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  1. Pointless signing anyone really. Puel will drain any enthusiasm they have. He will make midfielders scared to pass forward or try anything to turn a defence. He will make sure that strikers will be reluctant to shoot. Defenders won't know what their roles are. Any flair or skill or excitement or attacking intent will be sucked out of any signings. So lets save our transfer funds until he is gone, then try to build a squad capable of, at least, beating the likes of Cardiff City and Newport County.

  2. On 01/01/2019 at 02:22, AjcW said:

    Is it not possible that collectively, were all just capable of admitting that a player isn’t very good/isn’t right for us.


    Rather than laying out dos and donts, rules around booing and how not to hurt little delicate footballer flowers!!


    He doesn’t help himself with the way he handles himself on the pitch. He’s paid an absolute fortune and is therefore very much open to and allowed to be criticised. 


    Its not not working for him here. He doesn’t seem to care. And I can’t stand a player that thinks he can turn up to our club and act the way he does.


    I’ve said it a million times before, all any leicester fan will ask for is effort. I don’t think he’s ever given us more than 50% and I don’t think he ever will. 


    He’s a tap in merchant who landed at Man City at the perfect time to tap in the end of their majestic moves... there’s nothing else there for me.


    Replace him and move on. But as a closing point; any fan should be allowed to boo a player on or off if they’re not happy, because they’ve paid money to be impressed/entertained and they haven’t received what they came along for! 



    This is the DEFINITIVE summary of Iheanacho. Awful, awful player.  

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  3. 18 minutes ago, turtmcfly said:


    And yet there you go, 'having an opinion'.


    I suggest that the only way an opinion can be 'ripped to shreds' is if it's a pile of horse-turd in the first place. Too many posters seem to think that 3 or 4 illogical reasons to get rid of Puel (or at least reasons based on assumptions they have no idea are true - see first my post at the top of this page) add up to 1 logical one. 


    As for that silly third sentence... I doubt you can name a single poster who has shown anything close to 'adulation' towards him. The best he's getting is 'we're in transition/the squad ain't all that/who's going to come in and do better' type comments which are about acceptance of the boat we're innot adulation.

    :D x

  4. 4 hours ago, lcfceaves said:

    Wish we’d stop saying “not going to judge him on one game”... sorry was that a first, that performance at Palace? Because it looks pretty much the same week in week out to me... slow ponderous build up, no decent passer in midfield, let the opposition take the lead, flat performance and atmosphere... this isn’t a one off

    I can tell you're getting frustrated!!

    In this forum you are not actually allowed an opinion - even though it is pro-city.

    If it is not pro-puel they will rip you to shreds! There are 4 posters on here who are so totally committed to M.Claude (and, yes, one has to admire thier loyalty) that they would still adore him if he played Kasper as centre forward, insisted all six defenders tied their laces together and had ' I love Forest' tatooed on his forehead. The blind faith and adulation has reached ridiculous proportions. Two thirds want him gone. The football is turgid. He is NOT the messiah.

    Let it go.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Ric Flair said:

    But he's extremely erratic with how he does this. I agree that to a certain extent that you have to be careful during busy periods but he rotates for the sake of it and we lose all momentum. It happened the same last year when we were on a good run and we then plummeted during the busy period and it was pointless.


    Also, he doesn't rotate the likes of Morgan who at 35 and with a few severe injuries over the years is likely to feel the burden but he'll sure rotate his young players like Gray, Ndidi and Maddison for clowns like Diabate and Choudhury. As the Southampton fan who has come to light over his blog on Puel, it's as if every decision is decided off a spreadsheet. It's very peculiar.


    It's not going to be the end of the world to play our strongest side twice in 4 days, Ranieri managed to do it week in, week out and we didnt get hit with life threatening injuries.

    Agree with points made. The lengthy review of Puels tenure at Southampton is really worth a read (if you can find it) as it sums up his arrogance and intransigence, and refusal to adapt to circumstances or even the players available to him. The piece is an indictment of his 'no plan' plan and his penchant for dour football, odd formations and lack of vision. He will not change a thing for the visit of Man. City in terms of attacking intent even though the vast majority of fans would like to see a swashbuckling performance even if the result doesnt end up in our favour (it is Man. City, after all).

    Such a shame. Chance of a semi against Middlesborough - who we always beat!!

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  6. 9 minutes ago, Kasey Keller said:

    Lacked intensiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Lacked qualiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    Goodness - when i made a similiar comment I got ripped to shreds on here (thanks)

    When I pointed out that we rarely beat London clubs I got ripped to shreds (thanks)

    When I have pointed out, in my opinion, that Puelball  is not the right way forward for our wonderful club I am set upon by hordes of rabid jackels, snarling and knashing in protection of their Messiah. I allow them their opinion (misguided as it is) but am not allowed mine.



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  7. 4 minutes ago, HighPeakFox said:

    I realise you're joking... But no we ALWAYS don't. 


    Sorry, pedantry sometimes wins out over pragmatism :)

    Sorry, didn't realise that hyperbole and a rather sad attempt at wit would cause offence. I should have merely said that our record against Arsenal, Chelsea (bar once or twice). Palace (0-8 agg last year), Spurs (couple of wins in 50 years), Westham (recent improvement but 4 decades of losing at Upton Park) Fulham (long regarded as our bogey team) and QPR is somewhat poor. Sorry.

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  8. We REALLY need to win this one! After this comes a run of games against London clubs - matches we ALWAYS lose.

    If my memory serves me correct, our last win against a London team was when Arthur Eckington bundled the Clapton Orient keeper, Ernest Higginbottom, over the line back in January, 1903. Umpire Bobby Madley snr tried to rule it out for offside, before realising the rule hadn't  been invented yet......

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  9. With two loan players getting star ratings and hopefully coming back, The team below could really go places next season:



              Soyuncu   Benkovic     Maguire

    A.N.Other                                       Chilwell

               Barnes       Ndidi        Maddison

                          Gray           Vardy


    That really is a cracking line up and could potentially challenge for a top 6 place!


    ......or too early!!!

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