough to say that he's "playing youth" but the simple fact is that it's because they are good enough, not because he has chosen to test them! Take Hamza Choudhury as an example, spends the first half of the season rotting in the Under 23s despite impressing consistently in first team training. It wasn't until an impressive display against Man City in the cup that he was finally given more of a chance. Now, despite some outstanding performances, he has to watch on from the bench as a hugely underperforming and lethargic Ndidi (of the same age btw) and '5 yard sideways pass and gets pushed over when he goes to tackle' Mendy start instead. Imagine how that damages his confidence. What sort of message does this send out to players? 


    Secondly on the youth debate, Puel in brigade can't wait to scream "but look at Chilwell now!!!!", well I'll give you back "but look at Ndidi, Iheanacho, Gray, Maddison!!!!". All of these have regressed massively! Whether it is the coaching by Puel and his team or a confidence matter, I cannot tell but most cannot argue that these players have considerably got worse under Puel. I fear for Barnes. 


    Realistically, imagine how bored we get as fans, imagine being a player in that side. No wonder the players lack so much enthusiasm and any kind of attacking flair. 


    Look at our recent form, if we hadn't scammed a 1-0 win at Everton after a first half performance that is in my opinion the worst half of the season and a fortunate 1-0 win at Chelsea, we would be in a relegation battle. We have thrown away an opportunity to secure 7th and potentially a European place for next season for the 2nd season as a row, all whilst Puel spouts that we cannot compete with Everton, West Ham and Wolves. 


    People will blame the fans for negativity and whilst I agree that booing players is wrong  (although I think most were booing the substitution decision rather than the players), it stems down to negativity of the style of play built by the Puel dynasty. 


    We are in trouble. Where is the ambition? We could have pushed for 7th. We could have been in cup semi finals or finals but Puel's philosophy has killed that all with his footballing negativity, poor team selections and his press interviews. Imagine what the players thought when they read that we can't compete with Wolves, West Ham and Everton? He should have come out and said that we want to push for 7th and Europe! Waste of time. We have a squad with the ability to push for top 6 - fact! Look at our results against the top 6. Compare our squad to Arsenal for example and now tell me we can't be pushing for it. Get rid and get Brendan Rodgers in because I know with this clown Puel in charge, in 3-5 years we will more likely be in the Championship than top 10 Premiership.


    Couldnt agree more with comments about youngsters regressing. The joy and the flair and the skills and the ambitions seem to be knocked out of them. Jeez - poor Maddison (have you seen his expression recently- no smiles like at Norwich) is even afraid to head into an empty net from 2 yards as it would be deemed to be 'not passing to a teammate'. FFS.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Nalis said:

    First Leicester game: Summer of 2000 I believe - Portadown 0-1 Leicester (friendly). Took a late winner from us.


    First competitive Leicester game: May 2010- Leicester 2 - 0 Boro. Kermo's first goal. A few games later, 'that' penalty...



    ......Kermo's first goal - what an absolute CRACKER! 

  6. As a kid I used to watch Luton Town. Moved to Leicester and was excited to have the chance to watch first division football. Chelsea, at home, December 1968. Really surprised that Chelsea fans dominated the centre of the Spion Kop and that we lost the game (1-4, despite Mike Stringfellow scoring after five minutes). In 18 months I had never seen Luton lose a home match and away fans in The Oak Road End? Unthinkable!

    Anyway, must have seen something Special as I have been going ever since - although sitting on that spiked wall between the main stand and the terraces was not comfortable!  ( neither was seeing us ripped apart by Peter Osgood and Co.) Relegated that year and losing a cup final at wembley we started the following season with a 3-1 home win against Birmingham (Rodney Fern Bicycle kick) and I never missed a match (home or away) for about 10 years.

  7. 20 hours ago, reynard said:

    He's missed a few but remains the best striker at the club by a country mile. Goal against Everton, goal against Chelsea and assist against Man City. Probably would be 6 points worse off without him and where would that put us? If you really think Iheanacho would do better then fair enough but he's absolutely woeful at present. Don't think he would cut it on loan at a league one outfit at this present moment.

    The main issue is we don't have a replacement for Vardy in any shape or form.

    AGREE 100%  Iheanacho should'nt be in the squad, let alone the team. Put simply; he's not really a footballer (my granny could've scored plenty in that Man. City side) and certainly not a premier league player.

    So it's Vardy.

    ..... and if he gets injured or suspended it will highlight the crazy error of not signing a striker (loan/lower league/veteran/ anybody with an eye for a goal) in January. MADNESS.

  8. 5 hours ago, lcfceaves said:

    I am not criticising fans for venting their opinion is the right way to go about any of this, nor is it actually going to change anything.

    The atmosphere for me is very flat, and that is generated by the performance... the fans need something to cheer about. Nearly every week we concede in the first 15 minutes and the football is a bit dull. The players for a while now, look like they aren't buying into him by the half hearted effort I'm seeing (from most, not all). Our home form this season (or since Puel has taken charge) has been poor, plus are seeing less and less goals (for us anyway!). So again, there's only so many times you can ask people to cheer and create an atmosphere when what is happening on the pitch in front us is anything but inspiring. 


    With regards to 'booing', I do disagree with booing players coming on, its stupid, and adds creates nothing to an already flat atmosphere.

    However... I felt the booing yesterday when Maddison was subbed was fans showing anger towards Puel, not at Ghezzal. Again down to opinions i guess, but the booing started as Maddison was coming off, the boo's didn't just wait until Ghezzal came on. It is hard to interpret, only the people booing knew why they were booing.  


    Football creates a diverse set of opinions and everyone is entitled to their own (as long as it doesn't become offensive etc.) and so don't expect with a few posts on here all of a sudden everyone is going to be all smiles and hugging each other. The bottom line is, something has to happen on the pitch, to affect the atmosphere, and in my opinion, right now, that 'something', that 'spark' is missing. 

    Nothing will change now until Puel has gone, it has gone too far I think for him to turn it around. It is all 'gut feelings', but I don't think the majority of the squad are with him anymore either, looks like they are losing/lost confidence in him or even themselves, it show's most weeks. 


    Let's see if he can turn it around from now until the end of the season, but if nothing changes, we will be on the manager merry-go-round again come May/June.

    Lengthy post - but sums the situation up pretty much 100%

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  9. 4 hours ago, walkerleeds said:


    But what do you expect? Maybe you ought to look at your own expectations and reevaluate if things are quite as horrendous as you're making out. We have a young and exciting squad of brilliant English talent, we have a new training ground on the way as well as the stadium being expanded in the next few years. Seriously, and I don't mean to be too rude here as you're not alone, have a look at yourself and work out if in actual fact you're just a pretty miserable person?


    We created some very good chances and didn't take them yesterday, so in that respect it was frustrating. It really wasn't unexciting or dull and the team were full of effort throughout.

    I Hear what you're saying but loss after loss after loss - combined with slow, boring football and witnessing players unwilling   (frightened?) to use the flair and skills they undoubtably possess - well, to me, just doesn't add up to "exciting times". Sorry.

  10. 57 minutes ago, walkerleeds said:


    Nah, we care, we can just see the bigger picture.


    Take a step back and you might get quite excited about our club right now...

    Far far far from excited. In fact, anything but.

    As someone who has watched LCFC since 1968 I have seen The Good (Bloomfied, O'Neill and Pearson) The Bad (McLintock, Taylor and Sousa) and The Ugly (current regime's horrible brand of football). So excited - NO.

    Bigger picture !!! :blink: - HA!

  11. 32 minutes ago, Father Ted said:

    What's the point in this signing for him to sit on the bench and watch Mendy doing 5 yard sideways passes and Ndidi passing 5 yard passes out for a throw in

    Probably this.


    Gonna be a sure way of p*ss*ng off Maddison and Barnes.

  12. Surely even Puel could see that we needed a striker this window? What are the options should Vards get injured / suspended? We all love Okazaki but he's not really the man and Iheanacho, well, frankly, he's not really much of a footballer, and certainly has no place in a premier league team.  With no youngsters knocking on the door - a striker ( mebee even loan, or from the lower leagues) was an absolute neccessity - but hey, our wonderful, wonderful, charismatic manager must have other plans. Or is it like all his plans, post Appleton, - NON-EXISTENT. 

  13. 21 minutes ago, RumbleFox said:

    We'll win 7-1. Amartey, a last minute surprise return from injury, with all 7 of our goals and scoring theirs too. X 

    Hmmmm! As always, Rumble, a well-thought-out post. Hoping you're spot on. For some reason Skybet is reluctant to quote me the odds on this one -  but I'm going for it anyway!

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  14. 25 minutes ago, weller54 said:

    Happy Spursy everyone! 

    It certainly lifts the spirits to see Tottenham bottling it left, right and centre.

    The joy of seeing them losing is slightly offset when you see that Doncaster, Wimbledon, Millwall, Shrewsbury and Newport will all feature in the 5th round draw - whereas our season is effectively finished. But, hey, at least we have a wonderful, wonderful, charismatic manager.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Guest said:

    You're perfectly free to have an opinion but what you did was try to present your opinions as facts and then chucked your toys out the pram when challenged

    Read it again. ALL my points are FACTS - but I am not prepared to argue as I am Heartilly sick of the holier-than- thou attitude of the Puel apologists who will argue black is white and will blindly heap praise on a man who is NOT right for our wonderful club, and who is taking it downhill at a rate of knots.

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