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  1. 32 minutes ago, Father Ted said:

    What's the point in this signing for him to sit on the bench and watch Mendy doing 5 yard sideways passes and Ndidi passing 5 yard passes out for a throw in

    Probably this.


    Gonna be a sure way of p*ss*ng off Maddison and Barnes.

  2. Surely even Puel could see that we needed a striker this window? What are the options should Vards get injured / suspended? We all love Okazaki but he's not really the man and Iheanacho, well, frankly, he's not really much of a footballer, and certainly has no place in a premier league team.  With no youngsters knocking on the door - a striker ( mebee even loan, or from the lower leagues) was an absolute neccessity - but hey, our wonderful, wonderful, charismatic manager must have other plans. Or is it like all his plans, post Appleton, - NON-EXISTENT. 

  3. 21 minutes ago, RumbleFox said:

    We'll win 7-1. Amartey, a last minute surprise return from injury, with all 7 of our goals and scoring theirs too. X 

    Hmmmm! As always, Rumble, a well-thought-out post. Hoping you're spot on. For some reason Skybet is reluctant to quote me the odds on this one -  but I'm going for it anyway!

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  4. 25 minutes ago, weller54 said:

    Happy Spursy everyone! 

    It certainly lifts the spirits to see Tottenham bottling it left, right and centre.

    The joy of seeing them losing is slightly offset when you see that Doncaster, Wimbledon, Millwall, Shrewsbury and Newport will all feature in the 5th round draw - whereas our season is effectively finished. But, hey, at least we have a wonderful, wonderful, charismatic manager.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Guest said:

    You're perfectly free to have an opinion but what you did was try to present your opinions as facts and then chucked your toys out the pram when challenged

    Read it again. ALL my points are FACTS - but I am not prepared to argue as I am Heartilly sick of the holier-than- thou attitude of the Puel apologists who will argue black is white and will blindly heap praise on a man who is NOT right for our wonderful club, and who is taking it downhill at a rate of knots.

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  6. "Claude Puel has ticked all the boxes at Leicester this season"


    Lost 4 of last 5 matches   /

    Alienated 60% of supporters    /

    Played boring, sideways football   /

    Told fans to not expect much   /

    Lost to Newport County   /

    Constantly changed line-up   /

    Failed to formulate a plan  B     /

    Blown the chance of europe, again  /


    ........can't be bothered to go on. Plus will be told that these facts are incorrect...


    Oh, yes:

    Been the most divisive manager ever  /




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  7. 8 minutes ago, Rusko187 said:

    Genuine question and in no ways meaning to be disrespectful..... do you watch us play much?


    I've been a season ticket holder for many years, this is the worst football I've seen us produce for a very long time. There's no dynamism, no conviction, no excitement... just blunt, boring and ineffective football. The times we've played the best and won were when he adopted the counter attacking football method (which he's trying to stop us playing). I see a bleak future for Leicester if they were to remain with Claude, I'm now of the opinion that if there is to be a managerial change at the end of the season then what possible reason is there to keep him? We're relatively safe with nothing to play for other than league positions.

    Absolutely this.

    100% of fans on here want Leicester to do well.

    60% think the football would be better with a change of manager.

    10% undecided

    30% think a change would be unwise - but some of this group shout so loud, so aggresively and SO OFTEN - anyone would think we had Gods-Gift managing our club - and the appalling football (and results like Cardiff Newport and Southampton) are just an unfortunate side effect of a wonderful, utopian footbali dream.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Trav Le Bleu said:

    In 45 mins of football?


    Does your doctor know you've escaped?

    Hey! Never said he's ruined him YET!!

    .....give him a few more games and the lad will be bereft of confidence and will be reluctant to try anything other than sideways and backwards passing.:(

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  9. 12 minutes ago, st albans fox said:

    Southampton must have wondered how we managed to be so inept against their ten men with the fastest full backs in the league....... I am astonished that we don’t seem to train to make patterns to effect getting them in behind the opposition .....

     can you imagine what pep would get out of Ricardo and Chilwell ??


    they are capable of making the byline bit too often they have to throw a cross in from the corner of the box area .... it’s quite pathetic ...

    and when we have two wingers on the pitch and no one to get a head onto a cross with fifteen to go, let’s bring on another winger and keep two big centre halves on!  We should have dropped hamza into the back two and pushed Harry up to support Vardy with those crosses coming in .... it was embarrassing......

    Often thought along these lines: Reckon Harry could do a Steve Walsh. At least some aerial threat. 

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